Adventure Quest Worlds Mini-Games Guide

Adventure Quest Worlds Mini-Games Guide by Hay

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Plot related mini-games

…..[P.1] Some Assembly Required (Runix Cube)
…..[P.2] Mining Cart
…..[P.3] Stalagbite vs. Rock Roc
…..[P.4] Sneak into the Fortress (Vault and Lock)
…..[P.5] /Dance Evolution
…..[P.6] Roach Rage
…..[P.7] Mudluk Gate
…..[P.8] Natatorium Gate
…..[P.9] Gilead Gate
…..[P.10] Mafic Bridges
3. Event mini-games

…..[E.1] Clover Fields
…..[E.2] Jackpot o’ Gold
…..[E.3] Rainbow Run
…..[E.4] Smack a Sneevil
4. Miscellaneous mini-games

…..[M.1] Hedge Maze
…..[M.2] Punt Twilly
…..[M.3] J6’s Quiz
…..[M.4] Rock-Paper-Scissors
5. Updates

…..[U.1] Guide updates
…..[U.2] Credits

Note: For quick jumping between mini-games, use the Control + F feature.




Since starting, AQWorlds has incorporated many different forms of mini-games to add diversity to the gaming experience, as well as offering alternative methods of completing particular quest chains. Some of these mini-games are quite simple and linear, others more difficult and challenging. The purpose of this guide is to outline the different mini-games currently released and to offer assistance and information about how to complete the more difficult ones.


Plot Related Mini-Games


In this section, I will cover the mini-games which are directly involved with the ongoing 13 Lords of Chaos Saga. They are arranged in order of release.


[P.1] Some Assembly Required (Runix Cube)


Location: /join Mobius

Quest Requirement(s): Must have completed Anise’s Quests

Quest Description:


We’ve been trying to put the Runix Cube together all night but we just can’t do it. If we can’t assemble it then I doubt we’ll be able to stop Escherion. Why don’t you try it? Maybe you’ll have better luck.

Complete the puzzle and turn in the Completed Puzzle


* 0 Gold
* 0 Exp

How to complete: Put together the puzzle so it replicates the example.

Additional notes and tips:
* Upon completing the Mobius quest chain, the option to find this mini-game via /join mobius is no longer there.


[P.2] Mining Cart


Location: /join Dwarfhold

Quest requirement(s): Rank 4 Dwarfhold

Quest description:


The tracks that are ahead of you lead to rare gems that are incredible valuable to Dwarves. However, the multiple breaks and fallen debris on the tracks make it a completely unsafe work environment. If you want to prove yourself, here’s your chance. Collect 30 gems to complete a bag of gems and bring the bag to me and then I will know that you can be trusted!


* 500 Gold
* 500 Exp
* 1100 Rep Dwarfhold (Daily)

How to complete: Collect a total of 30 gems to successfully complete the quest.

Additional notes and tips:
* If you wear large capes (e.g. Wings of Darkness), you do not need to jump to collect the gems above your head.
* Clicking when your cart’s front wheel touches the last wooden plank on your current platform will ensure that you do not miss the next one.
* Note that you may have to run the mini-game several times to get all the gems – you may not get all 30 in one round.
* In order to get the 1100 Rep, you must have the quest accepted before completing the mini-game.

Screenshot References:
* Large Capes/Jumping
* Jumping between platforms


[P.3] Stalagbite vs. Rock Roc


Location: /join Vath

Quest requirement(s): Must have completed Mick Guyver’s quests

Quest description: None.

* Progression in storyline

How to complete: Defeat the Rock Roc.

Additional notes and tips:
* You must find this mini-game manually. This means you need to go to /join vath then go to the very top and view the cutscene again.
* Biting (left click while on ground) Drows will heal Stalagbite 100 hit points.
* Clicking mouse will release fireballs, holding down will ignite Dragon’s Flame.
* Flying boulders/debris can be destroyed by either fireball or Dragon’s Flame.
* Drows are worth 30 points, small boulders are worth 50 points, large boulders are worth 100 points, hitting the Rock Roc will not earn you any points.
* If you are running on the ground, the Rock Roc cannot hit you.

Screenshot References:
* Running/Rock Roc Immunity
* Gaining Points


[P.4] Sneak into the Fortress (Vault and Lock)


Location: /join Northlands

Quest requirement(s): Must have completed Nythera’s Sneak into the Fortress quests

Quest description: None. Access through “Decipher Clue” button upon completing all relevant quests.

