Dragon Saga Warrior, Gladiator, Myrmidon, Devastator Guide

Dragon Saga Warrior, Gladiator, Myrmidon, Devastator Guide by Slyforcejo

***Note: Devastators = Over Lords***


Why Choose the Warrior/Gladiator/Myrmidon
-Basic Combos

-Basic Combos

-Basic Combos


Weapons, Sets and Armour


Stat Options
-Stat Calculations
-Recommended Stats

-Against the Classes

Why Choose the Warrior/Gladiator/Myrmidon/Berserker Path?

Well, although it is a pretty difficult process, Myrmidons eventually grow to be massive damage dealers. We are a slow class that deals damage in large chunks and most of our game is based up launching enemies into the air so we can follow up with an aerial assualt.

Starting Off as a Warrior

Starting off as a Warrior we are arguably the best 1st job class. We launch, use Storm Blade, kill the mobs fast and move on. So here’s the build I’d recommend using for Warrior:


I’ve decided to make the build like this so that you can save your skill reset for later levels:

Blow: A quick attack. Kinda useful at lower levels but you’ll most likely stop using it fairly quickly. 1/5

Sword Mastery: Although +70 attack is pretty good at lower levels, I decided to drop it because it loses its use after about lvl 25. 0/5

Air Combo Launch: Essential until you get Cutdown to lvl 3. Still should be used as a pre req. 1/5

Cutdown: Our best launcher as a Warrior. It’s extremely helpful even at later lvls. Doesn’t gain launching capabilities til lvl 3 though. 3/5

Relaunch: A pretty terrible skill to be honest. Cutdown is just so much better. Still, it’s a necessary pre req. 1/5

Storm Blade: Our ever faithful ultimate attack skill. This is what sets the Warrior apart from the other 1st class jobs. We have a powerful mobbing skill from the very beginning that is definately worth maxing right now. 5/5

Sword Dance: A pretty handy skill to extend or even start any combo with. It’s got good range and is a very useful skill against bosses. It also gains range the higher the level which is very useful at later levels in PvP. 1/5 (as a Warrior) or 5/5 (as a PvPing Glad/Myrm)

Hammer Crush: Our most useful hammer since it can stun on anything but bosses and it’s and essential attacking skill against bosses. 1/5

Blazing Youth: I use this hammer over Icecold Heart due to the fact that it saves us pointless getting Sword Dance to lvl 2. You’ll need this to hammer spam against bosses. Also note that at lvl 1 IT DOES NOT knockdown enemies so it doesn’t break combos. 1/5

Icecold Heart: Not too much point in this skill to be honest. You only need 2 hammers to properly hammer spam anyway. 0/5

This leaves you with a nice 165 SP for the next premotion of Gladiator.

Warrior Combos

Here is a list of basic combos to use against enemies:

1) Air Combo Launch -> Storm Blade -> Air Combo

2) Cutdown -> Storm Blade -> Air Combo

Those are the main meats of the combos. You can also add extra moves to the beginning and ends of these combos:

Sword Dance -> Hammer Crush -> combo 2)

Hammer Crush -> Sword Dance -> combo 1)

Against bosses (since you cannot launch bosses) you will need to use you ground moves:

1) Hammer Crush -> Blazing Youth -> repeat (hammer spam)

2) Sword Dance -> Hammer Crush -> Blazing Youth -> repeat

Also try and get it a little hit every now and again with moves like Blow and Air Combo Launch.

The Next Step – Gladiator

As a Gladiator you gain new massive two handed swords and you’ll straight away notice a massive difference in your attack power. You should now be able to dish out the damage in large chunks. However, you will also find that some of the mobs (i.e. the upgraded ones) will be difficult to take down due to the fact that you can’t properly use Storm Blade on them. You’ll also find that you will be lacking a powerful and quick ground attack (unlike you Knight counterparts who have Broom Jab).

Now with Gladiator there are (I’d say) 3 main approaches you can take. The Health approach, the Attack Speed approach or the Balanced approach (which has neither the health or attack speed).

Here are builds for each of the approaches:

Attack Speed:http://dragonica.db.mmosite.com/tool…15000000000000



And here’s the skill analysis:

Grizzly Power: At the moment it only increases our BASE attack (which for most of you will only be around 100-200) so it really isn’t all that useful. But like a lot of the Gladiator skills it is a pre req. 1/5

Advanced Sword Mastery: Again another skill that only increases our base attack (so the skill description is definately wrong). 1/5

Dashing Blow: A pretty cool launcher, but VERY difficult to use well. Though still it’s a pre req and only has one lvl. 1/1

Aerial Blow: A strengthed air combo attack though it doesn’t have nearly as much range as the other hits of our air combo. 1/1

