DDTank Basic Guide

DDTank Basic Guide by Lust

Guide Contents

1. Interface Basics
2. Combat Basics
3. Stats and Gear
4. Armory and Fortification Basics
5. Marriage

I. Interface Basics

DDT World

Lots of cool stuff is available to you on the world menu. At first, you’ll mostly want to concern yourself with the following:

• Game House – This is where you’ll line up to battle other players!
• Shop – Here you can customize and upgrade your character with vouchers and coins!
• League – Here you can start or apply for a league! Join up for awesome benefits!
• Wedding Chapel – Get married here!

If you hover your mouse over any of those titles, or any of the other titles available to you, you’ll get a more in-depth description of each area of the world.

Chat Box

As you may have assumed, this is for chatting!
Our chat is strictly PG-13.

To open up the chat in Battle, press ENTER while playing!

Chat Features:

Available Chats:

• Current – Sends to everyone else in the World Chat screen, or if you’re in battle, to everyone you’re battling!
• League – Sends the message to everyone in your League!
• Private – Where your messages go when speaking to someone in PMs!

Left-Side Chat Menu options

• Lock – Locks your chat to the current channel you have selected and makes the chat window backing disappear.
• Clear Screen (C) – Removes all chat from your window
• Scroll Up/Down – Moves your chat up and down so you can see past messages
• Bottom – Moves your screen to the most recent message

Bottom Chat Window Options

• Button left of chat – Displays current chat (also lets you select another chat) and chat type shortcuts
• Buddy List – Displays buddies and league mates online/offline.
• Short Reply – Short auto-replies with pre-made lines.
• Emoticons – Only available in battle. Shows fun little animations!


This is your menu! It’s generally found in various options across all screens, even in battle.
Here’s the basics:

Menu Options

• Recharge Account – Click this to purchase coins!
• Shop – Takes you to the shop to customize and upgrade your character!
• Backpack – Leads you to the stats menu and your inventory
• Mailbox – Receive messages from your friends and special gifts here!
• Tasks – Do all tasks and quests, as well as receive rewards, through this menu!
• Buddy List – See your buddy, league and black lists!
• Settings – Adjust music, sound effects, video and function settings!
• Jump To – Lets you quick select locations in the world!
• Return – Sends you to the previous screen (from the World screen it will send you to the Channel List)

II. Combat Basics

A. Entering Combat

Chamber List

At the world menu, enter into the Game House. Here, you’ll see the chamber list.

Chamber List Menu – Displays all active chamber rooms! Clicking any of the buttons at the top will change how your list is organized.
Chamber List Page – There are often many chambers available – you can browse through all the pages to find one that you think suits you best!
Room Options – Here you can join various chambers by type, search for a specific chamber or chamber type, create wait options, or make your own chamber!
Users – Displays the currently active users in the Game House! You can click on a user and even end them a direct challenge–or better yet, propose!

Inside the Chamber Room!

There are multiple types of chamber rooms, but the most common are 2 v 2 and 4 v 4. In your room, you’ll be able to hang out with your team mates, discuss battle strategy and power ups, and more! And yes – you can password protect your chamber!

Teammates – Your battle Allies! An X will appear in a slot if the position is not available for others to join.
Fight Type – Free Fight means anyone can play or join to fight each other. League Fights are fights between leagues (and also how you gain glory!)
Power Ups – Provided you have the gold, you can purchase some special power ups to use in combat, including a heal and an ice cube to freeze your opponent for a certain number of turns!
Battle Info – Displays the turn duration and what area you’ll be fighting in
Team Options – Used to invite friends or to switch to another available team!
Start – Click this kewl looking button to ready up for battle! Your teammates should click the button that says “Ready” before you can press Start.

B. Fight Basics

Combat in DDTank is pretty straight forward: you either need to kill or knock your enemies off the map. Pretty easy – it just takes some time to learn how to practice aiming!

Make sure to check out POWER-UPS as they’re cool, nifty things that will really make a difference in your attacks! Special power-ups are available in the chamber room before you enter combat to purchase with your gold. Those will be displayed on the BOTTOM three power ups on the fight screen. Additional power ups for purchase in the fight can be found on the RIGHT of the screen.

Power Ups: Can do tons of stuff, ranging from increasing your POW meter, giving you back HP, making you invisible, and increasing the number, amount, and power of your attacks, and more!