* Unlocks next area

How to complete: Decipher the code on the lock to open the vault.

Guided steps:
1) Obtain clue from Nythera (“Decipher Clue” button). You should receive a number with a corresponding symbol.
2) Press the arrows (< and >) until the number you got in the clue matches up with the same symbol, also given in the clue (e.g. 1 = &). [Decoded key]
3) Look at the order provided above this key.
4) Find the corresponding symbols of the order by referring to the decoded key.
5) Press the arrows (^ and v) to input these symbols.
6) Press ENTER.

1) Clue is 2 = &.
2) Press the arrows (< and >) until the ‘&’ symbol shows up underneath ‘2’.
3) Look at the order. Example: 3, 2, 5, 6
4) Refer to Step 2 and see what symbols lie underneath 3, 2, 5 and 6.
5) Press the arrows (^ and v) to put in the symbols from Step 4 into the second code box.
6) Press ENTER.

Screenshot Reference:
* Clue location
* Worked Example


[P.5] /Dance Evolution


Location: /join Beehive

Quest requirement(s): Complete Mozzy Mogbourne’s quest chain, the Great GodFather of Souls quests and defeat Lord Ovthedance

Quest description: None.

* 2000 Rep Mythsong (One time only)
* Ticklish Zorbo Ticket (Exclusive to Extreme Mode)
* 300 Gold (One time only)
* 300 XP (One time only)
* Beating Normal Mode unlocks Hard Mode, beating Hard Mode unlocks Extreme Mode

How to complete: Complete the game, with a green ‘dance bar’.

Additional notes and tips:
* Lag can have either a positive or negative effect with your game: Playing on high quality with animations etc may either (a) slow down the speed of the arrows or (b) make the arrows freeze, and thus make the game difficult. Experiment with both maximum lag and minimum lag to see which method suits you.
* Joining a private room reduces lag.
* Depleting the entire bar will cause your game to end.
* Don’t press the arrows when the ‘ghost’ matches up with one of the top four – press it just as the ‘ghost’ reaches the arrow.

Screenshot References:
* Timing for arrows


[P.6] Roach Rage


Location: /join table

Quest requirement(s): Complete Jack’s quests

Quest description:

Hey kid, over heres! My name is Crychek and I’m into roach-racing BIG TIMES! If you wants to get to de’ giant’s soup then you gots to win de’ race. Maybe I can help you ‘dere. If you scratches my back, I’ll scratches yours!


* Racing Trophy x5 (Easy)
* Racing Trophy x7 (Medium)
* Racing Trophy x10 (Hard)

How to complete: Beat all of the roaches to the end to win.

Additional notes and tips:
* The instructions says that space makes you move faster – this is partly true. The fact is, you must hold down the space bar to get your car to move.
* For the best head start, hold down the space bar the instant the race starts.
* “Skimming” along the bottom of the screen occasionally works and can help you avoid obstacles which are seen at the very bottom of the table (the light blue part)
* Use the gravy! Gravy is the only obstacle which rather than stops your car, makes you swerve. This is useful if you’re stuck in a situation where you need to move across the room quickly to avoid collusion with either another racer or obstacle. Upon testing this, while it involves a bit of luck, depending on where you hit the gravy, you’ll swerve either up or down. Refer to the screenshot reference for information on that.

Screenshot References:
* Skimming
* Gravy puddles


[P.7] Mudluk Gate


Location: /join mudluk

Quest requirement(s): Complete Paddylump’s Quests

Quest description:

– There are Red crystals all over Mudluk. Clicking them will affect the locking crystals on this gate.
– Clicking the Red Crystals will switch some of the Blue and Yellow Locking Crystals on or off.
– If both Blue and Yellow crystals in a column are on, the big crystal in the middle will turn Green.
– If all middle crystals are turn Green then clicking on the lock will open the door.
– If you get too confused, the reset button on this lock will set everything back to “off”.

Hint – The combination of three Red crystals, turned on, should open the lock.


* 500 Gold (One time only)
* 500 Exp (One time only)
* 2,000 Arcangrove reputation (One time only)

How to complete: Click on a combination of three red gems scattered over this zone to unlock the gate. All green and yellow gems must be lit up for the gate to open.

Note: It has been reported that it is possible to unlock the gate with more than three red crystals activated (four was the number supplied). You can refer to the screenshot reference to figure out which red gems can also be activated to prevent the other three from losing their effect. The following quote explains how it works:

When I first completed the quest, I chose crystals 2 and 5 (according to the screens of your guide) because it produced two green lights. I had a hunch that I would not find a crystal that would fill the final slots so I found two that did not but when combined, would. The last two I used are 10 and another crystal that I believe is not in the guide. The last one I used was this one two screens down from gate. Unfortunately, the monsters blinked in the picture. As you can see, the last two combine to fill the middle slots without disrupting the others.