Incoming Bear (Bro): An interesting skill to say the least. It’s always been an essential skill for Glads but it has taken a bit of a hit. It now DOES NOT LAUNCH until lvl 5 (where it only launches a tiny bit but just enough to chain in a Storm Blade). Ironically this is our only skill that we can actually use to launch the upgraded mobs so max it. 5/5

I’m Gone Bear (Bro): Also suffered a hit as this cannot launch either. However, it is still probably our main ground damage dealing skill as a Glad so I’d still say max it for extra damage. 5/5

Gamble: By FAR our best buff. The effect also lasts longer per level meaning at lvl 5 you can have 2 Gamble buffs going on at once. There are six effects each have 1/6 of a chance of coming up and they are as follows:

God of Wrath: Increases physical and magic attack by 15-35%. This (like Grizzly and ASM) only applies to base attack. Not amazingly useful

God of Calmness: Increases physical and magic defence by 15-35%. Easily our worst buff since it only applies to base defence.

God of Fury: Increases attack speed and absolute crit rate by 5-13%. Easily our best buff as it means we can bust out the critical attacks like crazy!

God of Speed: Increases movement speed and evade by 5-13. Yes there is a flaw with the description. It doesn’t give a % but a value which is actually much better.

This means that we can actually gain a useful amount of evade.

God of Cure: Heals 15-35 HP and MP per second. Not helpful really since even at lvl 5 the amount healed is so tiny that you’ll barely notice it.

God of Amplification: Increases max HP and MP by 15-35%. Very handy in PvE as you can heal it quickly, though in PvP it’s not very helpful since your current HP and

MP don’t get increased along with it.

Wrath of Earth: Gained a juicy buff and now is one of our most powerful damaging moves. It launches at lvl 3 and even works as an anti air too. 5/5

Annihilation: Gained a minor buff but not enough to be too useful. Though it is quite handy for upping the power of moves like Wrath of Earth. Pre req. 2/5

Skill Variations for other builds:

Health Build:

Acceleration: Gained a very ncie buff after the patch. It now lasts 3 minutes at lvl 1 instead of the pathetic 30 seconds it did before. Unfortunately it only applies to the regular X attack 1/5

HP Recovery: 1000 HP and increased potion effect. Very nice (but not entirely necessary) especially since we don’t have much of a way for soaking up hits. 5/5

Stumblebum: Our main catching tool for PvP. It also gives a nice aim debuff. 1/5

Attack Speed Build:

Acceleration: 5/5 – I’m gonna be entirely honest and say it ain’t too useful at the moment, but it will be at a later stage

HP Recovery: 0/5 – Since we got pretty good HP as it is.

Stumblebum: 1/5

Balanced build:

Acceleration: 1/5

HP Recovery: 0/5

Stumblebum: 1/5 OR 5/5 – This is dependent on how much you PvP. That aim debuff against enemies not only assists our defence, but makes it so ally Pathfinders and Assassins are almost invincible.

Final Vedict for builds: Personally, I’d recommend going for the Balanced one since it leaves you the most SP at the end, but feel free to choose which build you want:

Health Build leaves 20 SP

Attack Speed Build leaves 15 SP

Balanced Build leaves either 55 SP or 95 SP

Gladiator Combos

Basically you can still use combos 1) and 2) from the Warrior section but here’s 2 more combos for you to use:

1) Incoming Bro -> Storm Blade -> Air Combo (only one that works on upgraded mobs)

2) Dashing Blow -> Storm Blade -> Air Combo

You can also preceed combos with these:

Im Gone Bro -> Wrath of Earth

Im Gone Bro -> Sword Dance

This is of course only a very basic outlook. Gladiators are very much a class that you need to play around with to learn their combos properly. See what moves you are able to use (i.e. ones that aren’t in cooldown) and make use of them in whatever way you want. It’s all about improvisation!!

Unleashing the Power – Myrmidon

Once you reach Myrmidon you’ll find that over time loads more great skills will open up to you. You will become even more powerful and deadly and definately become a force to be reckoned with in both PvE and PvP.

Now as Myrms you gain even more options! You can choose to follow on from the Health and Attack Speed Builds, OR you can follow on from the Balanced build to create more options! I call them the Power and Punisher builds.

