Ether Saga Odyssey Daily Events and Quests Guide

Ether Saga Odyssey Daily Events and Quests Guide by Orona

This guide is designed to help newer players understand the dozens of events and quests that go on everyday. It’s a little long, but it’s rather thorough, I think. I’ll be updating some of the stuff in here as needed, since there will be events added in the future, as well as events that I haven’t experienced yet.

I’m aware that many players are from different time zones. So they might have trouble understanding when the server has it’s events. Click either of the links below to see the time that’s on the server.

Fort Phoenix (East Server):
Ancestral Ruins (West Server):


I. Mini Events & Pure Tears

II. Invasion Events & Dreams – Trials

III. Hunter’s Test (Level 45+) & Today In History

IV. Star and Moon (Level 20+) & 15 Minute Stand (Level 60+)

V. Record of the Unknown (Level 76+) & Occupation Reduction

VI. Call of the Dominator & Lucky You!

I. Mini Events & Pure Tears

Mini Events
Event Names: Purify the Water, City Filled With Love, Astral Spirits, Pokari Drinks! Feast! , Harvest Season

Event Times: 9:00 A.M., 12:00 P.M. (Noon), 3:00 P.M., 6:00 P.M., 9:00 P.M. every day. Events last _1 hour_ long.

Event Rewards: 2 event tokens, 1 meteor shard, and/or 1 refined jade of fog fragment
Note: The meteor shard and refined jade of fog fragment are NOT guaranteed rewards. The event tokens ARE guaranteed.

Starting Location: Realms 6-15, the starting NPC will either be at Pokari Square or near the stairs below the Eldest Matchmaker.

Time Needed To Complete Events: 5-20 minutes, depending on the event.

Brief Event Description: These are extremely simple quests in the form of an errand or chore. They don’t require much effort, and they don’t take very long to do. There’s really no reason not to do these.

Pure Tears

Event Times: 12:00 P.M. (Noon), 3:00 P.M., 6:00 P.M. Event lasts _1 hour_ long.

Event Rewards: At least 3 event tokens; at most 18 event tokens (if you do the event with a full party).

Starting Location: Ziola in Pokari City, Realms 6-15.

Time Needed To Complete Event: 5-30 minutes, depending on how long it takes to make a full party.

Event Description: This is an event entirely dependent on teamwork. When you pick up the quest “Collect Tears” from Ziola, you will be given either Ren Tears, Shenzu Tears, or Yaoh Tears. If you have Ren, you will be speaking to 4 NPC’s at Fort Phoenix; if you have Shenzu, you will be going to Eloquence Peak; if you have Yaoh, you’ll be going to Ancestral Ruins. The transporter in Pokari City can get you to either of those 3 locations and it won’t cost any money.

Once you’ve spoken to the 4 NPC’s in whichever starting town you had to go to, you will talk to Ziola again. Then your quest will become “Pure _____ Tears”. The ____ will be Ren, Shenzu, or Yaoh, depending on what quest you had before. Now you need to make a party of 6 with other people that have the same quest.

i.e. A party of 6 people with “Pure Shenzu Tears” quest.

Once you’re done, the party leader talks to Ziola. Then the other 5 players follow the leader around Pokari as he/she talks to 5 other NPC’s in Pokari City. And you’re done.

II. Invasion Events & Dreams – Trials

Invasion Events
Event Names: Pokari Costume Ball, Rats Elimination, Heaven Defensive, Battle of Chaos

Event Times: 7:00 P.M., on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Event Rewards: 2 event tokens for every quest completed during the invasion, as well as raw jades of fog, earth, water, and rain. The amount of jades received varies with each event, as well as with which quests you finish. You may also receive some transformation cards, but they are non-combat cards, just so you know.

Note: Battle of Chaos is the only invasion event where monsters will drop jewelry and jades. This event takes place on Saturday.

Starting Location: Realms 6-15, Pokari Square

Time Needed To Complete Event: 1 hour. The individual quests given by the event NPC take 10-20 minutes to do, depending on the event.

Quest Description: At 7:00 P.M. monsters will try to invade Pokari. The event NPC will ask you to kill these monsters and give you certain rewards for doing so. The monsters are in a special state, so they are always ranged, and will only take 1 point of damage when you (and your pet) hit them. Furthermore, there is a high chance that you will experience lag during this event. The only thing you can do to help this is to reduce your visual settings, which can be done by pressing the button that I have circled in red.

Dreams Trials
Time: The quests can be done at any time, and can be completed once every day.

Rewards: After completing the 2 quests, you will receive 2 event tokens, 20 biscuits, and 20 beans.

Starting Location: Realms 2-15, in the Dreams Trials adventure.

