Ether Saga Odyssey Pet Melding Guide

Ether Saga Odyssey Pet Melding Guide by Ruichi
Random Notes/FAQ:
A. once target pet is fearless, passionate, pious etc. (advanced type) then it wont change back to its basic form or switch to the other adv. type available. Which adv. version of the types you get is completely random. advanced types can still use basic type skills. (ex) Fearless/arbitrary can still use Fierce skills. A Fearless target pet cannot turn back into a Fierce pet or turn into an arbitrary. The type of Target pet is always kept. It can only turn into an advanced type of the Target pet’s.******B. for fusion/tank pets, a Fierce, Unda, HAUNTEN as your FINAL target pet is best, since Hauntens normally have the highest growth max possible. The max currently is 120.00 hp growth. Scalen pets have the possibility to have high hp growth max as well if lucky. Since we can’t tame Haunten pets until the next big patch, beastkin are a good alternative, allowing 90+ hp growth max. You share 50% of the dmg dealt on hp with your fusion pet, so fusion pets should have incredibly high hp.

C. INT does not affect how much a pet heals. INT affects dmg by pet skills. STR affects a pet’s melee attacks.

D. chance of success in melding
1)100%(w/o tool) with tool(100%)
2)87.5%(w/o tool) with tool(100%)
3)75%(w/o tool) with tool(100%)
4)62%(w/o tool) with tool(92%)
5)50%(w/o tool) with tool(80%)
6)37%(w/o tool) with tool(67%)
7)25%(w/o tool) with tool(55%)
8)25%(w/o tool) with tool(55%)
9)25%(w/o tool) with tool(55%)
10)25%(w/o tool) with tool(55%)

E. inc/dec stats = depends on pet lvls. high lvl pets used throughout = better. The higher the lvls, the more amount of stats passed to the resulting pet. only the sheeps making up the [b] pet should be lv30.

Target Pet = LOW stats. lv90/80 minimum. 90+ best, 80 “good enough” amount of stats are passed on.
Secondary Pet = HIGH stats (ref. Point I). the higher lvl’d the better. lv90 best.

F. Fusion stats never change unless mutated. It ALWAYS keeps the fusion stats of the Target pet unless mutated.

G. Tokens = cheap, so use tokens for every meld if you can. the one that inc % chance. Mutations Dont matter until the LAST one. Mutations = only changes appearance and fusion stats. HP Growth stays the same as predicted. Fusion stats are unimportant until that very last meld with [G] and [F]

Fierce – Tanking/Fusion pets. high HP growth rate.
Cautious – Dmg Dealers. high INT growth rate. Good Dmging skills.
Bright – Healers
Normal – Throw it away.

I. In a meld, the greater the difference of HP growth between the two, the greater HP growth the resulting pet will have. calculations are: difference x ratio = result. which is why you start off with a sheep. The highest ratio is 1.5 with both pets being lv90 and with the same affinity/type. If affinity/type is different, the ratio is lowered possibly to about ~1.2-1.4 or so.

J. It keeps the target pet’s affinity no matter what though. For the sheeps, the 9 melding into the 1 target sheep doesn’t need to be the same affinity really since it’s too much effort and it doesn’t make a big deal since they’re Sheep. Just the target sheep needs to be the same affinity.

K. The KEY = the Secondary Pet. The more hp growth the secondary has, the better the result, so if u really wanted to, [A] could already be melded pretty high and have like 45+ hp growth already. each point counts!! For secondary pets, it’s not the NUMBER of melds that matter, it’s the HP growth!! Secondary pets with high HP growth is best.

L. Why are we melding to the 10th meld? ‘cus the 1st and 10th meld has the best possible stats result. The higher it is after the 1st one, the better, which is the whole point of getting those sheeps. to have a low hp growth target pet and to make it the 10th meld on purpose.

M. Pet Affinities (Not Fusion bonuses) only affect the pets, not you.
1)Pyra: increased by 0.9 extra INT growth every level
2)Oora: increased by 0.9 extra STR growth every level
3)Widu: increased 0.3extra INT and 0.3 extra resistance growth every level
4)Unda: increased by 7.5 extra HP growth every level
5)Erda: increased by 0.3 extra defense and 0.3 strength growth every level

Fusion Bonuses
+Beastkin (come with Unda Fusion bonus)
+Humanoid (come with any of the 5 affinitys as Fusion bonus)
+Elementa (come with Pyra Fusion)
+Mechen (come with Oora Fusion)
+Haunten (Cant be tamed yet for us)
+Scalen (Cant be tamed yet – you get a fiesty whelp from the dragonkin quest though and its Fusion element is random)
+Florax (Cant be tamed yet)
+Aerax (Cant be tamed yet)
+Vena (Cant be tamed yet)

every pet has 2 basic fusion elements (minimum)….and possible to have 4 fusion elements (maximum), last 2 being random. the 2nd one is unique to each pet. More than one pet can have the same 2nd stat. example:

Cloudwisk Captains: Unda+1, eva+1
Hairy Pink Rhino: unda+1, eva+1
Ferocious Furnace: Pyr+1, eva+1
Erugan Mauler: random, eva+1
Saberclutch Bullero: random, eva+1

Brigand Barbarian: random, acc+2
Snowdrift Tarkuso: unda, acc+2
Shaharazad Broomrider: random, acc+2
Terracotta Terror: pyr+1, acc+2
Foxero Guardian: random, acc+2
no mechen pet comes with acc+ as the 2nd basic stat.