Health Build:http://dragonica.db.mmosite.com/tool…15553110022050

Attack Speed Build:http://dragonica.db.mmosite.com/tool…14553110522050

Power Build:http://dragonica.db.mmosite.com/tool…15555310032050

Punisher V1 Build:http://dragonica.db.mmosite.com/tool…55555310032050

Punisher V2 Build:http://dragonica.db.mmosite.com/tool…15555310032050

Here’s the skill analysis:

Sharpness Blade: FINALLY a skill that increases our attack but is actually useful! It gives +420 attack at lvl 5 which is definately a nice amount! 5/5

Physical Traning: This gives a hefty 2500 HP at lvl 5 and just as much HP as HP Recovery at lvl 2. Definately get this. 5/5

Gust Slash: A very powerful ground AoE. It’s range isn’t too great but the damage is. 3/5 or 5/5 (depending on your build)

Magnum Break: A great launcher. Though not as strong as WoE or Death Bound, it’s faster but has a smaller AoE. 1/5 or 3/5 (depending on your build)

Whirlwind: A rather overrated skill. For a ground AoE it’s damage is rather mediocre. Though it can hit grounded mobs at lvl 3. 1/5 or 3/5 (depending on your build)

Quick Strikes (?): By far the most USELESS skill we’ve got for a couple of reasons. It costs the same SP per lvl as Acceleration yet has a lesser effect but worse yet it DOES STACK with Acceleration, Adrenaline or Adrenaline Booster. 0/5

Bloody Roar: This is an interesting one. Although again like all the other buffs it only affects base attack, it can also do an interesting cancel on your X attack (the 4th hit is instead replaced by the 1st hit, allowing for a faster combo). Also it MASSIVELY buffs your X attack which is why it is maxed in the attack speed build. 0/5 or 5/5

Death Bound: A fantastic launcher. As powerful as WoE and has a 360 degree AoE. Not to mention it hits a massive amount of mobs and is anti air at lvl 3. Though it’s 15 second cooldown slightly lets it down. 2/5 or 3/5

Rising Storm: Probably our most powerful attack. Although its accuracy has been lowered it can now crit which is great! In fact it’s so strong that it really doesn’t need to be any higher than lvl 2. Though it does have a long cast time and a long 30 second cooldown. 2/5

Wild Rage: Again another almost useless skill. Like all the attack buffs it only applies to base attack and requires the terrible skill Weapon Quicken as a pre req. 0/5

Wyvern Blade: Though Rising Storm is our most powerful skill, this is easily our best. It’s a skill sent from the gods. Lvl 2 is where it really shines but it still needs to be maxed for a hefty damage increase and the fact that it hits grounded mobs too at lvl 4. 5/5

Now as you can see there are 4 builds with a lot of variation. So you’ll also need to edit your Warrior and Gladiator skills to fit it all in properly:

Health Build:

Cutdown: 1/5

Storm Blade: 3/5

Hammer Crush: 0/5

Blazing Youth: 0/5

Gust Slash: 3/5

Magnum Break: 1/5

Death Bound: 2/5

Attack Speed Build:

Now this one is very interesting. You will need to lower the lvls of A LOT of skills if you want to max Bloody Roar. Here’s the ones I changed but feel free to choose different ones:

Cutdown: 1/5

Storm Blade: 1/5

Hammer Crush: 0/5

Blazing Youth: 0/5

I’m Gone Bear: 3/5

Wrath of Earth: 4/5

Gust Slash: 3/5

Magnum Break: 1/5

Death Bound: 2/5

Power Build:

This is actually more based on skill power rather than buff power:

Cutdown: 1/5

Hammer Crush: 0/5

Blazing Youth: 0/5

Gust Slash: 5/5

Magnum Break: 3/5

Death Bound: 3/5

Punisher Build V1:

Cutdown: 1/5

Storm Blade: 1/5

Hammer Crush: 0/5

Blazing Youth: 0/5

Stumblebum: 5/5

Gust Slash: 5/5

Magnum Break: 3/5

Death Bound: 3/5

Punisher Build V2:

Cutdown 1/5

Storm Blade: 3/5

Hammer Crush: 0/5

Blazing Youth: 0/5

Stumblebum: 1/5

Gust Slash: 5/5

Magnum Break: 3/5

Death Bound: 3/5

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT USE YOUR SKILL RESET STRAIGHT AWAY AT LVL 40. Save it until you are at least lvl 48. Also, if you went for the Health or Attack Speed builds, be careful at which skills you choose each lvl. Delay some skills for a few lvls and makes sure to prioritise over which skills you want to get first.

Final Verdict for Builds: All of these builds would work depending on how you like to play. My personal style is Punisher V1 since it leaves behind plenty of SP and it’s slightly better for PvP but feel free to use any of them. We’re a pretty versitile class when it comes to skills.