How To Get There: Talk to Chauncey, the adventure dispatch NPC near the dragonkins. Have her send you to the Dreams Trials adventure (you do NOT need a map for this). Once inside, talk to the NPC named Jino. Then click the option Teleport to Pokari. You will find yourself in a fake Pokari. There is an NPC that holds a quest for you at the East end of Pokari, and another at the West end of Pokari.

Time Needed To Complete: 10-15 minutes

Note:These quests are probably closer to 5min. If you get a really slow apple picking, you can cancel it and restart to see if you get a faster one.
*Credit to Sasky of Fort Phoenix server*

Quest Description: Again, very simple daily quests. The first will ask you to pick 6 celestial fruits (you will see plenty of them once you are in fake Pokari), and the other will ask you to pick up five different kinds of stardust. You do this by running over the red circles on the ground that you will see once you are in fake pokari.

III. Hunters Test (Level 45+) & Today In History
Hunters Test (Level 45+)
Time: The quest can be done at any time, and can be completed once every day.

Rewards: 1 event token, and one of these four: Pets Esteem, Pets Esteem v2.0, Pets Esteem v3.0, or Tales of the Well

Starting Location: Roor the Hunter, located in Pokari. All realms.

Time Needed to Complete: At least 30 minutes.

Quest Description: The quest is broken down into 5 parts.

First Part: The first part will ask you to collect 10 items. It will be either Phoenix Tree branches, Pelts, Iron Ore Dust, or Nettle. Each of those can be collected with one of the four farming vocation skills (all of them are level 1 products).

Second Part: The second part will ask you to kill either 20 or 50 monsters your own level. You know which monster is your own level based on the color of their names. If they are white, then they are the same level as you. You can also kill pink and red named monsters.

Third Part: The third part will ask you to visit an NPC. This will be either the Traveling Monk in Pokari, the Hunter NPC in Gallio, or the Executioner NPC in Judium. To get to Gallio, use the transporter to go from Pokari to Elephunc, then Elephunc to Gallio. To get to Judium, use the same steps, except you will use the transporter once more to get from Gallio to Judium.

Fourth Part: The fourth part will ask you to collect 10 of a certain virtue item. The item will be either light orbs, mosquitocide, toy girls, bunny hats, or blue crystals. These drop from mobs and can also be bought from other players in the trading realm.

Fifth Part: Roor makes you wait for 15 minutes before receiving your reward. Yes, I am serious. You can do whatever you want during the 15 minutes, but you will not be able to receive the rewards until 15 minutes have passed.

Today In History
Time: The quest can be done at any time, and can be completed once every day.

Rewards: 1 event token, and a title. The title varies by day.

Starting Location: Pokari City, the NPC that gives the quest changes every day. You have to look around until you find the NPC with the quest. This quest is available in all realms.

Time Needed To Complete: 30 seconds or less. Yes, I am serious.

Quest Description: The NPC just talks to you about something that happened on this day in history. After you accept the quest, the game just gives you a title and the event token. Seriously.

TIP: You can actually easily find out which NPC it is by checking your Available Quests list. It is one of the first quests under Fun Quests — just look for one with a title you have never seen before and that is probably it.
*Credit to Altaira of the Fort Phoenix server*

IV. Star and Moon (Level 20+) & 15 Minute Stand (Level 60+)

Star and Moon (Level 20+)

Time: The quest can be done at any time, and can be completed once every day.

Reward: Money. At the least, it will be 90 silver. As your level raises, so will the amount of money you receive.

Starting Location: Eldest Matchmaker in Pokari City. All realms.

Time Needed To Complete: Depends on how long it takes to find a partner.

Quest Description: The Matchmaker will give male characters a star talisman, and female characters a moon talisman. Males have to trade with females of the same level range, and vice versa. If, for some reason, you cannot find someone to trade with, the star and moon talismans CAN be sold, although you will not get as much money as you would if you had just found someone to trade with. Most people meet up for trading on the trade realm.

TIP: It is a whole lot easier if you find someone to trade regularly with. You can even mail it in that case if you have difficulty meeting up.
*Credit to Sasky of Fort Phoenix server*

15 Minute Stand (Level 60+)

Time: 8:00 P.M. – 8:20 P.M., every day

Reward: Varies with how long you survive. 1 minute: Ken – Ethereal Charm / 3 minutes: 1 meteor shard / 6 minutes: 1 event token / 10 minutes: 1 double exp token (1 hour) / 15 minutes: 2 event tokens

Starting Location: Realm 6, Veteran NPC in Pokari City (He is near Roor the Hunter.)

Time Needed To Complete: 15-20 minutes

Quest Description: Like the name says, players have to survive for 15 minutes in an adventure where monsters will kill you in a few hits. If you need a tip, then I have two pieces of advice. 1) Always get there a little bit early [5 minutes or so is enough]. 2) Follow the crowd.

