DDTank Marriage Guide

DDTank Marriage Guide

Marriage Proposals

After purchasing an engagement ring with 999 coins, a player can propose to a player of the opposite sex who isn’t married. If the other player accepts the proposal, the two players can then get married, and gain group fighting EXP; if the proposal is denied, the player will get a Nobility Certificate, which can be exchanged for reward in the quest “Nobility Certificate”.

Click the “proposal” button to propose.
Enter the words you want to express, click “OK” to send proposal message.

Hold a Wedding

Players who are married can hold a wedding outside the wedding chapel at the expense of 2000 coins (2 hours), 2700 coins (3 hours), or 3400 coins (4 hours). The couple should stay in the chapel while the wedding is being held. After the wedding, they will get wedding rings through mail. Each will get a wedding ring, and no one can wear more than 2 rings.

Wedding chapel, where weddings are held.

Beautiful hearts

The Wedding Ring with incredible attributes.


One member of a married couple can divorce the other through the divorce function in the Marriage Chapel. The one who petitions for the divorce should pay 5214 coins. After the divorce, the two sides will no longer have a marriage relationship, and can propose marriage to other players. But the wedding ring will remain as a reminder of their past vows.

If players divorce before the created marriage room expires, they will be asked to leave and go back to the main interface of the game. Don’t divorce before thorough consideration.

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