Facebook Monster Fusion Beginner’s Guide

Facebook Monster Fusion Beginner’s Guide by Monster Fusion

1 About Monster Fusion

1-1 What is Monster Fusion?

In Monster Fusion, you raise monsters as your pets to battle with NPCs or other players. Battling against others will be the main point of this game. Raise them, fuse them and become the best monster trainer in the world!

1-2 What do I do in Monster Fusion?

Quest and battles! By clearing quests and battling against others, your pets grow stronger.

1-3 What is a Monster Trainer?

Monster trainer raise and train monsters created by the Monster Generator. Raised with love and care, these monsters become strong and loyal defenders of their masters.

2 About Monster Trainer

2-1 What is Trainer level?

A trainer’s level represents his or her degree of training and experience, so a trainer with a higher level will be more powerful. The higher your Trainer level, the more quests will become available to you, and your maximum QP will increase as well.

2-2 How to raise my Trainer level?
“When you gain certain amount of experience, your trainer level goes up. You gain experience from quests and battles. You just need to focus on raising your monsters and your trainer level will go up while you do so.”

2-3 What is Experience?

Experience is gained by clearing quests and battling with others. Experience is needed to raise trainer level.

2-4 What is Gold?

Gold is the name of the currency in Monster Fusion. You earn it from quests and matching battles. You need Gold to purchase monster food, items and to use the Monster Generator.

2-5 How do I earn Gold?
You can earn Gold by completing quests and winning matching battles. In particular, matching battles are the best way to earn gold. You can also earn a little gold by cleaning up your ranch.

2-6 What are Monster Coins?

Monster Coins are another type of currency used in Monster Fusion. They can be purchased from Facebook Credit.

2-7 What are Battle Points (BP)?
BP or Battle Points are used to start Battles with other players. Each time you battle, you will use a BP regardless of if you win or lose. BP gradually recovers over time.

2-8 What are Quest Points (QP)?

QP are used to accept quests. Your maximum QP increases with your level, and will recover gradually over time.

3 About Your Monsters

3-1 Can I change my monster’s name?

Monster’s names can be changed. To change a monsters name, click on the “pencil” icon on the monster status page. Give your monsters the most unique names!

3-2 What is Level?
A monster’s level represents it’s degree of training and experience, so a monster with a higher level will be more powerful.

3-3 How do I raise my monster’s level?

When your monsters experience reaches a certain point, it gains a level. Monster become stronger each time they level up.

3-4 What is Experience?

You gain experience from quests and battles. It is required to level up your monsters.

3-5 What are Elements?
Similar to other attributes, each monster has an Element. There are 5 elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Non-typed. The first four elements each have strengths and weaknesses.

3-6 About the Fire Element?

Creatures of this type have a strong affinity with the element of Fire. Strong against Air but weak against Water.

3-7 About the Water Element?
Creatures of this type have a strong affinity with the element of Water.Strong against Fire but weak against Earth.

3-8 About the Earth Element?
Creatures of this type have a strong affinity with the element of Earth. Strong against Water but weak against Air.

3-9 About the Air Element?
Creatures of this type have a strong affinity with the element of Air.Strong against Earth but weak against Fire.

3-10 What is Neutral?
A creature with an elemental type of “Neutral” has no connection to any element, and therefore doesn’t deal or take any extra damage from any element.

3-11 About your Monster’s Personality?
The way you raise a monster should vary depending on it’s personality. A monsters personality also effects the way that it’s attributes increase as it levels up. Monsters of the same type can have different personalities.

3-12 What is Stamina?

Stamina represents a monsters resilience and toughness.The higher a monsters stamina, the harder it is to knock out.

3-13 What is Power?

Power represents a monsters strength and ability to deal damage.The higher a monsters power, the more damage it’s attacks will do.

3-14 What is Agility?

Agility represents a monsters quickness and reflexes.Agility effects your monsters initiative order in battle, as well as it’s attack accuracy and evasion rate.

3-15 What is Mood?

Mood represents a monsters current emotional state.Monsters use their tricks more when they are in a better mood.

