Dragon Nest Guardian PvP Builds Guide

Dragon Nest Guardian PvP Builds Guide by Supamoe

Here I’m going to post some of my straight PvP builds , they are consistent of 90% PvP – 10% PvE per say because its inevitable to not have anything that could coordinate for PvE. Again this is PvP builds because as far as I’ve seen most of the Guardian posts are PvE builds. Im doing the builds in increments of how the Korean Cap was increased , hopefully the NA version follows this trend.

Level 32 – http://dnarmory.com/skill-calc?c=4≻=20&tc;=41≪=32#jPoDEG7SGlW4_lMoG

This was the hard part because this is when the fun Nest comes in , Cerberus , Your going to need Elemental Aura and you can only get it at level 1 anyway. Auto block doesn’t need to be leveled up really until you actually turn into Guardian (LvL 45) because the probability chance is not something huge at all , again its chance base and 3% isn’t something to go wasting precious SP on.

Level 40 – http://dnarmory.com/skill-calc?c=4≻=20&tc;=41≪=40#-PrSkxS8BQMPa61nKa

Here im still going to test if the 2 points into Smite will seem more worth it than 2 more into Elemental , but i doubt that since this is the draw where Sea Dragon is available and that’s the hardest content offered in the game until we hit level 50 and it’ll be much easier.

Level 50 – http://dnarmory.com/skill-calc?c=4≻=20&tc;=41≪=50#vsDFoXSHFLsiWRqpuyq

This is where i want Smite to do the insane damage that it does and i have tested it with Conviction aura at level 1 and there wasn’t really a great increase in damage , just about 350-500 damage but ive never geared my toon with Light Atk. I put in the heal because 8% is a lot and at that level we should be packing 45-55k HP , 8% of that could heal us 5k+.

The Skill crests i will be following are these.

Level 32 : Roundhouse Kick 50% , Holy Kick 50% , Provoke 50% Buff Duration (For Cerberus , Itll be easy mode once you can easily beat him so its optional to replace it with Electric Smite if you want to PvP more at that time)

Level 40 : Roundhouse Kick 50% , Holy Kick 50% , Provoke 50% Buff Duration (Definitely need provoke at this stage because Sea Dragon / Apocalypse) and the last slot Electric Smite 20%.

Level 50 :
Roundhouse Kick 50% , Holy Kick 50% , You wont really need provoke since your 50 and the hardest dungeon is Sea dragon and you should get the hang of it by that time with other good CC classes (Mystic , Elementalist) , Other 2 you should put id recommend is Electric Smite 20% and then theres The God Within 20% increase buff , The PvE version will increase the buff for 4 seconds while the PvP will increase by 3 seconds.

Im aiming to be a more damage based Paladin so i will be getting 3 pieces with the Brutal option because the STR and we all know STR offers paralyze and paralyze resist which often happens in PvP. The other pieces i will add Sturdy for defense and HP/MP increase that they give. Weapon and Shield will have Brutal because they will give a huge amount of STR later on.


Rings: Aiming for Phys Dmg ##-## / Str / Agi and Hidden potentials must be 5.8% Phys Dmg / Str / Crit.

Necklace/Earring: Aiming for STR/AGI based ones because AGI stacked with our super quick kicks is pretty OP and the crits on kicks are insane – Hidden potentials STR / VIT / HP 6.50% and maybe some Resists.

Weapon/Shield: Pretty basic , Phys. Dmg/Str /Mp Recov/critical or Phys. Dmg/M. atk /Str/Critical.

Tanking in this game isnt really hard , Your going to rely more on how the game mechanics play and alot of boss skills are dodge able by doing your Side Step timed right. Definitely that 50% buff duration on provoke is needed to.

Tips when PvPing :

1. Your approach move should be shin breaker after side step , If you are up against melee classes such as mercenary, swordsman, acrobat or paladin , You wait for them to make the offensive move and slide to dodge and shin breaker to trigger them into the air and start your combo.

2. Acrobats mostly wont be a problem, but long range classes like Sharp shooters or Mystics wont allow you to get close to them , shield charge would be our solution. When you use shield charge Sharp shooter or Sorcs would use blink or roll or whatever dodge skill they have, that skill will be on a cool down but its enough to let you use shin breaker.
Acrobats are close range melee class with few range skills, sooner or later they will approach you at close range combat, its important to use charitable Zap in combat vs acrobat and alot of other classes because the after effect of the electric surge slows them down and is kind of like a stun , most of their skill are performed in the air and char. Zap will bring them down instantly.

3.Sliding knee is for repositioning during combo, sometimes you cant keep the combos up because your in a wrong position such as getting to close to a wall, using that skill makes the enemy bounce higher on the air and gives you a good second to re balance your self and gain up your combo , its very useful.

Of course everyone is open to give suggestions and definitely ask any questions about Guardians in any PvP or PvE aspect.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Black i wonder why u didn't lvled up the heal?

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey guyz it depends on your strategy every char has its own weakness….if u r pro ill use flail bec. i know in pvp every pally that use flail always make them shield than u use mace. so right now i use flail.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Which weapon would you prefer for a semi-PVP Guardian who is able to go for nest runs?
    Flail or Mace?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey blackrabbit2999 I have a question about elemental aura and what it does. Does it increase your damage at all or is it just for defensive/supportive purposes? Also, could it be replaced with conviction aura? This is at a level 40 cap.

  5. dnarmory is down right now, please try again later

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    hello2x im in sea server holywood what is good for gaurdians flail or mace?? thx

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is the best build than the korean version build.. :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    thank you very much im looking forward to beating my friends haha

  10. Anonymous says:

    whats the best 3rd job advancement for a paladin that is an infinite combo build??

    what job is stronger in 1v1 PVP??
    crusader or guardian??

  11. DC.One says:

    Hey do you play DN NA alot? I was wondering what's your IGN and if you wanted to do some practice rounds? And talk in-game about my gear and such. I'm also a pally going guardian and doing pvp. Would be great to hear from you. I'm on Velskud server so if you're on a different server then just AIM me please? Thanks!

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