N. skills of secondary can never be passed on. there should be a tool that can maintain the skills of the target pet if you need it.

O. No matter if the two pets melding are the same, there is still a chance of mutation. If it’s mutated, its appearance/fusion stats will change. It can even turn into a pet within a set of 3-5 mobs each pair of pets can mutate into that doesn’t look anything like the target/secondary. The % chances of all this happening and which ones change depend on which meld it’s on. The basic guide on official site has more info.

P. To get a pet with high rank to get lv90 pet rank req.500 dmg skills:
1)must have 4fusion elements
2)pyr and oora affinity is the best
3)str and intell limit of a pet must be high(10-13)
4)HP limit is not that important since it will not have a huge effection to pet’s ranks. Still important for all pets to have high hp so it can survive =]Q. To have INT+ or STR+ growth pets instead of hp growth, make sure your [A] has high INT/STR+ growth (~4.00+) and is Bright to have both stats increased and cautious to have only int increased. Your target pet for [b] should be the same type Silver Warrior, the other ones going in to make [b] are still sheep. all other instructions are the same as the HP growth+ steps, except replace “fierce” in guide with “bright” or “cautious” depending on which you’d like. Read point R of FAQ.

1)Bright: raise str and int. both by same amount. int should inc same as cautious.
2)Cautious: raise int
3)Fierce: raise HP
4)Normal: raise every status ,but @ a very small rate..

***Look at point I in the FAQ.

R.****edited again***if [A] has a reaaaalllly high amount of growth for w/e stat you want, results will obviously be wayyyy higher o.o just saying. so uh, try to get the highest growth pet you can as [A]. My recommendation is Hp growth+~40.00 or INT+4/STR+4 minimum.***

========FAQ ENDS HERE================

To get a High hp growth pet, in this case Fierce cus you’re using sheeps:

1) have a secondary pet (name: [A] for reference) (lvl 30+ well, you’ll have to lvl it to 60-70 minimum later anyways) with high hp growth. this pet can already be melded. Must be fierce or some advanced fierce stat like fearless. To have an even stronger pet than what results from this guide, THIS PET should have wayyyyyy higher growth rates. *Read point R of FAQ.

2) go catch 10 sheeps. This pet is located in the southwest on the mini map in the second city,before the river. Look at point J in FAQ.

3) train all 10 sheeps to lvl30.

4) choose 1 sheep [b], the one with same affinity as [A], as target pet. meld other sheeps to it. now [b] is only 2+HP growth, 9 melds…

5) train [b] and [A] to lv60-70 minimum. 70 = good/decent. best/most recommended results = both lv90. see melding previews before deciding to meld, if not satisfied, lvl them higher.

6) meld [b] = target. with [A] = secondary. Now you have a 10 melds,60+HP growth pet [C].

7. Go find a 0meld fierce pet.(min.lv80) = target pet [D]. the [C] meld = secondary. have a meld preview before melding,make sure your secondary is able to pass all HP growth to the main….IF not,train secondary to higher level.

8 ) you now have a 1meld pet with 60+HP growth [E] go found some lv30 fierce pets, use as secondary, and meld your pet 10times. now you have a 10 meld pet with 70+ hp growth [F].

9)YOUR PET’s Fusion stats DO NOT MATTER if your pet is NOT for FUSION/TANK purposes.

find a FINAL PET with GODLY FUSION STATS [G]. make sure it’s:

1.must be fierce type

2.same affinity as secondary

3.good fusing status. no. GODLY. using so much money, it BETTER be godly.
Godly = eva/eva/eva, acc/acc/acc/ unda/eva/eva. unda/eva/acc. unda/acc/acc. depends. replace unda with w/e affinity your character needs. basically any combo of eva or acc, 2 lines minimum with them, plus a line of affinity (not required to be godly) is good. All the other fusion stats suck so don’t bother. the % ones only go by your basic stats, Affinity+ in your dmg skill area is better than INT+ etc in my opinion. 16 INT is nothing.. 16 Affinity is something when it comes to your dmg. Even if for healing. Seriously, 16 INT (ex) isn’t going to increase your heal enough to make it worth a line. Just substitute it for some dmg.

4.low HP growth rate.

5.race of pet is very important: recommended beastkin cus they have a high Hp growth limit (at least 90 hp growth limit cap)

9) Finally, train [G] to level 70 (min), [F] to 70 (min). meld. [G] = target pet. [F] = secondary pet. USE A 100% NO MUTATIONS ITEM just in case. JUST FOR THIS ONE MELD. if it mutates, ur screwed and have to do everything all over again from step 1. result in a pet with 75+ or even more HP growth.