Health Build leaves 75 SP

Attack Speed Build leaves 10 SP

Both Punisher Builds leave 70 SP (though they could leave up to 110 if you set both Stumble and Storm Blade to lvl 1)

Myrmidon Combos

Like Gladiators, Myrmidons are all about experimentation. We have plenty of skills to use now so test out what works best for you. Here’s some basic combos:


1) Death Bound -> Wyvern Blade -> Storm Blade

2) Magnum Break -> Wyvern Blade -> Storm Blade

3) IC Bear -> Storm Blade -> Wrath of Earth


1) Sword Dance -> Gust Slash -> IG Bear -> Wrath of Earth/Magnum/Death Bound

2) Rising Storm -> Whirlwind -> Death Bound

3) Wyvern Blade (lvl 2) -> Storm Blade

Again, like Gladiators feel free to proceed these combos with extra attacks that aren’t in cooldown. Grounded “Down X” attacks are also your friend (since they are infinite).

Rage of the Demon – Berserker

Congratulations you uber pro! You have reached Berserker! Unfortunately from what I’ve heard Berserkers the skills aren’t too great (not to mention the Awakening bar takes FOREVER to fill) so really the formula stays fairly similar from you Myrms.

Since they have yet to create a skill simulator with the 4th job skills in it, there is no build for this (but tbh the skill layout for Berserkers is pretty much the same no matter what you went for in your Myrm build)

Awakening: The pre req passive that every 4th class job has. It’s essential for a lot of your 4th job skills. It also only costs 1 SP (so I’d recommend you do some hunter quests to get an SP +1 scroll). 1/1

Wind Step: A terrible passive skill unless you’ve OPed yourself. It applies as an addition to your BASE movement speed meaning without any other movement speed buffs it is terrible. However, if you have spare points left over and are a frequent PvPer that likes to OP for movement speed, go for this otherwise forget about it completely. 0/5 or 5/5

Death Grab: This skill has a lot of potential. Unfortunately at the moment it has a really small AoE and is VERY inaccurate. However for now I say put it to lvl 1. 5/5

Death Stinger: By far our best 4th job skill. It’s great that we gain another good ground AoE and supposedly it gains more hits and range each lvl. 5/5

Demolition Charge: Though it does nice single hit damage (more than any of your previous one hit wonders) it is EXTREMELY slow. However I guess it could still work as a nice finishing moves against mobs. If you wanna get the passive Wind Step I’d recommend dropping this. 0/5 or 1/5

Demolition Bomber (Ultimate): Like pretty much all the ultimates for 4th job, this skill is pretty weak and puny for an ultimate. Though it does looks pretty cool and you are invulnerable whilst doing it, 70-100k damage for something that consumes you entire Awakening bar, consumes a lot of MP, has a 300 second cooldown and costs 60 SP is pretty ridiculous. 0/1 or 1/1 (depending on your build).

Here’s the SP amounts you should have by lvl 70 for each build:

Health Build leaves 40 SP with ultimate (100 without)

Attack Speed Build leaves 35 SP without the ultimate

Punishers V1 and V2 leave 35 SP with ultimate (95 without)

Punisher V3 (with SB and Stumble both at lvl 1) leaves 75 SP with ultimate (135 without)

So all the above builds leave SP at lvl 70. This means you have 2 options:

1) Keep this SP for when the lvl cap increases and new skills are added

2) Add this SP onto other skills to lvl them up (such as Wind Step).

Final Verdict: To be honest it’s a bit early to say much. I mean there are still 3 skills left that are unknown for every class so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. But the awesome thing is that you will still have a spare skill reset if any changes are made out of the blue.

Berserker Combos

They are pretty much the same as the Myrm combos. The formula won’t change much. You can add a Death Grab to extend you combo or a Death Stinger/Demolition Charge to finish it off.



As most of you know, Warrior/Gladiator/Myrmidon/Berserker weapons got a large buff after the new patch. They do FAR more damage than they ever did before (seriously, level 50 weapons now have a similar base power to the old Arams).

Also an important note is that WEAPON DROP LIKELIHOOD IN MISSION MAPS IS NOW VERY LOW so your best bet for weapons is to keep with ones you get from quests and powerful ones. Here’s how I think you should order your weapons:


1st jobs have it nice and easy when it comes to weapons. All you literally have to do is keep completeling the red Hero Quests so that you can keep getting your Superior weapon:

(OLD) Shortsword: Lvl 1 – 5 (from very start of game)

Superior Canine Blade: Lvl 5 – 10 (from quest)

Superior Frost Blade: Lvl 10 -15 (from quest)

Superior Sky Breeze Sword: Lvl 15 – 20 (from quest)


Gladiators have it pretty easy too for weapon choice due to the fact that there are Water weapons. These are probably the first blades you’ll get that you may start spending a lot of your weapon powders on, since they are a great weapon to use all the way up until you premote. Also remember that you gain new 2 handed swords with a much larger base power. Here is what I’d recommend:

Superior Flame 2 Handed Sword: Lvl 20 – 25/26 (from premotion quest)

Forest Blade: Lvl 25 – 27 (from mission map/field map/market)

Water Spirit Blade: Lvl 27 – 40 (from quest)

