Karma Online Game Guide

Karma Online Game Guide 




W – Forward
S – Backword
A – Left
D – Right
Shift – Crouch
Clt – Walk
Space – Jump
W + W – Sprint and Hold Shit – Breath (got added at cbt1)

Changing Weapons

1 – Primary
2 – Secondary
3 – Melee
4 – Nade/Med kit

Changing Soldiers (option comes up during respawn)

(class soldier was remove and change to F1, F2, F3, and F4 but only F1 and F2 are avaible at cbt2 to customize loadout easier for people to assess any situation in the battlefield)
1. Assault
2. Sniper
3. Supporter
4. Heavy Assault Specialist

Function Keys

Tab – Current situation
E – Action
R – Reload
F – 1st POV/3rd POV (3rd person view was disable during cbt2 but not during cbt1)

Chat Selection

F3 – Room Chat
F4 – Team Chat
F5 – Channel Chat
F6 – Clan Chat
F7 – Friend Chat

Special Keys

F1 – Help Screen
Z/X/C – Radio Message
P – Screen Shot
[ – Increase Mouse Sensitivity
] – Decrease Mouse Sensitivity


Left Click – Use Weapon
Mouse Wheel – Change Weapons
Right Click – Special Function

Game Basics

■ Before the game starts and during respawn you can change the type of soldier you are by pressing 1-4
■ During the game you can reload by pressing R.
■ To disarm or set up the bomb press E.
■ You can check the current situation of the game by pressing the Tab key.
■ You can change the sensitivity of the mouse simply by using the “[” and “]” keys.
■ Screen Shots are taken using the P key and are usually saved under the following domain. C:/Dragonfly/karma2/data/screenshot

Diagonal Running

As seen in the image above, you can move diagonally using A+W or D+W.(was change to walking instead of running)

Duck Running

As seen in the image above, you can move diagonally while ducking by pressing A+W+Shift or D+W+Shift. The benefit of ducking is to avoid being head shotted while you run about the map in an open area.(later added running straight while crouch by pressing W+W+Shift on cbt1)

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