Adventure Quest Worlds Nythera’s Saga Guide

Adventure Quest Worlds Nythera’s Saga Guide by Leila

SPOILER: The following context may possibly ruin the whole story, if you wish, you may skip over it. It is a summary of the whole saga; beginning to end.

The story thus far…

A while ago, Aisha, Queen of the Frost Dragons, posed a threat to a town in the Northlands. Nythera, being the oh-so-helpful dragonic mage that she is, makes the hero assist her in taking out Aisha, by sneaking (or breaking) into her cave and gathering information, as well as taking out her cronies. After that, Nythera engaged Queen Aisha, but needed to tap into the power of chaos in order to gain the upper hand. The day was won, but left Nythera realizing the sheer power that chaos had… and given Nythera’s temperament, that’s a very bad thing. This year, she’s actually claimed to have ‘harmonized’ with chaos, increasing her power greatly, but also completely subverting her. The hero, trying to stop Nythera from losing herself to chaos, confronts and fights her. However, even after she’s defeated, Nythera flees into the void at the behest of the Great Void Wyrm, in order to try and get more power. However, it turns out this is a trap–The void wyrm wants to kill Nythera and take her power so it can become the most powerful creature in both the Void AND in lore. The hero steps in and defeats the void dragon–their act of bravery breaks chaos’ hold on Nythera, and they return back to the real world, where Nythera can be her old sourpuss self again.


To skip to any place in the guide, just use the command Ctrl+F on your keyboard and type in the tag buy the area on the guide. For example, “[NS2]” will take you right to the Old King Coal.


Table of Contents

Introduction Guwio Village [NS1] Old King Coal [NS2] Northlands Forest [NS3]  The Void [NS4]




Before we begin, please remember that the whole saga’s quests are chained and you cannot do the later quests without doing the former. Also, please note that some quests can only be done once. The quests are done in a given order, so I will be making the guide as they are inside the game. This is a detailed guide on how to complete Nythera’s Saga and there are steps on where to go and what monsters to fight in each area. So if you have any problems, this guide should help you through whatever problems you have!

Guwio Village



The first zone is Guwio Village. You must complete all the quests here before you can proceed on going to the next area. Guwio Village is a quaint northern town that recently withstood a horrible assault via Queen Aisha; it is currently being rebuilt. There are 2 ways of completing this area: Sneak into the Fortress or to charge inside.

To begin, click on the “!” (exclamation mark) above Nythera’s head and choose whether to sneak inside the fortress or charge into the fortress.

Charge into the Fortress:

  • Ice Cold Heart
    Impatient much? Me too. Charging Aisha’s fortress is the quickest way to end her reign. But if we charge in right now, the village will be vulnerable to a blindside ambush. Go into the Northlands a vanqish Frost Golems in order to ensure the village’s security. When you have collected 6 Hearts of Ice, we can move forward with our plan. And by “our plan” I mean “my plan”.


Heart of Ice x6
Item Locations: Dropped by Snow Golem or Frostwyrm Rider

  • A Key Discovery
    With the Frost Golems out of the way, we need to find a way through the front door. Since you broke Aisha’s last door, she has set up a more solid, complex entrance with higher security measures. There are strange fissures in the door if I recall correctly… maybe one of those monsters will have a key or something that can be used to open the door.

    Requirements:Mysterious Stone

    Item Locations: Dropped by Snow Golem or Frostwyrm Rider

  • Forgery
    Go get another mysterious stone from one of the monsters, but this time put it in the forge and see if there is anything hidden inside. If something comes out, bring it back to me so we can set out next course of action. Hurry. I haven’t got all day.

    Requirements:Chaos Gemerald

    Item Locations: Given when forging a Mysterious Stone in the forge

  • Forging Gemeralds
    Chaos Gemeralds fit into the door. This is how we are going to unlock the door. And then charge right in unannounced. Go fight some monsters until you have collected another 5 mysterious stones. Take them to the forge in town, extract the chaos gemeralds, and bring them back to me so I can brief you on your final mission.

