Alganon Starting Off Right Guide

Alganon Starting Off Right Guide by c1oudrs


Its taken me a couple of days to figure out how badly I started out.

STUDIES–My first major mistake was not realizing how the studies worked. Since the first day the studies opened up more studies, I assumed (wrongly) that this was how the studies worked in general. I was in error. A few studies work this way, most do not. MOST studies need to be purchased from study vendors.

CRAFTING–My second major mistake was not realizing how important crafting is to the game. I’ve never liked to craft and the literature said that Alganon was designed to be a game where you did what you liked to do, which sounded good to me. So I got gathering skills but no crafting skills. Consequently, I didn’t make any money, which I later found out was needed to purchase studies that I hadn’t realized that I needed to purchase . . .

I made other smaller errors as well. And I’m sure there’s more that I haven’t figured out yet.

So now my third day into the game I feel bad, like I’d lost before I’ve even begun as crafting and studies are an integral part of the game. I can go back and change things, but its much more fun to get your character off to a good start, so I thought I’d begin a thread to that affect, so that other people wouldn’t make the same mistakes that I made. No guarantees, but from time to time I hope to go back and edit my input to this thread.

Obviously I’m not a power leveler so anyone with ideas please chime in.



1. QUEUE UP YOUR STUDIES RIGHT AWAY. Before doing any quests or anything else, you’ll want to queue up your studies. General Studies, Combat Basics, Magic & the Elements, Society & Culture. These all take 10 minutes to run and will open up your initial selection of studies.


1. BE DETERMINED TO MAKE GOLDS. Some studies will be opened up by learning studies, [*****other studies must be purchased*****]. Still other studies are a combination of the two. Most of the study vendors will charge you one gold to open up a study.

2. DO THE PORTAL QUESTS EARLY ON. The town you start out near is the sticks. It isn’t the right town for finding most of the training vendors. Nor will the second town be a very good town for finding vendors.

3. FIND ASIF SHEPHERD & HIS LIBRARY COHORTS (in Asheran I think). Remember, you’ll need to bring gold.

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