Ether Saga Odyssey Pokari Broker Guide

Ether Saga Odyssey Pokari Broker Guide by Konokami

In game I had many people asking me how to use the Broker so I thought a guide for that would be useful. For the people that do not know what the Pokari Broker is or what is his use it’s an NPC in Pokari(483, 424) at which players that either can’t or don’t want to spend money in a game can trade in game gold for E-bucks purchased by other people. This guide focuses mostly in buying E-bucks since I don’t have any experience as a seller.

First of all the interface. [/size]
As you see the whole window is divided in 4 smaller ones.
-The upper left one(with the yellow text) is where you can see how many E-bucks and for what price they are being sold
-The bottom left one(with the green text) is where you can see how many E-bucks and for what price are being requested
-The upper right one is the transaction window
-The bottom right one is, let’s say, your pouch.

In more detail:

1)The Deposit Button. Before you make any transaction in the Broker you have to deposit the amount of gold/E-bucks you want to use for buying/selling.

2)In the price boxes you fill the amount of gold/silver/bronze you are willing to pay for 1 E-buck(ATTENTION! only for 1).

3)In the buy box you fill in the amount of E-bucks you want to purchase.

4)After you fill the above two lines(price and buy lines) in this line the total amount of gold/silver/bronze that you’ll have to pay will appear.

5)For every transaction happening at the Broker there is a fee you need to pay. That is displayed here after the above lines get filled(price and buy lines).

6)Buy is the button to complete the transaction. BEWARE! After you you make the transaction even if you cancel it the posting fee will not be refunded).

7)The Buy/Sell buttons on top are used to toggle between selling and buying E-bucks(the default tab is the buy one which you’ll be using to buy E-bucks).

8)In a line in the “seller’s” window there are two things. One is the price each E-buck is being sold and the other is the quantity of the E-bucks sold. In the particular line in the picture you see that someone who is selling 15 E-bucks for 4 gold each.

9)It’s the same as the above except the fact that this is for buying. In the particular line you see someone that wants to buy 4 E-bucks for 2 gold and 75s a piece.

10)This is your “pouch”. All the money and E-bucks you have deposited in the Broker are shown here(ATTENTION! After every transaction in the Broker the money/E-bucks are automatically added here and not in your bag)

11)The only part out of the 4 sub-windows. This is your money/E-bucks currently in your bag that you can use normally in game.

12)The withdraw button that is used to move gold/E-bucks from the Broker in your Bag

13)For security reasons you can add a password to your account or character(someone plz enlighten us on that since I don’t know myself what of the two is right) that you’ll have to input every time you want to use the Broker’s services.


Explaining the interface mostly explained and how the whole thing works.
Step 1: Deposit gold in the Broker
Step 2: Fill the Price line with how much you are willing to pay for 1 E-buck
Step 3: Fill the Buy line with how many E-bucks you want to buy
Step 4: Press the Buy button to end the transaction. If the amount of money you have put is equal to the price of E-bucks that are being sold the transaction is completed automatically right at that moment(considering that the amount you want to buy in that price is available). If not you’ll have to wait till there’s someone that is selling at the price you have “called”.
Step 5: Once the transaction is done you should be having extra E-bucks/money in your “pouch”. Click the withdraw button and happy spending

Special Thanks

Kataklysm for correcting me on the cancel part. You only lose the Posting fee.

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