3-16 What is Hunger?
Hunger is, well, how hungry your monster is! Hunger can be “healed” by feeding your monster. If you leave your monster hungry for too long, it’s mood will worsen.

3-17 What are Tricks?
Tricks are skills your monsters use in battle.There are many kinds of tricks such as attack tricks and buffing tricks.If your monster is in a good mood, you monster will be more likely to show you some of it’s tricks.

3-18 How many tricks can my monsters remember?

Each monster can learn up to 2 tricks.Once you’ve learned a trick, you can’t forget it.

3-19 Types of Tricks

There are 2 kinds of tricks, offensive and supportive.

3-20 Assaulting Tricks

Offensive tricks cause damage to all enemy monsters, and some can add negative status effects. For example, the Queen Bees’ “Poison Jab” sometimes poisons it’s targets.

3-21 Supportive Tricks

Supportive tricks can temporarily increase the damage that you deal, reduce the damage you take, and increase attack accuracy. These effects only apply to a monsters normal attacks.

3-22 How do attributes effect Tricks?

The effectiveness of some tricks is directly related to a particular attribute. For example, the Hochlees’ “Spin Kick” tricks damage is directly related to it’s Power attribute.

3-23 What does Trick Level mean?

Tricks also have a level, which represents the amount of practice a monster has using that trick. The higher the level of the trick, the more often your monster will use it, and the more damage it will do. A tricks level is represented by the number of stars by it’s name.

3-24 How do I improve Tricks.
Trick level can be raised by fusing.To raise a tricks level, you need fusion materials.If you are learning a trick your monster already knows, the tricks level will increase.

4 About Your Ranch

4-1 About monsters in your ranch.

Only the monsters you have out in your ranch will be doing the quests and battles you’ve chosen. Also, you can have only up to 3 monsters out in your ranch. If you want to raise other monsters, you need to interchange them with the monsters already out in your ranch.

4-2 How to choose which monster to be out in the ranch?

To change the monsters out in the ranch, follow these steps.1. Click on “Monster” in the menu bar.2. Click on the monster you want to put in your team, and then drag it over to the monster you want it to replace.3. After they have traded spots, click the OK button.4. To finish the process, press YES. Press No to cancel the process.

4-3 Monster Team?
The monsters out in your ranch are your monster team.Once you go into battle, they will be the ones fighting.

4-4 How to check my monster’s status?

You can check your monsters’ status by clicking on them. (only the ones out in your ranch) However, if you click on them when they are hungry, the food list from your inventory will show up.

4-5 Where can I find my other monsters?

Monsters not out in your ranch can be found in your stable. You can get to your stable by clicking on the “Monster” icon on the bottom. Monsters in your stable are not able to participate in quests and battles. They WILL still get hungry in the stable. So, remember to let them out for fresh air and feed them sometimes.

4-6 How many monsters can I have the most?

You can have up to 100 monsters, including ones out in your ranch and the inside the stable.

4-7 Feeding

Monsters out in your ranch will get hungry, and when they do, you need to Feed them. Feeding your monsters gets them in a better mood, and regular feeding will become an important part of the game. If you leave your monsters hungry for too long, their mood will worsen, which will in turn effect their performance in battle.

4-8 How do I feed my monsters?

“There are 2 ways to feed your monsters.1. “”USE”” food , and then choose the monster you want to feed.2. Click on a hungry monster and choose what to feed it. ”

4-9 Clean up?

Cleaning means picking up the droppings of the monsters in your ranch.Each dropping you pick up earns you 10 Gold.

5 Monster Institute

5-1 What is the Monster Institute?

Inside the Monster Institute, you can find the Monster Generator and the Monster Fuser.The Monster Generator allows you to create new monsters.The Monster Fuser allows you to combine and strengthen your monsters.

5-2 What is Monster Gacha?

You can create new monsters from it.However, the result is always random.

5-3 What is Monster Fusion?

Monster Fuser allows you strengthen the base monster by combining it with a fusion monster.To fuse, you two monsters.

5-4 What happens when I use Monster Fusion?

Monsters get stronger through Fusion. Which attributes increase depend on your monsters personality.

5-5 What happens to the Monsters I used for Fusion?