Battle Screen Breakdown

Current Turn – Displays whose turn it is, and how long left you have in the turn timer.
Chat – Chat screen is here! You can trash talk to your enemies (in a pg-13 manner). Very Happy Just press enter to open up the chat bar.
Firing Info – Displays the angle of your attack, the teleport button, the strength of your attack, and which power ups you have activated for this turn
Wind – The current direction and amount of wind resistance. This DOES affect your firing, so be sure to keep an eye on it!
Mini-Map – Displays the pitfalls, and locations of allies and enemies in a compact view.
Available Power Ups (Right) – Displays the current power ups available for you to buy in combat to obliterate your enemies!
Available Power Ups (Bottom) – Displays the power ups you selected before entering the match.
Health, Energy (Physical), and Pow Meter – The red block displays your current HP, the Energy bar is your available physical (for use of movement and power ups), and your Pow meter shows how far you are from unleashing your ultimate attack!

III. Stats and Gear

Clicking on the Backpack Icon from the menu at the World Screen opens up your stats and inventory.

DDTank offers a stunning array of gear and equipment, arranging from startling, to sexy, to hilarious, to down right insane! The customization possibilities are endless – and you can even customize the colors of some of your gear with a special item.

On the left hand side of the screen is your status menu.

Gear – This is where your equipment, weapons and accessories are displayed. You can even toggle your classes, suit and hat on or off. Above your avatar is a display of your level, league, glory amount, name, rank and what buffs your avatar has (like 2x EXP)
Stats – Displays your stats. Each has different properties:

  • Attack: Adds to the attack power of your weapon
  • Defense: Reduces damage received from opponents
  • Agility: Reduces the delay value (a hidden value that affects attack order in battle) and increases the amount of physical
  • Luck: Affects critical hits and has a chance to negate your enemy’s defense rating

Level – Displays current level and percentage of XP gained towards your next level
Inventory – Gadgets – Displays all equipable gear, like weapons, armor, hats, rings, accessories and more.
Inventory – Tools – Displays all other items, such as fortification amulets, energy stones, pearls, exp cards, and more.
Inventory – Extras:

  • Organize Backpack: Arranges your backpack all nice and neat
  • Advanced Password: Adds additional password protection to your inventory
  • Item Count: Displays how many items slots in your inventory are occupied
  • Coins, Vouchers, and Gold: Displays how much you have of each of these
  • Delete item: Delete an unwanted item
  • Shortcuts: Change your power up hotkeys for battle
  • Split Items: If you have a stack of items (in Tools) use this to divide the stack

IV. Armory and Fortification Basis

The armory has many different areas to help you improve your gear so you can kick some serious DDTank butt!


• Fortify – Strengthen your gear
• Decorate – Add attribute pearls for extra stats, special skills, and cool special effects
• Synthesize – Add synthesized stones to your gear to boost their natural attributes!
• Convert – Only for Coin gear. Combine gear for the look of one with the attributes of another.
• Metallurgy – Combine lower level items into higher quality items for longer durations, better bonuses, and sweet gear!

Fortification FAQ

The concepts of upgrading and improving your gear are very detailed and specific for each area of the Armory. It’s a little too in-depth to cover in our basics guide, so we’re going to let you in on some FAQ to help you get started. Each area has an explanation and information available to you via the “TIPS” button.

Fortification Basics

• Fortifying your items leads to improvement of Attack, Defense, Agility and Luck.
• There are multiple levels of fortification, each with a subsequently lower chance of success as you progress.
• At certain success intervals in your fortification, slots for PEARLS (Decorate tab) become available.
• After fortification, weapons receive a 10% offense increase, outfits and hats receive a 10% defense increase.
• Only hats, outfits, and weapons may be fortified.
• The success rate varies based on the use of an Advanced Energy Stone, a Lucky Charm, League Armory and Character level.
• If not using a Divine Amulet, a failed fortification will result in the item’s level dropping by one.

V. Marriage

DDTank offers a unique and wonderful social experience. In addition to some of the cooler endgame features, right from the start you can marry another user!

Marriage FAQ

Please note that much of the marriage process does involve Coins. However, you can be proposed to and have another person completely provide all the coins needed for the marriage rings, ceremony, and hall.

Please note that much of the marriage process does involve Coins. However, you can be proposed to and have another person completely provide all the coins needed for the marriage rings, ceremony, and hall.

Wedding Ring – First, you must have a Wedding Ring.
Propose – Next, you must propose!

Rent a Hall – Once your beau has agreed, you must rent a hall from the Wedding Chapel in order to have your ceremony. You can invite guests from your league and buddy lists!
Hold the Ceremony – After all your guests are in attendance (or you could elope, if you wanted to!) hold your ceremony!
Bask in Marital Bliss Smile – Enjoy the unique benefits of being married! All kinds of special things are available only to married couples – so get in game, get married, and check them out!

Divorce: We recommend you choose your wedding partners with care, as to divorce costs a nominal fee of Coins, and while relatively cheap in comparison to the real life expense of divorce, is not something to be taken lightly in game. You may divorce a partner in the Wedding Hall.

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