Lucent Heart Monsters Guide

Lucent Heart Monsters Guide by Domo
Monster GuideThe HP of the monsters in this guide are not EXACT. I count by battle damage and add them together then check what I think is closest to the monsters HP.
As for the Drops, I only included those that I have looted.

* – Boss
Name – Lv – HP – Drops
Mutated Seedling – Lv 4 – 10HP – Wind Spirit Leaf, Power Ball, Steel Ore, Small Piece of Fabric & Magic Gem Shard

Grassland Locust – Lv4 – 13HP – Fire Spirit Shroom

Mutated Sprout – Lv5 – 15HP – Magic Herb, Tree Branch, Earth Spirit Herb, Magic Gem Shard & Apprentice Warrior’s Leather Pants

Honey Bee – Lv5 – 15HP – Steel Ore, Resin, Lunar Stardust, Small Piece of Fabric, Magic Gem Shard & Apprentice Mage’s Robe

Masked Man – Lv5 – 16HP – Water Spirit Flower & Tree Branch

Wolf Pup – Lv6 – 20HP – Steel Ore, Animal Pelt, Water Spirit Follower, Fur, Zodiac Stone & Bass Crystal Fragment

Shadowless Hand – Lv6 – 20HP – Lunar Stardust, Tree Branch & Bass Crystal Fragment

Prowling Wolf – Lv7 – 20HP – Animal Pelt, Fire Spirit Shroom & Zodiac Stone

Moonlight Frog – Lv8 – 26HP – Lunar Stardust, Animal Pelt, Tree Branch & Apprentice Warrior’s Gloves

Golden Corn – Lv8 – 85HP – Magic Gem Shard, Magic Herb, Earth Spirit Shard, Schematic: Knife of Life & Beautiful Corn Grain

Floating Mask – Lv8 – 15HP – Resin, Steel Ore, Power Ball & Zodiac Stone

Busy Bee – Lv9 – 25HP – Magic Gem Shard, Small Piece of Fabric, Animal Pelt, Water Spirit Flower, Healing Potion, Magician Card & Schematic: SPI Dagger

Tattered Scarecrows – Lv9 – 30HP – Fire Spirit Shroom, Fur, Powerball & Lunar Stardust

Mysterious Puppet – Lv10 – 35HP – Scarp Iron, Steel Ore, Health Card, Zodiac Powder & Uranus’ Lucky Chest

Thunder Clan Giants – Lv10 – 85HP – Large Piece of Fabric, Small Piece of Fabric, Power Ball & Zodiac Powder

Fierce Werewolf – Lv10 – 105HP – Magic Powder, Steel Ore, Small Piece of Fabric, Large Piece of Fabric, Schematic: Devolution Flashlight & Feral Wolf’s Collar

Cave Frog – Lv11 – 30HP – Water Spirit Flower, Magic Herb, Scrap Iron, Bass Crystal Fragment, Mana Frog Egg & Caster’s Short Sword

Wandering Scarecrow – Lv11 – 90HP – Small Wood Block, Tree Branch, Earth Spirit Herb, Lunar Shard & Water Ball Canon

Cranky Field Hunter * – Lv11 – ?HP – Tree Branch

Flower Patch Wanderer – Lv12 – 45HP – Fur, Steel Ore, White Feather, Lunar Shard & Earth Spirit Powder

Wild Wolf – Lv12 – 145HP –

Razor-Toothed Wild Wolf – Lv13 – 35HP – Magic Herb, Leather, Large Piece of Fabric, Wind Spirit Leaf, Lunar Shard, Gale Wolf Fang, [Ritual]Health Card, Uranus’ Lucky Chest, Feral Wolf’s Collar & Mage’s Gloves

Wolf Pack Leader * – Lv13 – ?HP – Zodiac Stone

Mutated Mask – Lv14 – 50HP – Steel Ore, Small Wood Block, Bass Crystal Fragment, Lunar Stardust, Element Card, Power Ball Set, Uranus’ Lucky Chest [Memorial Hall]Star Core, [Spark]Star Core & Cavalier’s Leather Boots

Bear Cub – Lv14 – 50HP – Wind Spirit Leaf, Earth Spirit Herb, Coagulated Resin, Leather, Magic Gem, Large Piece of Fabric, Uranus’ Lucky Chest, [Glistening Tear]Star Core, [Memorial Hall] Star Core & Cavalier’s Gloves

Flesh Corn – Lv15 – 55HP – Magic Herb, Magic Powder, Earth Spirit Powder, Fire Spirit Powder, Pluto’s Lucky Chest & Schematic: Sacrifice Scepter

Hard Working Bee – Lv15 – 55HP – Animal Pelt, Zodiac Powder, Leather, Water Spirit Flower, Element Card, Honey Chrysanthemum Tea, [Hall of Muddy Waters]Star Core, [Weak Hunter]Star Core & Pattern: Radiant Coat