The Base Monster in the fusion process is strengthened, while the other monster disappears. Once the fusion process is completed, you cannot get the second monster back.

5-6 Lucky Fusion?

When fusing monsters, there’s a possibility of “lucky fusion” happening. When this happens, your base monster will get extra attribute increases.

6 About Battle

6-1 Tell me about Battle…

In Monster Fusion, battles take place between monster teams.You can battle with others by joining a matching battle, or by doing quests.The team that survives the battle is the winner.

6-2 What is Attack?

The Attack command initiates a direct physical attack against your enemy.Your Power and element affect your attack damage.

6-3 What are Hit Rate and Dodge Rate?
Hit rate and Dodge rate are both determined by your Agility. If your monster has a high Agility, it will be more likely to hit with it’s attacks, and to evade enemy attacks.

6-4 What is Critical Damage?

A critical attack is when your monsters attack hits in such a way that it does extra damage.

6-5 What is Elemental Affinity?
Damage from tricks and normal attacks changes depending on elemental affinity.If your monsters element is strong against the enemies, then your attacks will deal more damage. If your monsters element is weak against your enemies, you will take more damage when attacked.To read more about the Elements, click here.

6-6 What is an advantageous Element?

When your monsters element is strong against it’s targets, your monster will deal more damage than usual and take less.

6-7 What is a disadvantageous Element?

When your monsters element is weak against it’s enemies’, then your monster will deal less damage and take more than usual.

6-8 When do my monsters use tricks?

Monsters use tricks at random, and cannot be commanded to do so. The happier your monsters mood, the more likely it will be to use tricks.

6-9 What is Poison?

Poison is a bad status effect that causes the victims defense and power to drop. Some tricks can inflict this status effect on their targets.

7 Matching Battle

7-1 What is Matching Battle?

Matching battle allows you to battle with other trainers’ monster teams.All monster trainers are registered in matching battle.

7-2 How do I join Matching Battle?

To participate in a matching battle, click on the “Battle” button and open the matching list.After opening the matching list, pick an opponent and click on them.

7-3 Do I get rewards after Matching Battle?

Even if you lose in a matching battle, you still get Gold and experience, but the winner always receives more.Furthermore, if you win the battle, there are chances you might get a decoration item.As your Trainer level increases, a wider variety of decoration items will appear.Also, the stronger your opponent is, the better your chances are of getting once.The result of the matching battle effects your Player Score.

7-4 To win a Matching Battle?

The easiest way to win a matching battle is obviously to choose a weaker opponent.However, full understanding about elements also helps you to win battles.When you have a team of monsters, they influence each others performance, especially with regards to Elements. For example, if you are going to be fighting a Water-type monster, having even one Earth-type monster on your team will increase you whole teams damage and defense.

7-5 What happens if I lose?

Losing a matching battle has no direct effect on your character. You even receive some experience points and Gold for just participating in a matching battle, although you get a lot more of both if you win.

8 Quest

8-1 Quest?

You can raise your monsters and earn Gold by clearing quests.More quests will appear when your trainer level gets higher.

8-2 How do I accept quests?

To accept a quest, first you click on the Quest button to open the list of quests.Next, click on the Start button to begin a quest.Remember, a certain amount of quest points (QP) is required to accept a quest.

8-3 Quest List?

The Quest List shows quests you can currently accept at your level.

8-4 Types of Quests?

There are 3 types of quests, job quests, battle quests and story quests.You will be asked to accomplish different tasks based on the type of the quest.

8-5 What is a Job Quest?

A training quest for your monster.You don’t have to battle and you will automatically complete it successfully.You can complete the quest multiple times, and each time you do, that quests “completion rate” will slowly increase. When it reaches 100%, you officially clear the quest and you receive an item!

8-6 What is Completion Rate?

Complete rate represents the number of times you have completed a Job Quest.Each time you complete the quest, your completion rate increases a little.When complete rate reaches 100%, you have truly completed the quest, and you receive a bonus item.

8-7 What is a Battle Quest?

These quests involve battling, as you might guess by the name.So, unlike job quests, there’s possibility of failure, but if you win, the rewards are greater than Job Quests.Winning the battle completes the Battle Quest.If you lose the battle, you fail the quest, but you still receive a modest reward.Some battle quests require you to have a certain amount of friends in order to accept them.

