Dragon Saga Sentinel Guide

Dragon Saga Sentinel Guide by StormHaven

This Guide is built and made as if you’re gonna reset at every job therefore to get the correct build please click on the build links at the end of each section.
first off gonna go down the list of skills and what they do
Archer Skills
Rising Arrow: Launches 2..3..4..5…7 enemies into the air

Anti Air Shot
: Fire Arrows at 2..3..4..5.7. airborne enemies. Consumes 1mp per shot, it’s auto hot keyed to Z

Double Shot: Fires a stronger version of normal shot

Shootdown: Fires 3 airs at up to 3 enemies and slightly knocks them into air. Can only be used in mid air, it’s auto hot keyed to downarrow+x in air

Multishot: Fires 3..5..7 arrows towards the ground. If a target is close all arrows will hit that target if not they spread out and hit other targets

Relaunch: Hits 3..5..7 knock downed foes back into the air

Back Dash: Moves you backwards

Back Dash Shot: fires an arrow that hits up 5 enemies while using back dash skill

Passive Skills

Bow Mastery: Increase your BASE damage while using Bow and Crossbow

Rapid Step: Adds +10 movement speed per level

Ok now that we’ve got that out of the way I’ll go over each skill and explain its use

3/5 Rising Arrow: This is an amazing skills are earlier lvls allowing you to launch enemies to the air so you can use your #1 skill.

3/5 Anti-Air Shot: Good source of Damage and should only be used in pvp for canceling AR

0/5 Double Shot: no point in this skill honestly. It fires a stronger X attack thats it.

1/1 Shootdown: this may seem uselss a bit but it helps a lot in later lvls and some what a lower lvls. It does a good amount of dmg

5/5 Multishot: Boss killer skill and also your strongest skill Hunter

1/5 or 0/5 Relaunch: This skill imo is not that useful, since Shotdown also hits knock down foes.

0/5 Back Dash: don’t even think about it. bad skill

0/5 Back Dash Shot: see back dash

Passive Skills

5/5 Bow Mastery: this adds dmg to all of your attacks a must have.

5/5 Rapid Step
: i don’t care what other people say this is an extremely helpful skill in pve and pvp
At llv 20 it should look like this
OK, at lvl 20 will will be able to do the job change quest to choose to become a Hunter. note i do not recommend reseting skill until u become lvl 34 so wolf rush will launch http://dragonica.db….x.php?md=1&b;=31 this is an example of what you’re skill should look like at lvl 34 after u reset

Hunter Skills(Active)
Unabridged Violence: shoots a book at up to 3..4..6.. enemies and deals 15..30..45..60.75.. DPS

Acid Arrow: Shoot out an arrow that hits 5 enemies does 10..15..20.25..30 DPS and lowers P. Def by 10%..15%..20%..25%.30%. At level 3 it will hit enemies on the ground.

Sharpshooting: Fires an Arrow that shoots through 5 enemies. Long cast time

Net Capture: Fires a small net which roots 3 enemies for 2..3secs and blocks certain skills

Arrow Shower: Fires a volley arrows at 4..5..6..7..8. enemies hitting them 8 times each

Rocket Launcher: Drops a rocket on 6..7..8..9..12..16 enemies knocking them on the ground. At level 3 and higher it will launch enemies into the air.(note at level 1 it will launch but it’s low air)

Wolf Rush(AKA ZOO ANIMAL HAX LAUNCHER WTFBBQ!?!?!): summons an ice wolf to hit 3..4..5..6..7.. enemies 5 times. Launches Mid air at lvl 3 and peak launch at lvl 5

Bird Watching: Buff gives you a chicken head and adds +10..12..14..20 str and agi and +200..210..220..250 phy. attack

Hallucination: Increases casters evasion by 25%..30%..35%…45% for 15 seconds

Passive Skills

Adv. Bow Mastery: amplifies phy. attack power by 4%..8%..12%..20% while holding a bow.(Note: the 20% is based off of your bows attack not your base attack or something like that)

Disruption Web: Adds 10 DPS to Net Bind(note: i have no idea how much each lvl gives due to i never raised above lvl 1) and Cause slow status(note: once again no idea on duration or how much each lvl raises it)

Mesmerize: Upgrades Hallucination to give a 12%..14%..16%..20% chance to reflect 100%..120%..140%..160%..200% of incoming damage back at enemies.

Now for how useful each skill is portion.

0/5 or 1/5 Unabridged Violence: you fire a book the wackes enemies in the head. It’s pretty comical but not useful beyond funny times and people going WTF!?!?!

0/5 2/5 or 3/5 Acid Arrow: Depending on what you’re aiming at depends on what u want. If u don’t want to get Net Bind leave at 0, If you’re gonna pvp put at lvl 2 as the prerequisite for Net Bind, and if you’re a pve build then leave make it lvl 3 so it can hit knock downed foes.

