Dragon Saga Legend of Combo Guide

Dragon Saga Legend of Combo Guide by CHiSEEN

I’ve seen a lot of people asking about Legend of Combo both in the forums and in game so I decided to post the methods I use to get this title for my characters. Legend of Combo is most easily attainable after Lv 20-30 depending on your class. Classes with spammable AoE skills will have an even easier time getting Legend of Combo. There are two methods of getting Legend of Combo.

Before we get started:

  • Make sure to turn off Gateway. Tab out of Dragon Saga, find the Gateway icon in your task bar, and kill it. We don’t want that nag screen popping up during your combo. (It’s messed me up at 9800 combo before… LOL)
  • Check your connection to the game. If you or the server is lagging, now might not be the best time to attempt this. Wait until you have a stable connection.
Method 1: Chaos Windia Plains


  • Spammable AoE skills
  • HP & MP potions
  • 3 DSS for a chaos windia plains scroll
  • Any Lv 1H sword – Gladiators / Myrmidons / Overlords only
Class & Skills:

  • Gladiator – Incoming Bear, I’m Gone Bear, and X attack
  • Knight – Broom Jab, Spin It Bear, X attack
  • Infiltrator – Violent Blow, Dagger Throw, X Attack
  • Bandit – Final Decision, Upper Screwdriver, X attack, Windmill(Rouge skill)

How to:
This is the easiest way to get Legend of Combo. I reccomend taking at least 200 of each HP and MP pot with me just to be sure you wont run out halfway though. You will also need to get a chaos Windia Plains Scroll. You can either buy it from the market for ~5g or farm 3 Dark Soul Stones from hidden maps. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY A SHIELD OF TIME SPACE. You can use any weapon you want for this, it does not have to be a lv 1 weapon. The only exception to this are Gladiators, who will need to have a 1H sword equipped in order to spam X attack fast enough.

Now that you have everything ready, pop your scroll to Chaos Windia Plains. Once there you should walk right until you reach the mission map entrance and continue to the wide opening just to the right of this area. You want to aggro at least 3-5 monsters and pull them over to the lower left wall. Once you lure the mob close enough to the wall, spam X attack until they are knocked back into the wall as seen in the picture above.

***You will miss ALOT, however with a group of at least 3 monsters this will not be a problem.

Once the mob is in place, your all set to go. Start spamming your AoE skills along with normal X attack in between cooldowns. X attack helps contain the mob in the corner while your AoE skills rack up combos. If one or two monsters pop out of the corner, dont worry about it, just continue spamming skills. You should only be worrying if there are less than 3 monsters in the corner. At this point it should just be mindless mashing of buttons. Theres no need to ever move from that one spot. Anyway, after 20-30 minutes of skill spamming you should have your Legend of Combo medal.

Method 2: High Spawn Location


  • HP & MP potions
  • Lv.1 or Non-Enchanted Broken Weapon
Class & Skills:

  • Mage – Diffusion Cannon, X attack
  • Hunter – Arrow Rain

How to:
This way can be a bit tedious, but is still a viable way to achive Legend of Combo. It also requires more focus and timing to keep yourself from losing the combo. Depending on your current level, you will want to find a map with: (1) monsters that you would normally hunt at your level and (2) a linear space with lots of spawn. A perfect example of this would be the area in Jigsaw Pincer’s Coast just right of the portal where the Razor crabs spawn. Now you want to bring along a Lv 1 weapon or a weapon that is not enchanted (Reason being enchantments still add atk even when the weapon is broken).

Start by running around the area killing monsters normally to get a feel for the locations of the mobs and where they spawn. Once you feel comfortable, equip your broken weapon and begin comboing. When attacking, watch the mobs HP. You should attack the mobs down to about 3/4 of thier life and then slowly start to lure them towards the next set of mobs, finish them off, and then start on the next set of mobs. Also, it helps to save a skill with some range such as a mage’s Rain of Fire in case you lose focus and need a “Panic button” to hit in order to maintain your combo.

Well, thats it, good luck comboing. If you have any screenshots of you getting Legend of Combo, feel free to post them up here. Also, if your class isn’t listed under the “Class & Skills” section, please post what class you are and what skills you used.

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