I apologise for some of the names. The names that I knew before are now outdated XP


Here’s where you get quite a few options to go for. You could go for the simple route and just keep using regular weapons every few levels, or you could go for the beastly weapons like the Magma or the Aram up until lvl 60 where the options become more linear. Here is what I would recommend though:

Superior Lunartic Blade: Lvl 40 – 44/45/46 (from premotion quest)

Solstice Sword (Regular/Superior/Premium): Lvl 44/45/46 – 49 (from mission map/field map/market)

Magma Lord Blade/Spine of Lavalon: Lvl 49 – 60 (from quest)

The reason why I say go for the Magma over the Aram later is for a couple of reasons:

1) Magmas are now much cheaper and easier to get. Not only is the Heart Recipe half price but the Lavalon Piece (and even full Lavalon Heart) drop rates are much higher. Market prices also prove this. Previously, Heart Pieces in the market were on average around 600g, but now I’ve seen pieces under 200g.

2) You will most likely replace your Aram at lvl 60 anyways for a Bone or a Guardian weapon, so actually you keep the Magma for more levels and it’s more worthwile.


Now that you’ve reached lvl 60 you can get a Bone Greatsword which will last you for about 8 to 10 levels before you get a new Lightning Oak or better yet a Drakos (Zauharant) weapon. Either choice works since although the LOak is much easier to get, the Drakos is quite a bit stronger. That said though, both have over 4000 base physical attack at regular which is awesome.

Bone Greatsword: Lvl 60 – 68/69/70

Lightning Oak 2 Handed Sword: Lvl 68/69 ->


Zauharant (Drakos) Blade (when it comes out): Lvl 70 ->

Armour Sets


The main set you can get as a Warrior is the Black Fighter set, however it is not at all necessary so I’d recommend just sticking with regular equips for your lvl that you get from the mission maps.

However if you do want to get the Black Fighter set it can be farmed in any lvl of Vagabond or Vegas as long as you use Gada Coins


The Gladiator sets have now been quite a bit improved. Previously they used to be:

2 set option: Strength

4 set option: HP Recovery %

6 set option: Atk Speed %

Now however, it is this:

2 set option: Strength

4 set option: Atk Speed %

6 set option: Aim Rate %

The really awesome thing about the aim rate though, is that it is a MASSIVE % even at lvl 20. Though to be honest you will probably get from lvl 20 to lvl 27 pretty fast so I’d recommend SKIPPING the lvl 20 set and going for the lvl 27 set instead. So here’s is how to order your armour sets up until you reach Myrmidon.

20 – 27: Regular equips

27 – 34: Regular Champion Full 6 piece set (farmed at Hookah/Alvida though I’d recommend Hookah F1)

34 – 40: Regular Barbarian Full 6 piece set (farmed at Artis/LoN though I’d recommend Artis F1)

There are also the Chaotic and Glorious sets to go for, but the stats on those are no where near as good as the regular set AND they are both harder to get as a Gladiator.


The formula for Myrmidon sets is exactly the same as the Gladiator sets, though the Glorious sets have been improved quite a bit (the Glorious Spiral and Glorious Pioneer sets give over 100% crit damage as option 5) imo, they still aren’t enough to beat the regular sets. Though feel free to get them nonetheless.

40 – 47: Regular Destroyer Full 6 piece set (farmed at Atoo/Rocker/Vella though I’d recommend Rocker F1)

47 – 54: Regular Spiral Full 6 piece set (farmed at Vella/Elluman though I’d recommend Elluman F1)

54 – 61: Regular Pioneer Full 6 piece set (farmed at all dungeons after Karkarous but I’d recommend Karkarous F1)

NOTE: The reason why I made recommendations to the F1 places is because for a couple of reasons:

1) They generally use the least Gada Coins out of all of them

2) They are quicker because they are F1

3) They are quicker because they are lower lvl


For up to lvl 67 go for the regular Destiny set since again it is awesome like the other sets. I’m not sure if the Drakos set for Myrmidon is any good or not (if anyone knows the options feel free to say) so if it’s not too good stick with the regular Dianos set afterwards (once it comes out).

61 – 67: Regular Destiny Full 6 piece set

67 – 70: Regular Dianos Full 6 piece set

The Stat Options

There are multiple stat options, but there are 4 main stat options that lie in your “Default” tab when you open the character menu. Here is what each one gives:

Strength (STR): Gives 16 ATK, 8 DEF and 0.25% Absolute Crit Rate (?) per 10 STR

Intelligence (INT): Gives 32 MATK, 30 MDEF and 380 MP per 10 INT

Health (HLT): Gives 380 HP and 4 DEF per 10 HLT

Agility (AGI): Gives 1.2% Aim Rate, 1.4 Dodge Rate, 2 DEF and 0.1% Absolute Crit Rate (?) per 10 STR

There are a few things to note with these stats:

1) All stat increases apply to your BASE stats. For example Agility gives you base aim, dodge etc

2) The Crit Rate amounts are NOT confirmed at the moment. All that is known is that STR gives quite a bit more Crit Rate than AGI (according to Darkxon and his experiments).