V. Record of the Unknown (Level 76+) & Occupation Reduction

Record of the Unknown (Level 76+)

***NOTE: All information regarding this quest has been submitted by Sasky of the Fort Phoenix server***

Time: 5min – 1.5hr for a round

Start: Trois Sanctum in Judium (Pok > Elephunc > Gallio > Judium)
The records of unknown is similar to the diplomatic quest, only you get gold instead of treasure.

There are three rounds of twelve segments each. For each segment, you are provided with a list of options that are fly quests and diplo (virtue) items. Also you can get a purple option which is a freebie – no fly or items required. You can see what the diplo items are (5x of one, 5x each of two different items, 10x of one, 15x of one) but you cannot see what the fly options are. For fly, you get somewhere in Amaz, Judium, or Gallio. Not all the teleporters work while you have a segment. Also each segment is timed at 20min. If you fail a segment you fail the whole round. You get 3 rounds per day. As long as you’ve started the third round before refresh, you can finish it.

One suggestion to speed up flying. Do records with someone in a PvP realm. When you get a fly, you can have them pk you (go yellow first so no infamy gained). You can then hit To Town and be in Judium instantly. For ones in Amaz, you can tele Judium > Dizzet > Amaz.

Reward: Each of the twelve segments gives a small, increasing amount of gold. The gold from all twelve segments is 40g, so you can get 120g per day.

The time it takes depends on if you have diplo items or not. If you have 1.5k diplo items over many different types, you can do all three rounds without flying. If you have to fly all of the rounds, it will take you several hours to do all three hours. It is easiest to save up items from questing and possessing and put them in a maxed out mystery pouch. There are 86 different items records will ask for. It may seem like a lot to have a maxed bag and keep a couple thousand diplo items, but it saves you a ton of time, so it is an investment. Just a matter of how much you want to do.

Occupation Reduction

Time: N/A, can be done at any time, and can be completed five times every day. These quests are available in three places, meaning that the quest can be done fifteen times every day.

Reward: 2 event tokens for every time the quest is completed

Starting Location: Realm 8, at Gaap Lands Global Agent (Pokari City: 452, 524), Gallio Global Agent (Gallio: -183, 62), or at Ziminian Global Agent (Dizzet Village: -677, -519)

Time Needed to Complete: It takes me about 2-2.5 hours to do the quest 15 times. Individually, the quests should take no longer than 20 minutes to do.

Quest Description: The quests themselves are pretty easy. The first two parts of each quest will involve speaking to an NPC. Then the final part will be to kill 10 monsters that are the same level as you (i.e. white, pink, or red-named mobs). The fastest way, imo, to get these 15 quests done is to pick up the quest and do the first 2 parts in pokari, then pick up the quest and do the first 2 parts in gallio, then pick up the quest and do the first 2 parts in dizzet. After that, you can go to wherever you normally train and kill 30 monsters to finish the 3 quests at almost the same time.

Note: People have had trouble finding Wu Chengen, so below is a map of his walk patterns.
*This map was submitted by Foil of the Ancestral Ruins server*

VI. Call of the Dominator & Lucky You!

Call of the Dominator

Time: N/A, the marshal of alliances that occupy territory decides when the event occurs.

Reward: 2 event tokens for every quest completed.

Starting Location: Realm 8; For Gaap Lands: Pokari City (408, 512); For Gallio: Gallio (-164, 63); For Ziminian Kingdom: Amaz Region (-555, 292)

Time Needed To Complete: No more than 5 minutes.

Quest Description: There will be 3 quests available to you. The 3rd quest is unable to be accepted without 20 or more charisma, and since ESO does not have that system implemented yet, the quest cannot be completed. The other 2 quests are able to completed, however. The first quest is simple: Just hand the quest-starting NPC 50 biscuits (which can be purchased from Chef Theo in Pokari). The second quest will ask you to talk to General Zurin in Pokari City. That is all there is to these quests.

Note: You will know the event has started when you see an announcement such as the one shown below. If you log in AFTER the event has started, you will not have an announcement, so you will need to ask your friends, clan mates, and alliance mates if one is going on.

Lucky You!
Time: Charms can be purchased during mini events (9 AM, Noon, 3 PM, and 6 PM), and the charm can be handed in at 7:00 – 9:00 P.M.

Reward: If you lose, 500 virtue points. If you win, 20-1000g, depending on which charm you have.

Event Description: This event is basically like a lotto. At the times mentioned above, you can buy a charm from messengers of luck walking around Pokari in every realm except the trading realm. The cost for a charm is 10 gold. Then, at the time mentioned above, an agent of luck will spawn at pokari square. At this time, you can find out which charm won, and hand yours in for your reward. Keep in mind that charms do NOT carry over into the next day, so it is strongly suggested to hand the charm in, whether you have won or not.

Note: Due to confusion about how winners are decided, I have decided to post the picture below to show how you will know which charm has won. If you have the charm that the agent of luck speaks of, then you have won a pre-decided amount of gold. If not, you will receive 500 virtue points.

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