Facebook Ghost Trappers Badges Explained

Facebook Ghost Trappers Badges Explained by Shannon Heenan

To make some things clear:

– You can send 5 Requests in 24 hours, but not to people, who got already 10 requests in the last 24 hours.

– This means, if you send 4 requests hat 4pm and 1 request at 7pm, on the next day you can send only 4 requests at 4pm. You have to wait until 7pm before you can send 5 requests. (If you send the four requests at 4pm, you can send only 1 request a 7pm)

– You cannot send a request to people, who got a request from you the last 24 hours or have an open request from you.

– Not accepted requests will not reduce your 5 sending requests, but it is not possible to send further requests to this player, until they are accepted or 5 days have passed.

– After 5 days not accepted requests are removed from the GT-Database and the sended list in GT. (I can’t remove anything from the facebook list, it could happen, that older requests are still in your facebook list, if clicking them, you will get only an error message. Clearing your 5 day old requests happens, when you send requests.)

No – Request – Received:
– If you send a request and it is visible in your sending list with no, and your friend never got it, it’s facebook fault.

– Your friend can fix this, with the following link (FRIENDFACEBOOKNUMBER must be replaced), this works only, if you see the request with no still in your sending list.


More requests to the same person:
– It should not be possible, to send requests to a person, if you still have a open rquest to this person in the request list.

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