Battle Dawn Galaxies Lazy Player’s Guide

Battle Dawn Galaxies Lazy Player’s Guide by Nokando

Here’s an alternative strategy for a good start for newbs or players kicking back for a round. It’s a long term strategy.

Make sure you start on the earliest tick possible. If you ask on the forums, it may be possible for you to join a world just before a boost, which is very handy…

Look around the map for one of the top alliances… maybe ask on the forums first who they might be. Plant your colony nearby (not in the midle of them).
DON’T trade any protection.

Build your Food research then metal research, alternating between the two, until you reach level 3 in both. Then add oil, so to illustrate:
Food, Metal, food, metal, oil, food, metal, oil, food, metal, oil.
Get your food & metal to level 5, oil to 3. This will take a while, but staying in protection means you get the time to do it.

In the meantime, establish a good relationship with one of the best players you can find nearby. Explain to them that you want to be conquered so you can build up slowly, and could you arrange for them to do it as soon as you come out of protection. This offer is unlikely to be turned down!
When you are nearing the end of protection, arrange a tick with your friend for them to conquer you, and trade in your last few ticks of protection to time it right.

You get conquered! Time to continue to relax…

Okay, options time. Your pop will be getting near 500 – you will need a settlement. You want to avoid training troops – ask your conquerer or their alliance leader if you can build a settlement near your colony so that you can grow, and for them to leave it in peace. Or if it’s early enough you might be able to find a remote island to build a settlement on away from danger. You will need another settlement before your pop gets to 700.

You need to work on the other researches, spreading your research across the board. Energy is a low priority. Comms & spy is a high priority. Range units are also a priority.

Over time the odd boost or admin bonus will kick in. Use it to research. You will notice that you are ranked in the top 1000…
When you have L5 Resource structures & around L4 everything else, build an Ion Cannon. Then start saving…

Now you can build some troops. There is lots of opinion about this, but for your protection & as a start, go for 3 squads of armour/damage/range vehicles, 1 each of conc/beam/missile. They don’t have to be full squads immediately. Go for 5, then 10, then 15 later.

As you are building your squads, you will be close to 20 power. Let your conquerer know you will be getting a crystal & arrange for him to take it if possible. You don’t want it – it will just cause grief. You can always get some later… Park your squads on your nearby settlement. This will make your conquerer very happy & helpful I’m sure.

You will notice you are ranked around the top 500. What? But I haven’t done anything! No, but you haven’t wasted any resources on squads you don’t need or defending.

Now go back to being lazy, and slowly complete your researches. As your pop is high, you will be earning decent resources, and the odd boost will kick in. Finish all your structures to level 5. Congrats!

Options time. You can build up your army now, make some infantry killing tanks, some vehicle killing infantry, and some tank killing vehicles – or look on the forum for other peoples ideas on army mixes. You can join a decent alliance, or wait and join a better one. You will have a good picture of who is good, and your conquerer can help advise now. Hopefully they will be top 20 & you should listen to their advice on who to join.

Beware, because joining an alliance will deplete your resources & squads, but if you can’t wait for action go down that route.

The disciplined lazy player will wait another 1000 ticks building up their army…. biding their time…

You conquerer will most likely help plan your liberation time. Now it’s down to you, released into the world in the top 250 without lifting a finger… good luck.


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