Simplified Pet Melding Guide by s0jukills

Following what was mentioned in the other guides, you want your final pet to have nice fusion bonuses which include [affinity that corresponds to your own skills], Accuracy, and Resilience. This makes for the “ideal” fusion pet because it decreases the amount of misses you’ll make and increase the amount of times an enemy will miss you.

Now here is my view on creating the [Ultimate Fusion Pet].

Step 1: Obtain your [Fusion Pet]. For my example, we are going to be using an Pyra/Fierce Cloudwisk Captain [Fusion Bonuses: Unda/Accuracy/Resilience].

Step 2: Collect and raise 10 sheep to lv30. Make sure your main sheep is the same affinity as your fusion pet. In this example, use an Pyra/Fierce sheep. The other 9 sheep can be any affinity. (It does not matter what they are.) The process should look something like this.

[Main-Sheep] + [Sheep#2] = [Sheep-Meld1]
[Sheep-Meld1] + [Sheep#3] = [Sheep-Meld2]
[Sheep-Meld2] + [Sheep#4] = [Sheep-Meld3]
[Sheep-Meld3] + [Sheep#5] = [Sheep-Meld4]
[Sheep-Meld4] + [Sheep#6] = [Sheep-Meld5]
[Sheep-Meld5] + [Sheep#7] = [Sheep-Meld6]
[Sheep-Meld6] + [Sheep#8] = [Sheep-Meld7]
[Sheep-Meld7] + [Sheep#9] = [Sheep-Meld8]
[Sheep-Meld8] + [Sheep#10] =

*Note: Mutation will occur between melds 3~9 — that’s a good thing. The reason is, whatever the sheep mutates into will have a greater MAX HP growth rate than the sheep.

Step 3: Collect and raise 7~10 beastkin pets with the same affinity as your fusion pet to lv30. In this example, each pet will be Pyra/Fierce. In this process, you are now creating a secondary pet (a sacrificial pet, or support pet). For this example, I will be using a Storm Raiders — which have commonly have a 35+ HP Growth Rate. Pick the Storm Raider with the highest HP growth rate (36.00~37.50) and use this as your [Main-Storm Raider]. Meld it with more Storm Raiders until you reach at least 45HP Growth. The more HP the better, but more than 50HP for this step is unnecessary.

[Main-Storm Raider] + [Storm Raider-#2] = [Storm Raider–Meld1]
[Storm Raider-Meld1] + [Storm Raider-#3] = [Storm Raider-Meld2]
[Storm Raider-Meld2] + [Storm Raider-#4] = [Storm Raider-Meld3]
[Storm Raider-Meld3] + [Storm Raider-#5] = [Storm Raider-Meld4]
[Storm Raider-Meld4] + [Storm Raider-#6] = [Storm Raider-Meld5]
[Storm Raider-Meld5] + [Storm Raider-#7] = [Storm Raider-Meld6]
[Storm Raider-Meld6] + [Storm Raider-#8] = [Storm Raider-Meld7]
[Storm Raider-Meld7] + [Storm Raider-#9] = [Storm Raider-Meld8]
[Storm Raider-Meld8] + [Storm Raider-#10] = [Storm Raider-Meld9]
[Storm Raider-Meld9] + [Storm Raider-#11] =
[45HP-Storm Raider]

*Note: If the two pets you are melding have the same or very similar growth rates [35.02 + 35.05] you will not see much of an increase. Please avoid these melds by picking another pet to meld with.

*Note: Certain pets do not mutate when melding; for this step whether the pet mutates or not does not make a difference.

Step 4: Level both your [Sheep-Meld9] and your [45HP-Storm Raider] (ideally to lv90) as best you can before melding them. You can meld them at whatever level you see fit, but for this step, the higher the level, the better the results — the growth that will transfer from your [45HP-Storm Raider] to your [Sheep-Meld9]. After you’ve melded these, you should receive a [Sheep-Meld10] (unable to say which one it will be due to mutation) with 70~95HP Growth Rate. Again, the higher the level, the better the growth rate — some people meld when both pets are lv80; I prefer to meld when both pets are lv90.

[Sheep-Meld9] + [45HP-Storm Raider] = [Sheep-Meld10] aka [Super-Mutated-70~95HP-Sheep]

Final Step: Meld together your [Fusion Pet] with the [Super-Mutated-70~95HP-Sheep]. Again, and more importantly at this stage, please be sure your pets are around lv90 before you meld — or high enough that the preview of your fusion pet shows it will max the HP.

[Fusion Pet] + [Super-Mutated-70~95HP-Sheep] =
[Fusion Pet-Meld1] aka [Ultimate Fusion Pet]

With this, your new [Ultimate Fusion Pet] will have maxed HP. The maxed stats will appear in orange highlight.

Thank you for reading and I hope I may have cleared up a few questions many of you may have!

Please remember this process is not for everyone! By no means must you be able to do this in order to level, or compete with most players in the game. Also note that the stats I used in this example are not set in stone! — this is merely a guideline for how a typical process would be structured. Using different pets, obtaining different pre-meld HP, or reaching different levels will make results vary. Please use this as a guideline and do what works for you!

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