Granado Espada Training Methods and Leader Selection Guide

Granado Espada Training Methods and Leader Selection Guide by Pizza

I) Types of Maps
II) Training Methods
III) Leader Selection

I) Types of Maps
a) “Full Aggro”

All mobs will try to attack U when u are within their “detection” range

b) “Semi Aggro”

Some mobs will try to attack U when u are within their “detection” range,
the rest will only attack u when u attack them or cast a spell on them.

II) Training Methods
a) “Clear & Clear”

The Triangle represents U.
1, 2 & 3 represents where ur positions.
U start out at 1 to clear mobs within the Circle (with 1 at the middle).
Thereafter u proceed to 2 to clear mobs.
*Process repeats as u train.

Commonly used when:

i) The mobs are Strong (e.g. die in more than 4 hits -> Applies if u are using 2 attackers & 1 scout)
ii) You are not using AOE attack Skills
iii) Map is “Semi Aggro” -> i.e. not easy to use the next method “Lure & Nuke”

b) “Lure & Nuke”

This method is simple,
Hold SHIFT -> Run through Mobs -> Nuke (attack with AOE attack skills)
-> “Patrol (mode)” to clear remaining mobs/heal -> Repeat

Commonly used when:

i) Mobs are easy to control
ii) U r using AOE Skills
(I recommend at least having 2 AOE attack skills before using this method.
It’s coz, u might get overwhelmed if u attract too many mob)

c) “Let Scout Pick”

(usually for 1 Scout, 2 Attackers in a map that’s not crowded)
Typically, Players form Groups
i) (Be in Individual Mode-> Left Click-> Drag & Select the 2 Attackers> Hit Ctrl + 1 or 2)
Now ur attackers can be selected using Key ‘1’ (must be in Individual Mode)
ii) Select ur Scout > Hit Ctrl + 2 (or 1 if u selected 2 previously)
Key ‘1’ selects ur 2 Attackers
Key ‘2’ selects ur Scout
iii) Use ur Attackers to attack, let ur scout heal and pick items.

III) Leader Selection
These are some ways which I use to select leaders (within ur 3 characters)
a) “Stance Switcher”

If a characters requires you to switch stances very often,
u might wanna consider him/her as ur Leader to make things more convenient.
*Training should be made easy!

b) “Vanguard”

This method requires a High Defence/Resist/Block Character to be the Leader.
If u use the “Clear & Clear” method (above) to train,
u might find that ur Leader “attracts”
the attention of mobs more often than the other 2 characters.
In this case, it’s advisable to choose a character that is harder to die.

c) “Whistler”

This methods is for you to better control the positions of ur characters when using Patrol Mode (i.e. SpaceBar).
The F4 Key is used to recall the non-leader characters to stand “behind” the leader.
*F4 is useful when u wanna recall the non-leaders to tank the leaders.

Usually, I would choose the characters that moves the least so that it’s easier to note the position of my characters.
In terms on Moving the least, the rank goes like this:
i) Scout (Move least)
ii) Range Characters (Ele, Musk, Wiz)
iii) Fighter (Move Most)

I do use Fighters as “Whistlers” at times, it depends on ur style to train.

I hope this guide helps.
Thanks for reading!

Family: Pizza

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