Grand Epic Online Build of All Classes Guide

Grand Epic Online Build of All Classes Guide by undertaker

hello guys,as a old soldier in GEO ,i would like to share my view on the build of all the classes~

Flower valley:

if u want to pk other players ,high frenzy hit is the first choise,so build the luck.For cureing,MP is needed,so,build the satmina.learn as much skill as possible,so that u can do a good job in team[and]entering the strong interface without ur hand shaked.if u has remanent point ,the intelligence is needed too.don’t build the defense,cuz it is not that important as other attibute.

Shu mountain:

hay dude this is a good class both in solo pk[and]street fighting .in the early lvl ,build the attack[and]defence,mainly the defence.and use all the point ,remain some to buiid the stamina every time u the lvl going up,the mp will become more[and]more important,so build the stamina when u in high lvl .

Tianmu cave:

somebody said that u can build the Luck to get high frenzy hit,but,no,the frenzy hit is hide in the skill of this class.attack[and]stamina is needed.why the stamina?cuz u fighting in the front line.high attact ,high frenzy hitting,the tianmu cave is a killing machine

Herming mounting:

with a high attact attribute[and]a skill that can cure himself,what is more ,it use less mp than other classes,so,build the stamina,luck[and]attack will be ok!

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