Dragon Saga Savage Guide

Dragon Saga Savage Guide by Kazra

I. Class Analysis
Why should you pick Savage to PvP? You don’t. If you picked Savage to PvP, you wouldn’t be reading this guide. This guide is for you, who picked Savage to PvE, because you’re bad. I would make a pros and cons list, but the cons would just go on and on forever. So, here’s the pros list:
– Savages can get out of most locks.
– You can easily tell between a bad Savage and a good Savage.
– The Savage class tree has been nerfed over and over. You would not care anymore even if the next patch nerfs the Savage class again.

II. Skills Analysis
That is your build. Of course, if you don’t spend cash then you can drop Rocket Punch and Dexterity and allocate the points wherever you want.

Air Combo Launch

Pre-requisite for a couple skills. You will rarely use this.

Aerial Frenzy

This is a rather important skill used to end combos or support air combos. Its main purpose is to stall time so that your cooldowns can refresh.

I prefer 3 points in this skill so that it can launch rather than knockdown. Launching them allows you to predict where they will aerial recover to, rather than following their rolls. It also stalls more time and can be used to relaunch as it is your fastest relauncher (depending on positioning).

Rocket Punch
This is a very important catching and linking skill. Learn to use it as soon as possible. When used incorrectly, you are left very vulnerable and will most likely get caught. The infinite lock depends on this skill.


This increases your BASE (the stats you have without any gear on. It includes the stat points you allocate at level 60+) agility by a good percentage. It is a great skill for boosting the aim and evade of you and your teammates. The only downside is that it takes a good chunk of mana.


Generally a useless skill as many people can time the duration. However, you can use it to avoid any damage if say you’ve been logged or stumbled and cannot hit anyone. Do note that during the cast animation you are vulnerable. Try to end the skill while in the air or away from people.

Burrow now has a duration limit so that the retards can’t hide in burrow for the whole duration of the game. Burrow is very nice to dodge projectiles with, but be warned that the cooldown is rather long and do not stay in burrow for too long. Your burrow hole will get trapped and you will pop out eating a freeze and a silence and movement impairing debuffs.

Rolling Stinger

This used to be used in the infinite lock without the use of Rocket Punch, but after the patch and the server transfer, I find that PvP is much laggier. Therefore, this skill is generally avoided in PvP. It leaves you very vulnerable and there are much better support and locking skills.

Final Decision

Savage PvP revolves around this skill. It does a good chunk of damage and is a great linking skill. It can also be used to catch aerial recovers and bad positioning. It does NOT hit fallen anymore. However, it leaves you rather vulnerable if you miss.

Upper Screwdriver

This is often used to support air combos or used in a typical 1 v 1 combo. It follows up after Final Decision and Aerial Frenzy or Aerial Kick chains after this skill.

Mind Reading

Evade buff, what else? Try not to use this in a 1 v 1 if the opponent goes from 100% hit chance to 30% hit chance. Feel free to use it if they can hit you 75% or higher.

Motion Capture

This passive boosts Mind Reading by giving it damage reduction and more evade.


Passive that increases base ATK and DEF. Self explanatory.


This is probably the best skill in the 3rd job skill tree. Any pause in a lock will allow you to use this skill and get away. Even if it is canceled, you gain invulnerability status. It can be used to dodge launches (you’ll still be launched, but not on their screen), get out of a myrmidon’s ground combo with wrestler, and also take less hits from log, etc. Do note that you gain around a second of invulnerability status even AFTER the moonwalk is over. In this period of time, attacks will go through you and if you attack anyone, it will not take effect even though it shows that it has. Best use of this 1 second is to position yourself.

Support DPS in a lock. It’s not reliable enough to use as a support lock or standalone skill. It can also be used to chain a Seven. Movespeed affects your movement speed on windmill. A recent patch allowed opponents to see where you move during windmill.


Seven is only usable during Windmill, and not during the last hit. It hits mid air targets so you can use it to relaunch if Upper Screwdriver and Aerial Kick are on cooldown for some reason. You can use it to support an air lock if the opponent glitched on your screen and you are unable to Aerial Frenzy because he is too low.

Aerial Kick

Main usage of this skill is to support air locks. It can be used to disrupt and also stall time for cooldowns. It is not instant, so be aware when you use it.

Sonic Boom
Useless. You cannot chain anything after it, and you have better long range disruption skills.

Judge Dread

Some people like to use it after Aerial Frenzy, but I feel that it places you in a worse position. I would not use it very much. It is TOO situational and may require good communication with a teammate for good usage.

Cossack Dance

Good long range poke in 1 v 1 fights. Very nice support DPS. It flinches the target so if it connects in a 1 v 1 fight, you can dash in for a Final Decision.


The description of the skill sounds nice, but its success chance is VERY low. Do not rely on it for a stun. Low success rate combo linker and catcher.

Claw Fishing
It pulls enemies towards you, but it does not stun 100% of the time. This is nice to reposition people (such as pulling people together to lock both) and a decent saving skill. The stun, if procs, is delayed.

Crazy Soul

Gives you impervious status at a chance. Cannot escape Paladin locks. Ignore the existence of this skill if you want to improve in PvP.

III. Equipment
Instead of making another section for stat distribution, I will just cover it here. ALWAYS add AGI even if you are not stacking evade. I will only cover the main equipment builds. If you want a hybrid of some sort, I’m pretty sure you would not need a guide anyways.
When deciding equipment, first thing to do is decide: Evade or no Evade?
If you chose evade, I hope you buy cash. You will probably want level 10 Dexterity. There is only one true build for evade:

Head: Glorious Turancra (Not Released Yet) – Glorious Shine Fever – Chaotic Turancra
Top: Glorious Turancra (Not Released Yet) – Glorious Shine Fever – Chaotic Turancra
Bottom: Glorious Turancra (Not Released Yet) – Glorious Shine Fever – Chaotic Turancra
Gloves: Premium Glove of Alexandre
Shoes: Premium Fur Shoes of Kryos
Pads: Heirloom Bubobubo’s Fancy Shoulderguards
Backpack: Kimarts or Premium Blizzard Muffler

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