    Requirements:Chaos Gemerald x5

    Item Locations: Given when forging a Mysterious Stone in the forge



Sneak into the Fortress:

  • Element of Surprise
    The element of surprise is far more powerful than any other magic element known to man. Sneaking through the back door to Aisha’s fortress is a wise decision. However, you will need to find a code in order to solve the unique combination cipher. To get a better idea of what I am talking about, take this Carbon Parchment to the back gate and get me an imprint of the lock. We can then assess our next step to the plan.


Cipher Imprint
Item Locations: Location of the Cipher lock door image

  • Interrogation
    Now that we have a good idea of what the combination cipher looks like, it’s time for us to gather up some clues. And by “us” I mean “you.” I am positive that at least one of Aisha’s minions knows the combination. “Interrogate” the monsters of the Frozen Northlands for any clues that might be of use to us. And I really mean “us” this time.

    Requirements:First Combination Number 1 x1

    Item Locations: Dropped by Snow Golem or Frostwyrm Rider

  • Locked on Combinations
    Since you found that first combination number, there are bound to be others. This just may be our only hope to decoding that cipher at the back gate. Go back out and “interrogate” the monsters to find 3 more numbers!

    Requirements:Second Combination Number 3 x1

    Third Combination Number 4 x1
    Fourth Combination Number 7 x1
    Item Locations: Dropped by Snow Golem or Frostwyrm Rider

  • Combo Breaker
    You may use Hay’s ” A Guide to Mini-Games” for a better explanation on deciphering this mini-game/puzzle.
    Now that we have all the numbers for the combination, we just need to figure out what rune they represent. There has to be some sort of decoder out there… something that we can use to figure out the combination… There has to be something in the Frozen Northlands to help us figure it out. Search through the piles of snow monsters to see if any clues are buried deep within their inventories!

    Rosetta Rune x1

    Item Locations: Dropped by Snow Golem or Frostwyrm Rider



After completing the quests, you can now move on to Old King Coal!


Old King Coal



The second zone is Old King Coal. Old King Coal isn’t relevant to Nythera’s saga, but the quests are required to be completed in order to advance to the next area. It is an Ice Palace overlooking the Frozen Northlands, beloning to Old King Coal the jolly ol’ Ice Elemental soul.

To begin, click on the exclamation mark above Nurse Marie-Neige —> Click Quests:

  • Yellow Snow Cone
    Ze King haz a very bad fever. Before medicating, we need to make zure he iz fully hydrated. Ice melts vhen it gets too warm yez? Or, in this case, a fever. If you could collect 8 bundles of Shaved Ice and 2 bottles of Yellow Snow Syrup to make ze king a healthy, hydrating Snow Cone? Ze monsters in ze Frozen Northlands can provide you with what we need.


Shaved Ice Bundle x8
Yellow Snow Syrup Bottle x2

Item Locations: Dropped by monsters in Old King Coal

  • Cool Down Items
    Bein! Now that ze King is full of antioxidants, ze time ‘as come to destroy ze fever freezer burn! When ice goes bad, it will start building up zomthing called ‘freezer burn.’ Zis is not good. We need to find some Cool Down items for ze King before he freezer bumz. Find me 5 cool Down Items zat the monsters of ze Frozen Northlands use in battle!



Cool Down Item x5

Item Locations: Dropped by monsters in Old King Coal


  • Take a Chill Pill
    Ze King needs medication now. S’il vous plait, can you do me one more favor? Ze monsters of ze Frozen Northlands have stolen my last bottle of Chill Pills, and we must get it back for ze King’s sake! Search all ze monsters in this area for my Chill Pill Bottle. One of zhose thieves must have it!Requirements:

    Chill Pill x1

    Item Locations: Dropped by monsters in Old King Coal


    After completing Nurse Marie-Neige’s Quests, talk to King Coal, and click on the button “Play Doctor.” Clicking this button will direct you to join swallowed.


    Defeat Rhinovirus



On first visit, a certain number of germs must be defeated to go on to the next screen until you reach Rhinovirus. After you finished the area, the same number of germs do not have to be defeated again. After doing so, Old King Coal feels better once again, and now you are moving on to the next area!