After these stats there are all your other stats. These stats are the ones that apply AFTER the base stats and are the ones that make your stats GREEN:

Min and Max Physical Attack (usually %)

Min and Max Magic Attack (usually %)

Critical Rate (%)

Critical Damage (%)

Aim Rate (value or %)

Movement Speed (%)

HP (value or %)

MP (value or %)

Physical Damage Drop (%)

Magic Damage Drop (%)

Dodge Rate (%)

Now obviously you won’t be able to focus on every stat. Remember that Myrmidons are an ATTACKING class. We are all offense, which means we need to get LOADS of accuracy and damage too. Here are the Stats to go for:


Agility – This gives your base Aim Rate and some base dodge too (though as a Myrm you won’t be dodging much). Get this on your armour.

Aim Rate – Obvious. All classes need this. Get this on your accessories and weapons

Critical Damage – This is something mainly Paladins, Myrms and Ninjas would go for (in particular). This is where you damage will come from. Get this on you weapon and set.

Health – Since we lack defence, we have to compensate by getting LOADS of HP. Get Health on your armour and weapon.

Second Line:

These are extra things you should go for. If you are rich and are easily able to get your gear to special onwards, go for these:

Strength – Since this gives the most base crit rate out of all stats this is an extra to go for (it gives more than Crit rate itself XP) though the ATK bonuses it gives are miniscule

Movement Speed – You can only get this on armour boots and medals but it’s very useful for PvP (especially when combined with Wind Step).


Let’s first start by listing the pros and cons of the Myrmidon/Berserker class:


– The highest atk of all classes means they are massive damage dealers

– A good load of catching moves

– Fantastic AoE moves

– A lot of HP

– Good defence stats


– Slow (though not as slow as AM)

– Long cooldowns for a lot of moves mean that combos are hard to follow up

– Can’t heal, dodge or block

– Lowest magic defence out of all classes

The general approach for Glads all the way up to Myrms is usually the same. As a Glad I wouldn’t recommend tackling PvP until you have all your skills. But here is a little step by step guide for Glads, Myrms and Zerkers for PvP:


For PvP I would recommend using Balanced/Punisher V2 build (which works as an all round good build in general) as it has maxed Stumblebum

Main Combo:

Stumbleum SD -> Hammer Crush -> IC Bear + IG Bear -> Air Combo Launch -> Storm Blade -> (Wrath of Earth)

Main Skills:

Stumblebum: Our main and awesome catcher. Great range and a nice aim debuff to help with our evasion

Sword Dance (SD): It’s unfair if used as a catcher (well in gPotato it is, however I hear that it’s fine for IAH) but works as a fantastic combo tool due to its low cooldown.

Storm Blade: Your main attacking skill to finish combos with. Nothing more, nothing less

IC (Incoming) Bear: Because of it’s large lateral range and the fact that it’s instant cast it works as a fantastic catcher and combo tool.

IG (I’m Gone) Bear: Decent damaging skill and it’s instant cast. Always try to fit this into your combo.

Wrath of Earth: Your most powerful one hit wonder. Although it’s slow, it has MASSIVE range.

Against the Classes

Knight: Probably the most difficult class to deal with. Glads have very little way of breaking through their defence. Your best bet is to try to catch them in your Stumblebum and hope that the aim debuff prevents them from hitting you too much. Otherwise just try your best to get as many hits as possible on them. Also watch out for Spin It Bear because it has a large AoE AND is anti air.

Gladiator: Fighting against your own class can be tricky at times since they will most likely use very similar tactics to you. All I can really say here is be faster and more on your toes than them. Like you they have very little way of defending themselves so unleash your rage! Try not to get caught in the Stumble XP

Monk (Acolyte): It’s really a matter of “if we catch them, they’re screwed” but “if they catch us we’re screwed” scenario. We have the worst magic defence so they can quickly dispose of us if they freeze you. My advice is to keep your distance by using the Bros then swoop in for the kill once you see an opening.

Battlemage: Arguably an easier class to deal with, but moves like Blizzard can hinder your movement space. My advice is again keep on your toes and try to rush them. Since BMs are pretty slow with casting they’re moves try to get behind or around them and deal as much damage as possible.

