MU Online Summoner Guide

MU Online Summoner Guide by dama

Hello, i have been playing my summoner for a while and i have many quaestions about their formulas and dmg calculation.

I started to make my own testings and i got clear some formulas:
Min ~ Max Dmg : Str/8 ~ Str/4
Attack Speed: Agl/20
For defense: AGL/3
Defense rate (pvm): AGL/4

About the wizardry dmg looks equal to dw formula: (energy/9 ~ energy/4)
of course skills have its own base dmg, same as dw skills. Im not talking about Books dmg, will be expalined later

This skills are affected as same as occurs with dw, when equiped staff (in this case stick)
so the dmg will be: (base dmg (based on energy) + base skill dmg + opt) + rise staff %

About Books dmg, i have seen certain bug in character display: Well first for Samut and Neil the dmg is displayed in Curse dmg.
As i can see, curse dmg is the same as wizardry dmg(change to normal skill and you will see how dmg displayed changes), only is a type of dmg meaning that Samut and Neil have an special effect when hits (that purple dmg after they hit) Actually that purple dmg is calculated multipliying by 2/3 or 1.6666 the first dmg inflicted when hit.

The formula, same as wizardry dmg:
[(base dmg(based on energy) + base dmg skill(not displayed in book) + opt] + rise % of book

Well the bug is not seen in the explained above, really this occurs when using Lagle, since it not have purple effect dmg, is not considered curse dmg, the dmg is displayed in wizardry dmg.

Oh, i forgot to say that staff-stick DONT AFFECT ON NOTHING the books dmg, you will hit the same using a hand axe or another thing, even if lagle dmg is displayed like wizardry dmg.

Now i will detail the bug: Wehn equiped lagle, the dmg is displayed in wizardy dmg, not in curse dmg. Then this dmg may be modified by the staff opt, and then you can see inside ( ) the dmg risen by the staff %.

-In order to see your real dmg with lagle, please forget about this (better un equip your staff and now look the wizdmg displayed)
-Then look your book, if it have opt (in book says additional course dmg+4+8+12..) add it to the dmg displayed above.
-After this look your rise dmg % of book. Add this to the dmg obtained above.
-Its almost done, now u only need to minus the final dmg with the defense of the enemy (i made my test with yetis, they have 50 of defense).

Conclusion: Lagle should be displayed in course dmg to avoid this inconvenience.

I got the base dmg of some skills, just same the dw spells.
Ligth Chain : 70 ~ 105
Drain life: 35 ~ 52
Lighting Shock: 95 ~ 142

Book Neil: 65 ~ 97
Book Lagle: 80 ~ 120
This dont change wathever lvl of book is +1 or +13, only changes its rise% and the range area of attack

its a type of self buff thet increases your base dmg wiz, phisical dmg, also increases your mana and decreases your defense
in my testing always have the same values:
-Decreases my defense in 10
-increases Phisical Dmg: Min +8 and max +15
-INcreases Wizardry/Curse Dmg: Min +24 Max +54
Maybe this dont change with energy need more testing to keep this clear…

UPDATE: I dindnt get it before, but that increases is an of the min and max base dmg
Having 815 of energy my base dmg is 90 ~ 203
adding the 27%: (90+24) ~ (203+54) = 114 ~ 257

Having 845 ene my base dmg(wiz): 93 ~ 211
Now i have 28 increase so:
93 x 1.28 = 119
211 x 1.28 = 270
So the new base dmg with berserk is 119 ~ 270
Also, now my defense dont decreases in 10, now only 9

Interesting thing i that if you get buff from EE the bererker effect dissapear, it can be used together.

Weakness and Damage reflection
Im back! Now my summ is higher lvl and i can play with Weaknees and Damage Reflection Spells

First, wat is weakness? is an area of range attack, a red aura appears around you on the floor (like hellfire) taht may affect all the mobs in this area.
How affect the mobs? well after certain testings, i discovered taht this works as same than soul barrier form sm, that means when mobs will hit anyone, their damage inflicted will be reduced by a % u read well, the final dmg, DONT THE ATACK OF THE MOB
When mob is inflicted, u will see a red sparks around it, if not, is because you miss him (the miss will appear). For some reason this spell can be used on players even pressing CTRL, but only on duels.

I f you play with a summoner and her put weakness on you, you will see on the upper part of you screen an icon that tells you have weakness, tells you have a damage reduction, but as i explain before, is the damage you inflict to the enemy that get reduced, not your raw damage. I got very dissapoiting after see this :S, also this spell have a duration of 10 seconds and since you can miss the attack, is hard to give a good use of it.
The duration and reduction of dmg is increasing with the energy, now i have counted around 15 seconds with 850 energy

Well, around the dmg reducted i have around 10% having 800 of energy, is hard to make testing for the reason i explained above and test with mobs is not good idea because they inflict different damage, a good parthner with full equipment +luck is the best in this case :p.

Damage Reflection
Some guys was asking me for it, and yes, i have good news to you.
You all know wath reflect does, so i wont write here so long…
As i know, after lot of testing with mobs (lot of dies too^^) The reflection rate increases with the energy, and i got the value: For each 40 of energy, the reflection % increases in 1%. And after discounting all the bonus for energy i got a starting value that is 29 (i have 800 of energy and my ref is 49%) so i can deduct the formula (based on energy):
[29 + ene/40] = ref%

I dont have idea of that starting 29, but maybe have somethig to do with the stamina becuz i have 30. If i could get lot of taht reset fruits will be perfect for testings :p. Well something is clear by now, its how the energy rises the reflection.
If anyone wanna help to clear this part i need a summoner that have energy a number multiple of 40 (360…480..520 720 800) different values of other stats will help.
UPDATE: I have tested with other summoner only knowing their energy dont care about other stats i get exact damage % so that means the formula is based on energy by now :p

How to calculate reflected dmg? is simple: Reflected dmg/Inflicted dmg =>Round this number to only 2 decimals
for example: i got 0.418925…=that becomes 0.42 = 42%
Have fun with your own testings !

Well its all i have for now, if any have more information about formulas, or another interesting things about summoner please post here!
I hope my litle info will help

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    @Reuben i think you have 819% Of Reflection

  2. sircloud says:

    hey bro thanks for this guide. and i would like to ask if you know about loof reflect coz some people are talking about that but they wouldn,t teach me thanks

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    what is the best build sockets for summoner ? my level is 32000 . can you answer my question pls ? i play epicmu

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    what is i have ene 32799

    What REf dmg i have?

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