Northlands Forest


After helping out King Coal, we dive right back in to Nythera’s Saga. Nythera has vanished and Adak Amaroq, the Guwio Village Messenger, has traced her footprints and found them leading into the uncharted Northlands Forest. This time, Nythera has meddled with Chaos, and you as a hero and friend, tries to get her back.

To begin, talk to Adak Amaroq and click on Quests

  • Chasing After a Girl
    The snowfall is so heavy that the path seems to endlessly change no matter which direction you *think* you’re headed in. What we need is some spell to help lead the right path… Travel through this frigid forest and find 10 Chaos Crystals hidden within Treasure Chests. George Fore-man in Guwio Village can use these Chaos Crystals to forge a CPS: a Chaos Positioning Spell!


C.P.S. x1

Item Locations: Collect 10 Chaos Crystals by finding random chests in Northlands Forest. Then go to Guwio Village, talk to George Forge-Man to forge a C.P.S.


  • Tracking Down Nythera
    Great! Now that you have a Chaos Positioning Spell, the path to Nythera should reveal itself! Go back through the forest and find that purple mage. She just needs a friend to talk to right now to help clear her head.Requirements:

    Nythera Found x1

    Item Locations: Defeat Nythera (Monster)

  • Searching for Splinters
    When Nythera took flight, strange Void fragments showered down all over the Frozen Northlands. Maybe if you collect enough of these Void Splinters… you can somehow craft a working portal to The Void?? It’s worth a shot… right?Travel through the blinding snow forest again and see if any of the creatures have fragments of the Void Splinters. If you find enough Void Splinters, then maybe that will activate a portal… or something. This is all pretty new to me…so I’m leaving the rest up to you!



Void Splinter x15

Item Locations: Dropped by any monster in Northlands Forest

After finishing, a portal to the void should be appearing in your screen to the left. Enter there and proceed to the next area!

The Void


The finale of Nythera’s Saga. Previously, the hero witnessed Nythera going inside The Void. Now, the hero follows her and save her from complete destruction! To finish these quests, you must complete Adak Amaroq’s Quests in Northlands Forest. Note: You must complete the previous quest before moving on to the next.

To start off the quest, talk to the Void Larva and click on ” Quests

  • A-Void-Ing The Larva
    My Larva bretheren will not understand my alliance with you. You are an outsider in this world, and the Void Larva will see you as a thread — rather, a meal. If you wish to prove your worth to me, and ultimately save your friend, you must go forth and collect 10 Larva Tarsus from the Void Larva. I will be watching.


Larva Tarsus x10

Item Locations: Dropped by Void Larva


  • Spawn Point
    I want to further study your techniques. When Void Larva evolve, we become powerful Void Elementals. I will inform you on how to enter The Great’s lair if you can defeat enough Void Elementals to obtain 8 Spawn Pronotums. Go now.Requirements:

    Spawn Pronotum x8

    Item Locations: Dropped by Void Elemental

  • Null and Void Spheres
    Are you ready to unlock The Great Void Dragon’s chamber door? As I stated before, the closest element to Void in your world is Chaos. The Great has entrusted the 4 Void Spheres with the most powerful Chaos beings in Lore. You will need to find the Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Void Spheres that are hidden somewhere in Lore.Need a hint? I suggest confronting the Lords of Chaos first, But do not expect them to hand the Spheres over willingly.



Red Void Sphere x1
Blue Void Sphere x1
Green Void Sphere x1
Yellow Void Sphere x1

Item Locations: Dropped by any Chaos Lord


  • Enter The Great DragonVoid’s Lair
    The time has come. Take these Void Spheres and head to the heart of The Void. If you can open the door to the Great Void Dragon’s lair, you may be able to recover your beloved friend. But I cannot guarantee what you will find behind said door. It may already be too late.Requirements:

    Confronted Void Dragon x1

    Item Locations: Dropped by Void Dragon


Congratulations! You have completed Nythera’s Saga …or have you?

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