Dragon Saga Fishing Guide

Dragon Saga Fishing Guide by Glovez

Nooby Guide for Fishing on Dragon Saga!
Hi fellow dragonkin!
It’s me AiTenshi current level 27 (yea I know right?)
Profession Skill Level: (150)
I just started so this is my Main.
Ok now on to fishing.
You can start off by doing the ‘Profession Quest’ by looking at the bill board on Port of Winds.
You can just buy a rod and learn the skill from Master Producer ‘Midas’ in Port of Winds North east side.

Next to the Magician class master.
Now you have your rod and you’ve learned the skill.
Press ‘H’ to open up the Professions skill window.
Drag the icon to a preferred short cut.
As you can see I put it in my short cut ‘5’

Now equip your rod.

Head over to the portal left side right next to ‘Midas’.

Now run walk whatever to the port and fish at the pier.
Since you are just starting out, The number signs indicate the levels of where you can fish.
We all start at level 100.

Walk around near the glow thingy around the 100 sign.
If you look, my feet color is now red?? then?

Its now BLUE
Look at your feet to see the hook icon turn blue.
That means you can now press the fishing icon and fish!
This is a good afk for resting from a good grinding day.
You will need to buy more rods when you run out.

You can see the 150 is the level. And the orange color is the fatigue. When it gets full I cant fish till it gets renewed.
As for fatigue, Press ‘H’ and you can see how much more fishing energy you have left.
(kinda like harvest moon! [love that game!])
Some times you fail and some times you get a fish!

Good luck all! More to come next time I learn more lol! Add on if you want.

Yay! I got something AND got a level up!

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