0/5 Sharpshooting: long cast time and there’s a passive PF buff that does the same thing. no point in getting it

0/5 or 5/5 Net Capture: for PvE leave it at 0/5 or if u don’t want to use it at all. For pvp make it 5/5, but note it’s a very difficult skill to use in PvP due to memory leak , long cast time and short aoe and range.( There’s a combo with arrow shower+net capture/Freezing or Silence Trap, but that doesn’t work on THQ servers)

2/5 Arrow Shower: make it 2/5 since the dmg doesn’t increase much.

1/5 3/5 Rocket Launcher: ok this thing launch so many enemies it isn’t even funny. I mean come on 16 enemies at lvl 5!?!?! lvl 3 launchs 12 so no point to increase past that. As for PvP it’s a matter of choice 1/5 is a low air launch while 3/5 is a Mid air launch which makes it easier to AAS.( My personal opinion on this is lvl it lvl 3 then when you job change keep it at lvl 1)

5/5 Wolf Rush(AKA ZOO ANIMAL HAX LAUNCHER WTFBBQ!?!?!): everyone and everything fears this mighty beast! Nice Dmg, at lvl 3 it launches and at lvl 5 it does a peak launch and in addition to all of that it has an INSANE RANGE! it’s you’re #1 Hunter skill

5/5 Bird Watching: pretty much no reason to explain +20agi and str and +250 p. atk. yeaahhh

1/5 5/5 Hallucination: a MUST have for PvP! this is god mode. end of story, note if u go Health Agi PF 1/5 it i’ll explain why when going over mesmerize
Passive Skills

0/5 Adv. Bow Mastery:since this skill is based off of bow atk it’s bad and won’t increase your dmg much waste of points.

0/5 1/5 Disruption Web: if u got Net bind 1/5 this baby other than that it’s useless beyond 1 and a waste of skill points

0/5 5/5 Mesmerize: ok.. so this is basically Hunters version of Rev. but unless u go Health/Agi PF( which u will need full Bone Dragon to do.) it;s useless, and also it;s only active for 15 seconds aka while Hallu is up.

at lvl 40 your skill tree should look something like this.

that is an optimal PvX build for lvl 40 Hunters.


this is a buff that increase your aim by +30 at lvl 5

Falcon Frenzy: Alright this is fun skill. One of your best damage skills and will also launch up 8 standing and fallen enemies. For warning there is a pause before the skill will hit do to the animation

Blitz: This is( in my honest opinion) your second best. Good sized AoE, Massive amounts of damage, launches fallen and standing enemies. Hella fast activation to hit time. must have skill

Claymore: Lays down 1 claymore which will explode in 1 direction.

Splash trap: lays down a trap that will explode when stepped on. At lvl 3 it fill launch enemies to peak height

Bounce Trap: lays down a trap that will launch a enemy to peak height and disable their dashing and jumping

Freeze Trap: lays down a trap that has a chance to freeze up to 8 enemies with lvl 5 freeze( about 6/7 seconds)

Silence Trap: lays down a trap that has a chance to cause lvl 5 silence on up to 8 enemies(13 seconds)

Detonator: Detonates your claymore at will

Untouchable: You grow the tea kettle of death head which blows up after 10 seconds and deals “devastating” damage. After you blow up you’re left with 1hp 1mp and 200% movement speed(iirc)

Passive Skills:

Pierce: Your normal arrows will now shoot through multiple foes( in a linear direction)

Weakness Detection: Adds +15 aim and crit buff to your aiming skill

Falconry Mastery: Increase the damage of Blitz and Falcon Frenzy

Now for how helpful each skill is

1/5 Pierce: This skill isn’t to bad but it’s unneed except to reach Aiming buff

5/5 Aiming: It’s an aim buff skill what more can i say?

5/5 Weakness Detection: +15 aim and crit buff to aiming? YES PLZ

5/5 Falcon Frenzy: 3rd most powerful skill in your arsenal long range.

5/5 Blitz: this skill is your 2nd best Attack skill( 1st best if you don’t count awaken skills aka Ice Shower). Short recharge,High Dmg, and Moderate AoE

5/5 Falconry Mastery: adds damage your 2 main attack skills. sopro

1/5 Claymore: so bad. thats all.

1/1 Bounce Trap: TRAP LAUNCH LUL needed to get other traps and it’s pretty good

1/5 Splash Trap: errr it’s a trap that deals dmg and launches peak at lvl 3.

5/5 Freeze Trap: so good freeze enemies and is part of almost all the combos you’ll do

5/5 Silence Trap: shuts ppl down for 15 seconds

0/1 Detonator: Bad.

0/1 Untouchable: tea kettle for the luls

alright at lvl 60 you set up should look like this
lvl 60 PF build

alright have fun kitties i’ll do sent when i hit 70

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