Battle Dawn Galaxies XP System Guide

Battle Dawn Galaxies XP System Guide by Kolopaper

Ok, we have finaly recived the info about how XP work! :)

XP gain per unit in battle = round*(numOfKilledEnemySoliders / numSurvivingWinningSoldiers) (rounded upwards)

If you win a battle lasting 1 round where you have 10 soldiers and he have 10 soldiers, and he kills 5 of your solders yor units will end up with 10 XP, devided on how many units you got left. Which in this case is 5, which give each of your units 2 XP :)

When a unit hit XP level 3,6,9 and so on you get +1 hp OR +1 damage

So thats it, the great mystery have been solved!

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