Pathfinder (Hunter): A very fast class that is reliant mainly on dodge. Rather than persisting at them and trying to attack, wait til they come to you. This is definately a class where you have to predict they’re movements and try and respond with a Stumble. Once you do that dish out your combo

Arbalist (Ranger): Funnily enough Arbalists arguably have similar strategies to Glads in the fact that they dish out they’re damage in single combos. Watch out for Gatling Rush. It’s AoE is huge and can easily catch off guard (I’ve had it hit from behind before).

Jester: A powerful class when they can dish out their lock, however they will have a hard time catching now that Burrow has been uber nerfed. Keep on your toes and be evasive. If they miss one of their attacks there is a lot of time and room to go in for the kill. Overall actually play against them like you would a Monk.

Assassin: A lethal PvP class. Because of the fact that their main attacking skills have short cooldowns they will try to wittle you down piece by piece rather than going for a single long combo like us. Try avoid dodging forward and backward and dodge to the sides instead. It will be a much better positioning for you to follow with Stumblebum.

Tips and Tricks

– A large part of playing as any class is predicting your opponent’s moves and playstyle. Before you even start attacking you may want to pause for a bit and be evasive so that you can take note of how your opponent plays. Then try to counter it.

– You don’t always have to go for the full long combo. You can easily just go for a quick launch to Storm Blade to get some damage on your opponent.

– If you have spare points left over you may want to think about maxing Sword Dance as it gains range upon leveling it.


As a Myrmidon you gain quite a few new attacking options that will help for PvP:

Main Combos

Stumblebum SD -> Gust Slash -> Drop -> IG Bro -> SD -> IC Bro -> Wyvern Blade -> Storm Blade

Stumblebum SD -> Gust Slash -> Rising Storm -> SD -> IG Bro+IC Bro -> Wyvern Blade -> Storm Blade (female Myrms only)

Wyvern Blade -> Storm Blade -> Stumblebum (just before they hit the ground) -> either of the above combos…

Main Skills

Gust Slash: One of your strongest attacks. ALWAYS include this in your combo if you can.

Bloody Roar: If you have SP left over this move is handy in PvP for the sole reason that it allows you to escape some status aliments like Sleep and Frog.

Rising Storm: For female Myrmidons this is an essential tool to have in your combo. However, since male Myrmidons don’t have as fast a casting time as female Myrmidons it doesn’t really work as well.

Wyvern Blade: Our most powerful attack. Not only does it work as a powerful combo finisher along with Storm Blade but also works as a decent catching move too.

Against the Classes

Paladin: The best PvP class just got even better. Now with Cross Cut, Time Reverse and a whole host of skills to debuff you a lot of the time they’ll have you on the run. Not to mention they’re insane block rate, defence and HP means that in order to beat them it will require a good amount of luck. In the combo I’d recommend using Storm Blade before Wyvern Blade as if Wyvern gets blocked when they aren’t high enough it will cause them to not take any hits unless it is at least level 4. Main thing is though, if you find that your combo hits are getting blocked, move away and start again so they have less chance of doing a quick counterattack.

Myrmidon: There really isn’t much I can say here that I haven’t already said in the vs Gladiator section. It’s really exactly the same principal as before. You just really got to outskill and outpower the opponent. The aim debuff of Stumblebum shouldn’t do too much to either of you as most of the time Myrms have poor dodge anyway.

Priest(Oracle): Again pretty much the same strategy here though take note of their new skill Spark Rock. It has a MASSIVE AoE and can keep you trapped to let the Oracle deal some serious damage to you. Try your best to catch them in a Stumblebum. Although a lot of Oracles have high accuracy, Stumblebum will take off a hefty load meaning you’ve got a better chance to dodge Witch’s Curse and Flasher (Barbarian).

Archmage(Warmage?): Unfortunately for WMs they still remain a really slow class (but very powerful class). As long as you can avoid their moves you will be fine. Backdraft (Pepper) has a tiny AoE but Snow Blues is one to look out for, as just touching it will freeze you allowing the WM to unleash a rain of skills on you. I’d recommend using Wyvern Blade for a lot of your starting combos as it can catch them whilst being out of the AoE of most of their moves.

Ranger(Trapper): Pathfinders on ‘roids. They are very fast and unpredictable and with their traps (especially Silence and Freeze) they can really let loose on you. Furthermore their Falcons allow them to do more damage to you than they’ve ever done before! However, we can still get round their dodge with our high aim rate and our high attack power should decimate their defence. If you stay cool and let them come to you, then react quickly with an SD, Stumble or a Wyvern to form a combo that will probably take them out. Note that because of their high movement speed, they are able to air dodge out of the AoE of Wyvern and Storm Blade. This means you’ll have to track them for a bit then launch Wyvern as they’re coming down.