Thanks to Abraska.

Additional notes and tips:
* Out of all the gems in this area, you need to click on ONLY three for the lock combination to work. Each red gem triggers a different combination of lit and unlit buttons on the main lock. (See screenshot for more information)
* It is possible to go through the gate without opening it – if a friend has already opened the room, you can just /goto them. However, at this point, we do not know whether having the gate unlocked is required to proceed to the next part of the storyline.
* Alternatively, visit this Wiki page for other combinations. The screenshot references here only reveal one method.

Screenshot References:
* Map of all the gems and their corresponding effects on the lock solution.
* Alternative pictorial map by Pai


[P.8] Natatorium Gate


Location: /join natatorium

Quest requirement(s): Complete Nisse’s Quests

Quest description:

-Spread through Natotorium there are three Seals that need to be activated to have enough magical power to open this door.
-To activate the Seals you’re going to need an object strong enough, like a statue, press the Seals.
-If a statue is too strong for a person to move, some water currents can move the statues.
-To keep the water flowing in Natotorium there are some tiles on the ground that will change the current.

How to complete: You need to click on a combination of tiles to move the statue onto the designated seal. To do so, you’ll need strategy and speed because you cannot just click all the tiles in a random order, and in some cases, you’ll need to switch rapidly between tiles to ensure that the statue moves in the correct direction.

Note: The puzzles reset themselves after you log out.

Screenshot References:
* Clicking the tiles for Screen I
* Clicking the tiles for Screen II
* Clicking the tiles for Screen III


[P.9] Gilead Gate


Location: /join gilead

Quest requirement(s): Complete Umbra’s Quests

Quest description:

Press the show button to have the gate show a pattern of runes. You will find matching runes around Gilead and you must activate these runes in reverse order to unlock the gate. If you activate in the wrong order you will be transported far away.

Pressing show at any time will replay the pattern but you must begin the activation again from the beginning. Pressing the reset button will generate a new pattern.

How to complete: Memorize (or write down) the combination of runes used to open the gate. When the sequence has stopped playing, find the different runes in the zone and click them in the reverse order to unlock the gate.

Additional notes and tips:
* It’s wisest to write down the combination as you’re viewing it because relying on memory alone may not be as efficient.
* When watching the sequence, write down the colours of the runes, not the runes themselves. It’s more effective that way and you won’t become too distracted trying to remember the abstract letters.

Screenshot References:
* The Gate
* Map of the rune locations in the zone


[P.10] Mafic Bridges


Location: /join mafic

Quest requirement(s): Complete Felsic’s Quests

Quest description:

There are switches placed in the tunnels. The switches control the drawbridges in different ways. Clicking on a switch a second time does not necessarily reverse what the switch did the first time. To proceed, you must lower all three drawbridges. If you get stuck, click on the VIOLET orb and press RESET to try again from the beginning.

The GREEN orbs affect the bridges, the BLUE orbs change the way the green orbs operate, the VIOLET orb will help you see the bridge status! Bridge 1 is the first bride that will be lowered, but not necessarily by the first button pressed.

All 3 bridges can be lowered by pressing four switches.

How to complete: Click on a combination of four orbs to lower the three drawbridges.

Additional notes and tips:
* The violet orb allows you to view the current position of the drawbridges.
* The green orb allows you to lower the bridges.
* The blue orb determines the effect the green orbs have on the drawbridges.
* Note that clicking on an orb again does not necessarily reverse the effect it has had on the orb. If an unsatisfactory change has been made, it could be better to reset the puzzle and try again.

Screenshot References:
* Solution


Event Mini-Games


The following mini-games were released as part of a special event, and therefore, may or may not be available to play at the current moment.

Currently, all of the mini-games listed under this section are from the Shamrock Fair (2010). The rewards from each of the quests were doubled if your character was in possession of a Lucky Hat.


[E.1] Clover Fields


Location: /join luck

Quest Requirement(s): None.

NPC Dialogue:

Woah wooaaah! Watch yer step, hero! Wouldn’t want you fallin’ into my game, now. But you do seem eager to play, so let’s get to it! Are you ready to play Clover Fields?