Feral Werewolf * – Lv15 – 200HP – Earth Spirit Herb, Yarn & Magic Herb

Thunder Clan Explorer – Lv15 – 200HP – Fire Spirit Shroom, Small Piece of Fabric, Lunar Shard, Advanced PERC Elixir, Pluto’s Lucky Chest & [Hall of Muddy Waters]Star Core

Little Locust – Lv16 – 55HP – Leather, Zodiac Powder, Dissolving Agent, Zodiac Stone, [Harvest Thief]Star Core & Pattern: Moon Cloth Roll

Tunder Cland Wanderer – Lv16 – 210HP – Fur, Resin, Large Piece of Fabric, Power Ball Set, Precision Leather Boots, [Harvest Thief]Star Core & [Bandit Secret Treasure]Star Core

Mysterious Clown – Lv16 – 55HP – Tree Branch, Magic Gem & Lunar Shard

Thirsty Brown Bear – Lv16 – 60HP – Leather, Lunar Stardust, Coagulated Resin, Zodiac Stone, Pluto’s Lucky Chest, [Harvest Thief]Star Core & [Moonlight]Star Core

Fresh Pea – Lv17 – 60HP – Fire Spirit Powder, Water Spirit Powder, Wind Spirit Leaf, Magic Powder, Vigor Pea, Sturdy Pea Grain(Bullets), Pluto’s Luck Chest & [Bandit’s Secret Treasure]Star Core

Guardian Worker Bee – Lv17 – 250HP – Yarn, Fire Spirit Shroom & Pluto’s Lucky Chest

Hungry Wolf – Lv17 – 60HP – Large Piece of Fabric, Magic Gem Shard, Concentrated Magic Powder & [Crumbling Prism Tower]Star Core

Wandering Farmland Guardian – Lv18 – 60HP – Scrap Iron , Tree Branch, Power Ball, Earth Spirit Powder, Advanced DEX Elixir, Ritual: Advanced Shield Card, Pluto’s Luck Chest, [Ancient Book]Star Core & [Cerberus’ Dream]Star Core

Scythe Locust – Lv18 – 280HP –

Feral Wild Wolf – Lv18 – 70HP – Leather, Tree Branch, Coagulated Resin, Wind Spirit Leaf, Lunar Essence, Pluto’s Lucky Chest, [Epic Poem]Star Core & Wolf Soul’s Forehead Guard

Thriving Pea – Lv19 – 80HP – Magic Powder, Lunar Stardust, Fire Spirit Powder, Earth Spirit Powder, Treble Crystal Fragment, Pluto’s Lucky Chestm, [Angel’s Poetry]Star Core, [Epic Poem]Star Core & Pattern: Radiant Gloves

Patrolling Worker Bee – Lv19 – 90HP – Animal Pelt & Leather

Lowland Frog – Lv19 – 80HP – Mirror & [Stone of the Salamander]Star Core

Thunder Clan Trapper – Lv20 – 270HP – Concentrated Magic Powder & Large Piece of Fabric

Cruel Hunter – Lv20 – 350 – Scrap Iron, Magic Herb, Composite Cloth, Pluto’s Lucky Chest & Diana’s Lucky Chest

Mutated Daffodil – Lv20 – 100HP – Water Spirit Flower

Mutated Musical Movement – Lv20 – 95HP – Earth Spirit Herb, Zodiac Powder, Scrap Iron, Wind Spirit Leaf, [Temple of Phantom]Star Core & [Scroll]Star Core

Meditation Conductor – Lv21 – 100HP – Thick Wood Block, Wind Spirit Leaf, Earth Crystal & Diana’s Lucky Chest

Thriving Corn – Lv21 – 100HP – Concentrated Magic Powder, Fire Spirit Shroom, Magic Powder, [Silent Hunter]Star Core & Design: Beast Stone

Bloodthirsty Hunter – Lv21 – 310HP –

Thunder Clan Hunter – Lv21 – 230HP – Large Piece of Fabric & Diana’s Lucky Chest

Nighttime Pickpocket – Lv22 – 110HP – Small Piece of Iron & Diana’s Lucky Chest

Noisy Trumpet – Lv22 – 110HP – Steel Ore & Water Crystal

Roadside Pickpocket – Lv22 – Large Piece of Fabric, Lunar Stardus Composite Cloth [Silent Hunter]Star Core & [Curse Stone]Star Core

Demonic Musical Movement – Lv23 – 130HP – Thick Wood Block & Magic Gem Shard

Adagio Melody – Lv23 – –

Mountain Frog – Lv23 – Earth Spirit Herb

Allegro Melody – Lv24 – – Lunar Essence & Spirit Water Flower

Diligent Conductor – Lv25 – – Transparent Resin

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