8-8 What is a Story Quest?

These quests involve battles as well, and they will take you through the story of Monster Fusion.Out of the 3 types, story quests give the highest rewards, and they disappear once you’ve completed them.New Story Quests become available after the old ones have been cleared.

8-9 How do I get new quests?

New quests appear when each time you clear a story quest.So clearing all the story quests should be your main goal!

8-10 What are Quest Items?

Some quests have item requirements. You need to have the designated items to accept these quests.If you don’t have the item you need for a certain quest, try looking in the shop, or try to see if you can receive it as a gift.

9 Item

9-1 About Monster Food.

The food you feed your monsters.Feed your monster satisfies their “hunger”, and if you leave a monster in a state of hunger for too long, their mood will worsen.You can buy monster food at the Item Shop.

9-2 Which Monster Food should I buy?

Some food keeps hunger at bay for longer or shorter periods of time, so experiment with different types of food!

9-3 What are Fusion Materials?

Fusion Materials is an item you can use when fusing monsters. Fusion Materials can be divided into 5 types.”Luck Essence””Stamina Essence””Power Essence””Agility Essence””Trick Manuals”

9-4 Fusion Material: Luck Essence

It increases probability of a “lucky fusion”.Using this item does not insure a lucky fusion will happen, it only increase the probability of one.

9-5 Fusion Material: Stamina Essence

It increases your monster’s stamina.Different types of essences have different levels of effectiveness.

9-6 Fusion Material: Power Essence

It increases your monster’s power.Different types of essences have different levels of effectiveness.

9-7 Fusion Material: Agility Essence

It increases your monster’s agility.Different types of essences have different levels of effectiveness.

9-8 Fusion Material: Trick Book

Some fusion materials allow your monsters to learn new tricks.For example, if you use “Spin Kick Manual”, your monster will learn the trick “Spin Kick”.If you monster already knows “Spin Kick”, its “Spin Kick” trick level will increase.A monster can only learn 2 tricks.You can’t learn more than 2 tricks.

9-9 What are Decoration Items?

Decoration items are used to give your ranch a unique atmosphere.Open your inventory and click on “Decoration”. Pick one and click “Use” to place it in your ranch.

9-10 Where can I place my decoration items?

You can put as many decoration items as you want in your ranch.

9-11 Do decoration items have any additional affect to my status?

Decoration items don’t affect your trainer or monster’s status, and there is no limit to the amount of decoration items you can place in your ranch! Use decoration items that appeal to you, and create your own unique ranch to show to all your friends!

9-12 What are Quest Items?

These are items that are you need for quests with item requirements. These items are used specifically for quests, and have no other use in the game.

9-13 What are Shops?

You can buy various items at the Shop.You can visit the shop by clicking the “Shop” button.You can buy items with Gold or Monster Coins.

10 Friend

10-1 Friends?

Friends in Monster Fusion are people that you interact with directly in the game.If any of your friends activate Monster Fusion, they will automatically become your friends in-game as well.

10-2 How do I get more friends?

You can click on the “Invite a friend” button to invite friends who are not playing “Monster Fusion” and tell them what a great game it is!

10-3 What happens when I get more friends?

You earn monster coins when you visit your friend’s ranch for the first time.Also, you can feed your friend’s monsters once a day when visiting.

10-4 Can I feed my friend’s monsters?

Yes you can! And when you do, you earn Gold as a bonus! What’s more, it doesnft consume food in your inventory.Also, when each time you feed your friends’ monsters, your friend will receive a QP recovery item.

10-5 Can I delete a friend?

You can’t delete your friends in Monster Fusion.However, if you stop being friends with someone on Facebook, that person will automatically disappear from your list

10-6 Friend’s ranch?

Your friends main screen, where they raise their monsters. You and your friend can both benefit if you visit each others ranches!

11 Others

11-1 What is a Log-in Gift?

You receive a gift from the Monster Institute every 4 hours for logging in.The log-in gift button will pop up when you receive one.You can receive this gift by clicking on the button.

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