* Golden Ticket

How to complete:

It’s so simple to play. I will light up random clovers, gaining speed until I suddenly stop on one. Keep an eye for the last lit-up clover and click the one you think it stopped on. You have 3 chances to gain the highest score—so good luck friend!


[E.2] Jackpot o’ Gold


Location: /join luck

Quest Requirement(s): None.

NPC Dialogue:

Hey you, you right there! Yes, you! Feelin’ lucky pal? Step right up and test your strength! Can you hit the Jackpot o’ Gold? C’mon, c’mon, you look strong enough, Lets see whatcha got!


* Golden Ticket

How to complete:

So simple, so simple! All you gots to do is pick up that mallet and take a nice big swing! Just aim for that big red button under the power meter and give it your all. Prizes, prizes, and more prizes can be won if you’re strong enough! So whaddya say—let’s play!


Additional notes and tips:
* Timing is the key – if you wait approximately 2 seconds between each round, you should be able to hit in the high range consistently.
* Clicking when the pointer is in the orange range is a good time to click.
* This was the most popular method of obtaining tickets.


[E.3] Rainbow Run


Location: /join luck

Quest Requirement(s): None.

NPC Dialogue:

Hey Winner! Step right up! Yes, yes, I’m talkin’ to you! Play Rainbow Run! Control a Sneevilchaun over the rainbow and collect as many Gold coins as you can! Win awesome prizes! Step right up and test your luck!


* Golden Ticket

How to complete:

Control a rambunctious Sneevilchaun over a makeshift rainbow as you collect as much Gold coins as you can. Jump by clicking your mouse and speed up or down by moving your cursor right or left, respectively. The more Gold coins you collect, the more Gold Tickets you’ll win! So whaddya say—let’s play Rainbow Run!


Additional notes and tips:
* Similar to Mining Cart


[E.4] Smack-A-Sneevil


Location: /join luck

Quest Requirement(s): None.

NPC Dialogue:

Step right up, friend! Step right up and test your agility! Smack ‘n whack those pesky Sneevils ’til they don’t come back! C’mon now, don’t just stand there staring at me—play Smack a Sneevil now!


* Golden Ticket

How to complete:

Playing is easier than plucking a leaf off a clover! Just grab the mallet and wait for the Sneevils to pop their head out of those holes. Smack ‘n whack each Sneevil as fast as you can to rack up more points! But you’re ganna have to be quick —we Sneevils can be super speedy!


Miscellaneous Mini-Games


These mini-games are neither part of the storyline nor event (or were event mini-games but later became regular maps).


[M.1] Hedge Maze


Location: /join hedge

Quest Requirement(s): Must be a Member.

NPC Dialogue:

Welcome to William’s Hedge Maze, I grew it myself! I’ve hidden 5 small pots of gold in this hedge maze! If you can find all 5… and find your way out again, you’ll win some Golden Tickets!


* Golden Ticket x10

How to complete: Navigate the maze and find all the clovers needed.

Additional notes and tips:
* The /join hedge still works, though the rest of the mini-games are no longer accessible.


[M.2] Punt Twilly


Location: /join punt

Quest Requirement(s): None.

Quest description: None.

* Moglin Punter Achievement (Superbowl XLIV 2010 ) – Awarded if you attained a perfect score of 100 yards.

How to complete: Walk up to Twilly and click on the “Punt” button to see how far you can punt Twilly.

Additional notes and tips:
* This map was initially introduced as part of the Superbowl event
* It is a purely luck-based mini-game.


[M.3] J6’s Quiz


Location: /join saloon

Quest Requirement(s): Must have Dwakel Decoder and J6’s Secret Hideout Map.

NPC Dialogue:

So here’s the deal. I ask you 6 questions, you answer them all. Sounds easy? Good, let’s start. Oh, and small detail, if you are a spy, or get any questions wrong, then I’m locking the doors and taking you out. Nothing personal.


* Coordinates to Hyperium

How to complete: Answer J6’s questions correctly.

Additional notes and tips:

The correct answers (in sequence) for his quiz are:

1) Westion
2) Joe Jingle
3) Crystallized Dragons Breath
4) Dual revolvers
5) Green
6) Thief


[M.4] Rock-Paper-Scissors


Location: /join saloon

Quest Requirement(s): Must have Dwakel Decoder and J6’s Secret Hideout Map.

NPC Dialogue:

Aha! A new face! Which means… a new challenger! Beat me in 3 rounds of Rock-Paper-Scissors if you want me to help you out with… whatever you need help with!


* None.

How to complete: Successfully beat him in three rounds of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

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