Granado Espada Market and Cabinet Guide

Granado Espada Market and Cabinet Guide by Pizza

Hi all, here’s a rough guide to use Market (find the Market Managers in town) / Cabinet!

= A place for u to deposit items u wan to sell.
Fees for using Market are charged Twice:
i) Once (1% of ur price stated) when u deposit the item with Market Manager
-> (this fee allows u to put the item on sale for 24hrs,
thereafter it expires and goes to the cabinet)
ii) Another time (3% of ur price stated?) when ur item is successfullly sold.
They are both in terms of % (Pls correct me if the % are wrong)

Max No. of items that u can put on sale is 10 currently.
*Max No. if items u can sell in a “Personal Shop” -> (Hit Alt + N) is 4.

Price automatically generated (can be changed) when u try to sell ur item
is the NPC price when u would sell the item to an NPC

2nd Function of Market is for U to purchase items
Only thing u have to note here is that the item u purchase
would go to ur Cabinet, not ur Inventory!

= Place where
i) items you buy from Market would go to
ii) items u cancel Registration (i.e. stop selling) would go to
iii) items which expires would go to

Note: Items / Vis left in the market for more than 24hrs would be deleted.
(again, correct me if I’m wrong.)

Generally, it’s better for u to Sell ur items to other players than NPC.
Try to make full use out of it!

That’s all! Enjoy!

Family: Pizza

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