Grenadier(Sniper): Their main combo remains pretty much the same and unfortunately for them, a lot of their new skills are fairly useless. They do have Camo which works like Sin’s Shadow Walk, and Carpet Bombing which works as a decent catcher due to its large AoE. However apart from that their playstyle will be pretty much the same. Note that like Trappers, they will also have pretty high movement speed so you have to track them before using Wyvern Blade in your combo

Harlequin: Though still not amazing for PvP they are definately much improved. The main things to watch out for are Windmill (which can cause you massive damage) and Provoke (think Stumblebum, with a slightly smaller AoE, instant cast, longer stun time but a 70% stun chance at lvl 5). They can take you down quickly and you can take them down quickly.

Ninja: Probably the 2nd strongest PvP class. They got blocks like Paladins (though not as much) and will probably require a bit of luck to take out as well as skill. They also gain three lethal moves at higher levels. Mist Vanish (which extends their combo a bit like Gust Slash does), Wood Rush (which debuffs you terribly) and Sky Penetration (which has a low cooldown and a MASSIVE AoE). If you get caught in Wood Rush I’d recommend you run. Your aim will go down a hefty amount and it won’t be enough against their dodge so evade until the debuff runs out. Also, if a Ninja uses Sky Penetration right after Ambush here is what to do. If your movement speed isn’t high enough to jump out, air dodge and use Cutdown the moment you get hit by Ambush to evade the knockback of Sky Penetration (you’ll land just before the second hit comes out). Other than that face them like you would an Assassin.


We don’t really gain much new for PvP, but other classes do, so we’ll need to watch out for new moves. Note that ultimate moves CANNOT BE USED in any form of PvP (not even Battlesquare or Emporia).

Main Combos

They remain pretty much the same as Myrm combos. However, you could attempt to add in a Death Grab to extend the combo or a Death Stinger to do some extra damage. Though I hear Death Grab is pretty inaccurate.

Main Skills

Wind Step – Entirely optional really. It’s handy if you have an old Bone set and have oped yourself for PvP. Otherwise don’t bother with this passive at all.

Death Grab – Definately has potential to increase the length of our combo. However, I feel that further experimentation with this move is necessary before we come to any specific conclusions. However, one interesting thing about this move is that if it successfully hits it will always stun.

Death Stinger – A power attack. At lvl 5 it does pretty much the same damage as Wyvern Blade. However, supposedly it’s rather twitchy and being an awakening move it requires you to wait for your awakening guage to fill.

Against the Classes

Dragon Knight: They were hard before, but now they are even harder. Not only do they have their massive HP, defence and their blocks, but they also have powerful new moves like Rolling Ground and Dragon Dive. Some Dragoons like to use these moves to get some massive damage on you. My advice is to react quickly and dodge to the side so you can get round behind them, catch them with Stumblebum and attempt a combo.

Devasator: Quite literally the same as before. Don’t bother over thinking about tactics. Just try to outpower them and catch them in a Stumblebum before they catch you. Make sure you have plenty of HP handy.

Cleric(Priest?): They have a new skill that they love to abuse called Magnet Pull, which allows them to keep you pinned in a place so they can let rip on you. Try your best to keep away from the Magnet Pull, but if they catch you, I’d recommend trying to spam skills rather than escaping. Wyvern Blade is your best friend =)

Chaosmage(Alchemist?): Yet again even at 4th job CMs still are a very slow and overall pretty poor PvP class. Time Freeze can stop you cold and it isn’t too slow, but its AoE is TINY. Also, the two new awakening skills they gain are so slow that they probably won’t catch you at all. Even if you make a mistake there is still a chance you can evade them. Just keep on your toes so you can wittle them down bit by bit.

Sentinel(Windrunner): They gain the powerful new Ice Falcons as well as the irritating Wire Action which they can use to catch they unleash their skills. The Ice Falcons deal massive damage and inflict freeze HOWEVER unlike most of their other moves they ARE NOT instant cast. Furthermore they last long so if it misses take the opportunity to go behind them and use Gust Slash. Otherwise be patient. Let them come to you rather than foolishly running into a trap.

Bombardier(Howitzer): They don’t gain anything particularly useful for PvP at all. Particle Cannon lvl 5 is strong (around the same power as Gatling) but that’s about it. Self Bomber and Nuke are slow but have pretty large AoEs. Same tactics as before really.

Joker(Masquarader): A class that greatly improves in PvP. Thanks to their passive Crazy Soul, our Wyvern Blade could get rendered completely useless which sucks. Also, Claw Fishing is a very annoying catcher as (like our Death Grab in fact) it stuns after it hits successfully, meaning they can let loose their lock on us. Also mind out for Hell Shout as that can stun too.

Shadow Walker(Shadow: Same as always. Their awakening skills aren’t too good although they may use Cross Blade to simply push you back away from them. Mind out for the Sky Penetration and make good use of your Cutdown.

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