Battle Dawn Galaxies Structures Guide

Battle Dawn Galaxies Structures Guide by Steven

In Battle Dawn the most essential part of the game is structures. Structures are buildings you upgrade in order to get better equipment of more resources. When first registering and joining Battle Dawn you will receive a small tutorial that gives you a brief description of structures and how to build them, in this article it will explain an in depth analysis of structures and how to use them while being new to the game.

You can make your way to the structures index by clicking on the colony button on the upper left hand part of the screen. Click on it.


After clicking on the Colony button a small screen will be displayed. On the left side there will be a structures button. Click on it.


Now that you clicked on the structures button, the structures index will finally appear. It will show you what structures you have built and what structures you haven’t built. The ones you have built will have a green check mark. The ones you haven’t built will either have a red X or will just be a picture of the building. The Red X signifies that you do not have the resources to build the building.


On the bottom right corner it will display the resources needed to build the structure, the time it will take, and the build button.

*note* once you click build you cannot undo the building process so make sure it is the building you want it to be.

Structure Cost Details:



Energy Reactors:






Tips for Newbs:

When you first build your colony you will be given a choice to take a tutorial. If you are new to the game it would be wise to take this tutorial to give you a hands on look at the game. However, you can skip the tutorial and get the bonus resources you get from it anyway.

The first structures you should focus on is Farms and Metal Mines. You should get them to level 3 as soon as possible. After getting those to level three you can choose 1 of 2 choices. You can either build workshops so that you get damage weapons and then work on building a light vehicle factory, or if you want power to start with then you should go for the heavy vehicle factory.

Building a heavy vehicle factory will take you out of newbie protection.

The chances are, that you will get conquered upon exiting newbie protection, so use the time conquered to get all of your structures leveled up.

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