Alganon Healer Abilities Guide

Alganon Healer Abilities Guide by Dror

A quick disclaimer: I did the majority of my leveling with points in the Divination Tree as to reduce the downtime between kills at the cost of some DPS. The following will just be my own thoughts on the various Divination Tree abilites and how they do solo, and how I hope they do when I have to start main healing full groups.

Tier 1:

Healer’s Soul: Increases your spellpower by 1% of your soul per point. 5% Max
This was my first 5 ability points. Doesn’t make a overly noticeable difference now, especially considering the Dawning Armor is very light on soul, it is nice to have that little extra. When soul becomes more prevalent on high end gear, this could be a nice boon.

Prayer of War: Each point of divine favor you hold increases your physical resistance by 1%. 5% Max. From a divination perspective, in which we want to hold divine favor, we can assume that this will be a 25% increase in physical resistance. Due to our low resistance in the first place, (I have 11) this isn’t overly useful.

Improved Favor: Spells that consume divine favor are improved by 1%. Max 2%.
From a divination perspective again, not wanting to consume divine favor, this isn’t that useful, especially considering it only gives us 2 points in Tier 1. The one spell for divination that consumes DF is Touch of Life, which if it heals for its max value, Improved Favor will only add 19 points of healing. Not worth it IMO.

Improved Resurrection: Increases the life and focus restored to players you Resurrect of Rebirth by 5%. 15% Max. I can’t really imagine a situation in which you are using Resurrect in which this would matter, but maybe the odd time it could be useful on a Rebirth. I would rather just put the 3 points elsewhere and throw Word of Healing or Shield of Faith on them as soon as they are rezzed.

Tier 2:

Quickening: Reduces the casting time of Touch of Life by .1 seconds. Max .5. Maxed out, it reduces the casting time of ToL to 2.5s, which in the heat of battle is nice. This could be useful when we need that big heal, but to be fair, I have very rarely cast ToL because I like to hold my DF.

Favor of Death: Deathwalk now grants you 1 DF at the end of its duration. Max 5. I do not use this simply because I don’t use deathwalk that much due to my focus regen being high as it is, but at Max, it does give 5 DF which is always welcome, especially in a situation where alot of DF is being consumed.

Favor of Life: Touch of Healing gains a 20% chance to grant DF when cast. Max 100%. Probably the best Tier 2 ability. ToH will be our go to heal in alot of cases, and when paired with WoH, DF should be regenerating quite quickly when used. While leveling up, I did not have points in this, and WoH could usually keep me alive on its own, but when healing for groups, this will be quite valuable I think.

Tier 3:

Mothering: Blessed Embrace grants an additional 2% healing. Max 10%. This increased the healing boon from Blessed Embrace to 20%. When in a defensive battle, this is the embrace that I use, and the extra 10% does add up with WoH and ToH. Not overly effective for solo play but will be crucial for group play.

Free and Clear: Every point of DF you carry gives Neutralize a 5% chance to refund its cost when cast. Max 15%. Useless right now as there are only a handful of abilities that can be removed, and none of them even pose a threat. We will see what happens, but the 15% still isn’t much.

Shield of Regeneration: Targets under the effect of Shield of Faith receive an additional 5% healing. Max 10%. I am not a big SoF user, but I do like this ability, as combined with Mothering, we are now looking at a 30% increase in healing. Could turn out to be very useful when main healing for a group.

Improved Word of Healing: Increases the duration of Word of Healing by 3 seconds. Max 6s. Doesn’t heal any more, so not sure how useful it is.

Self Shielding: SoF grants an additional 5% absorption when cast on yourself. Max 15%. Useful for soloing, but will have limited use in group play. I used it leveling just because I needed the 3 points to get to Tier 5.

Tier 4:

Divine Grace: Increases your run speed by 1% per point of DF held. Max 3%. Not worth wasting points in a vanity ability IMO, especially considering 3% is pretty negligible.

Healing Boon: Increases you spellpower by 1% per point of DF held. Max 2%. 10% when holding 5 DF. I really like this ability, as I am a holder of DF, and this does make a noticeable difference when healing. As we get better gear, this will continue to improve.

Extra Favor: Word of Healing has a 5% chance to grant additional healing when cast. Max 25%. For builds that consume DF, this will be another key ability, although we are getting fairly deep in the tree now, so it might not be as accessible to Channeling or Spirit builds.

Tier 5:

Rebirth: Combat Res. Ah, yes, a healer staple. Will always have a place in Divination builds as it only takes 1 point, but requires a great deal of discretion due to the 30min cooldown.

Charity: Your faith embrace now heals 1 additional nearby target when cast. Max 4 Additional targets. Faith Embrace heals 1 additional target, plus the target already, so this ability essentially allows Faith Embrace to heal the entire 6 player party when used. FE is one my my favorite actions, as it is essentially an instant cast, no cooldown heal. Costs quite a bit, and doesn’t heal a ton, but in a pinch, you can string 3 of these together and heal your whole party in a few casts. Since it isn’t affected by spellpower, so you can slip into Deathwalk, and rattle a ton of these off. Charity along with Open Arms in Tier 6 go great together

Healing Burst: Spirit Blast now heals friendly targets within it’s range for 40% of the damage it deals. Max 200%. I loved this ability leveling up, but it will have limited use in groups as I will rarely be rushing in to do AoE damage although the more enemies Spirit Blast hits, the more healing is done. Nice supplemental healing only IMO, but should not be relied on to heal.

Tier 6:

Open Arms: Increases the range of your Faith Embrace by 1 yard. Max 5 Yards. After doing some experimenting with this ability, it seems 1 yard is actually quite far. This ability, along with Charity in Tier 5, are a match made in heaven.

Saviour’s Focus: While tranced you Spirit Blast costs 10% less focus. Max 50%. Seems very out of place this deep in the divination tree unless we start seeing Spirit Blast healers, which I hope we don’t. Would be useful for Spirit Mastery builds if it where Tier 1 or 2, but I can’t see it getting much use here.

Tier 7:

Divine Aura: Holding Divine favor now causes you to heal allies within your vicinity for a small amount. The ingame tooltip for this action is 1% of your total life per point in DF held every 4 seconds. For me, with 2500 Life when buffed with Word of Vitality and with 5 DF, I get 125 health every 4 seconds. Between this and Word of Healing, I rarely have to use an actual heal. This is a strong ability IMO.

Well there you have it. my thoughts on the Divination Tree. If someone who has some experience in Spirit Mastery or Channeling wants to do the same for those, feel free.

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