Karma Online Guns Guide

Karma Online Guns Guide by Jelly

YAY! Karma is back! I thought i’d lose all hope when ijji cancelled but thankfully joymax picked it up!Now for the guide, I’ll only be talking about the guns that are actually average.

Assualt Rifles:

Stg44-Excellent starter gun, Low recoil and average high damage. ROF is a bit slow but makes up for it’s low recoil. I reccomend using this gun a medium to long range.

PPSH-41-A very good good for CQC, Amazing ROF, damage is average, 71 round magazine, recoil is a bit hard to control but hip-firing this gun great. I recommend you hip-fire this gun.

PPS-43-My Personal Favourite, Damage is very good, can kill faster then stg in CQC, rof is fairly low but that means the recoil is controlable. Best thing about the PPS-43, is that its around 20k KP lower then the main rifles.

AK47-Even though this gun is only aquirable through supply boxes, it is considered the best gun in Karma, Great damage, Great ROF, Recoil is managebly easy, and the range is very good. You can use this gun well at any range.


Mosin nagant and Kar98k-The 2 beginner snipers that still manage to be used by many people. They basically have 1 problem each that the other sniper doesn’t have. In this case, the mosin nagant has a more precise scope but tends to tag more than the kar98k. The kar98k, on the other hand, has a slightly higher 1hit kill ratio, but the scope is more rounded making it hard to kill from long range.

Lee-Enfield- A great sniper rifle, Damage is high, ROF is high(If you can quick switch), 10 round magazine, great scope(An actual cross, instead of the mosin and the kar98k), Bad thing is you have to be a major to buy it.

AWM- Beastly sniper, Strong 1 hit kill almost all the time, Scope is really good (Better than the Lee-Enfield). Only flaw is you can only get it from supply boxes.

Pistols: (Note: You can’t scope in a pistol)

Walther and Tokarev- Basically the same, Still really good for its price.

Desert Eagle- An amazing pistol, high 1 hitkill ratio at short distances. Crosshair is mediumly big but you really only should be using this at close range. Only aquired through supply boxes.

Well that’s my guide I might be adding more later :)

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