Gunbound Bigfoot Guide

Gunbound Bigfoot Guide by Lee T. HaXXXor

Bigfoot Mobile Type: Metallic
Health: 3/5
Firepower: 3/5 Movement: 4/5
Defense: 3/5 Climbing: 1/5
Approximate HP: 1000pts
Strength: This mobile type is strong against shots from Turtles,
BoomerLauncher, Nakmachine and Ice.
Weakness: Against electrical type weapons
Natural Enemies: Lightning, Cakebot, Grub
Natural Prey: None
Visual Description: A blue Mobile with a big stout cannon and four huge
wheels; just like its monster truck namesake.

Weapon 1: Weapon type: Explosion
AMD: 200 Angle range: 22 degrees
Delay: 770 Weight: Average
Description: You fire four small missiles that arc towards the opposing
tank. They spread out as they fly and their damage concentration is the
pits, so try to get a close shot as you really need all four missiles
to achieve max damage. Amazingly, this is the weapon that possesses the
best AMD to Delay ratio.

Weapon 2: Weapon type: Explosion
AMD: 220 Angle range: 22 degrees
Delay: 920 Weight: Lighter then average
Description: You fire six mini bombs that spread out further as they
fly. Its bunging effect leaves to be desired; more often then not, the
mini bombs will hit the enemy tank directly from above, sparing the
ground on which the tank is standing on. The mini bombs spread out even
more then the missiles of weapon 1 at medium/long range. UPDATE: as of
April 19th, the path of damage and the damage pit area has been
increased by 5%. In effect, the mini bombs spread FAR too far apart to
be used as an effective bunge weapon, but make something of a wide
ranged screen when you absolutely NEED to hit your opponent with
anything, no matter how little the effect. But I’m not kidding about
the bunge loss: now even Weapon 1 bunges better…

SS Weapon: Weapon type: Explosion
AMD: 450 Angle range: 12 degrees
Delay: 1320 Weight: Lighter then average
Description: You fire twelve bright red bombs in the same manner as
with weapon 1. Spreading over distance is similarly comparable to that
of weapon 1. This is a MUCH better bunging tool, but why waste the
incredible destructive energies of this cannon only for the digging of
a hole?

Final Analysis: A great Close Combat tank for beginners/first timers,
just get next to your enemy and shove it all in his face. You’ll rarely
get any blast back effect like you would with the Turtle tank. If you
can’t line up your opponent directly into your optimal shooting angle
(it happens, the BigFoot is known for having limited firing angles),
then you should lob some mini-bombs with weapon 2. So to recap: frontal
assault with weapon 1, lob with weapon 2 if you can’t. For maximum fun
and GREAT bunging abilities, take the Thunderbolt item and rain down
six lightning pillars using weapon 2. It’s a tank of limited uses that
gets its comeuppance much too soon, but it’s fun and easy to use, so it
gets a thumbs up.

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