Battle Dawn Galaxies Dictionary

Battle Dawn Galaxies Dictionary by Steven

A list of essential/common words used in the Battle Dawn Community

Admin/Administrator:1. The manager of the world, who takes care of it, found in various locations of the server. Hit “A’ underneath broadcast to find them.

Alliance: A group of players. (Limit 24)

Ally/Allied:1.Someone or something that in the same alliance as you.
2. Sometimes also refers to a *NAP between two alliances
*See NAP
Betray: The attack of an *allied player or *friendly player.
*See Allied & Friendly

Coalition: A group of *alliances.
*See Alliance

Colony: The center/HQ of a player.

Crystal: A valuable stone that is often sought after due to it’s enhancing abilities. Provides increased resources and score

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA): The number of *ticks for a squads or nukes to get to a location.
*See Ticks

Friendly: Someone or an alliance that is marked as a friend of your alliance.

Havoc: The world is about to end and be reborn. Usually signified by the admin handing out lots of resources and population, and people going crazy.

Hive: A group of colonies belonging to a single alliance all within a very short distance of each other.

Killed in Action (KIA): A unit that has died in battle.

MAP: Mutual Aggression Pact, pact between alliance that agree to participate war together. This doesn’t override other pacts and is rarely actually signed as the main pact. Basically, if two alliances with a *NAP want to attack someone, they make a MAP.
*See NAP

MDAP: Mutual Defensive and Aggression Pact, pact between alliance that agree to defend each other from agression, and may be called in to assist in attacking a third (or more) alliance

Neutral: Player/Alliance that is neither *allied, *friendly or *hostile.

NAP: Non-Aggression pact, pact between alliance that agree not to attack each other.

Newb: A polite way to call a new player.

Noob/n00b: An impolite, often insulting, way to call a new player.

Newspapers: Players of battledawn create reports relating to battledawn and submit them on the forums.

Outpost (OP): Small bases that can be upgraded to fulfill a number of roles. Can be captured by other players.

Squad: A squad can have up to 30 infantry, 15 vehicles, or 10 tanks. (Or 30 soldiers total)

Tick: One tick = 1 hour (On Normal Servers)
One Tick = 1/2 hour (On Fast Servers)

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