Lucent Heart Level 10 Job Change Quest Maze Guide

Lucent Heart Level 10 Job Change Quest Maze Guide by Domo
This guide is only about the MAZE part of the quest.Well since many people don’t know how to finish the quest. I decided to make a guide for it. Follow this easy steps.

The highlighted part of the map is the sewers~! The highlighted one, not where the green dot is~!
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– Once you enter the maze, get close to the door of the first room. (The room where you are in when you first come to the Maze)
– Check for Monsters outside the room.
– Kill the monsters one by one if you cannot take them by two. (This is what I did)
– Go to your left.
– Enter the first room you see.
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– Kill the monsters again.
– After killing, you’ll see the treasure chest on the right. (If you’re facing the tablet from the door)

NOTE: It is necessary to kill the monsters because if they continue to attack you, you won’t be able to open the Treasure Chest since you can only open it when you are in rest state.

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