Adventure Quest Classes, Sub-races and Items Overview

Adventure Quest Classes, Sub-races and Non-Class Levelable Items Overview

As there are more classes, the class system is becoming a bit more complex. So, the purpose of this brief guide is to keep the basic information about classes in one place. You’ll find information about who the NPC trainer for the class is, where to find the trainer, required classes, level requirement for the quest, and level requirement(s) for the armor(s), as well as bits of other information. Encyclopedia is a great source of information for the more detailed aspects of class armors and quests. It’s also part of a series of guides that’ll be created for a new sticky in Crucial Forum Information. It won’t be out for a long while…

Table of Contents
Classes FAQ [.1]
Order of Release [.2]
Classes Diagram [.3]
Introduction to Class-Specific Information [.4]
– – Format for Each Class Entry [.41]
Class-Specific Information (includes more detailed table of contents) [.5]

Sub-Races [.6] – Werewolf, Vampire, Werepyre, Dracopyre

Non-class levelable items [.7] – Shapeshifting, Spellcrafting

How to Use It
Hit Ctrl+F if you’re using a Windows OS (operating system) and Internet Explorer or Firefox. It might also work in other situations. If not, look through the Edit menu for something like ‘Find…’. When the find dialouge, bar, or whatever else applies shows up, type in the corresponding search term, like ‘.1’ without the single quotes (‘). Why don’t you see the markers in the content? They’re hidden to make the guide look neater.

Frequently Asked Questions about Classes [.1]

What’s the armor for?
The armor is the main reason to train in the class, since it’s what gives you access to class abilities. As your character levels up in a class, your character either gains access to a new ability/boost, increased defense, or increased elemental resistance.

Help! I can’t access my class skills!/The game says that I’m gaining skills, but I don’t see any… why’s that?
You need the armor of that class to be able to access the skills that you’ve gained. The reason for this is to have some balance, so that you can’t use the abilities without the armor and can’t hide behind armor with great defense while using a class ability.

Where can I find class armors?
Class armors can be found in the associated class armor shop available from the class trainer. Some shops will also have armors for other classes.

What are the requirements?
It varies from class to class; it’s all included under the relevant class heading.

How do I level up in a class?
You need to complete quests for each NPC. Each completed quest increases your class level by one. It starts at 0 and ends at 10.

Note: Adventurers (free players) can train to level 10 in Assassin, DragonSlayer, Martial Artist, Ninja, Pirate, and the Tier 1 classes (Fighter, Mage, Rogue, Scholar) but can only access skills up to level five (inclusive) in each class. Guardians have access to all ten levels.

Most classes that require training in previous classes require level 5. Exceptions are noted next to the classes.

Why isn’t my character page showing the class that I want it to?
You just need to find the trainer for that class and click on “Restore ___ Class” or start a quest, which will also restore it. However, it sometimes does not “stick”. Nothing can be done about it. Once you have started training in a class, there is not a way to return to the Adventurer and Guardian classes.

Will I lose a class if I train in another one?
Nope. You’ll keep all of the levels that you’ve trained in that class.

What happens when I become Level 10 in every class?
Nothing happens, other than having access to all abilities, assuming that the character is a Guardian. You also will not need to level up in a class (or classes!) if one ends up being a pre-requisite for future classes.

How do I delete/remove/untrain in a class?
For most clases, you can’t. There also isn’t any reason to, since training in a class does not negatively impact anything (other than perhaps updated content).
Note on losing Dracomancer levels: At end of the Into the Void! section of the Bradakhan’s Arrival chain, you fight Bradakhan. During the fight, it is possible to lose Dracomancer levels. If you win the fight, you will regain them. If not (including future won rematches), you will permanently lose them.
Note on untraining Martial Artist levels: You must untrain in your current specialized path to select another; this drops you down to Level 5. However, you can access all abilities in another specialization by buying the armor of that specialization, which is accessible after you attain Level 10.
Note on untraining DragonSlayer: You have the option to untrain ALL DragonSlayer levels to see the updated content.

What if I want to be another class?
All that you need to do is finish the class quests for the class that you want to be. Buy the corresponding armor to access the class abilities. You only need to complete the ones that you want to (including pre-requitsites for the desired class).

What if I don’t want to be ___ class anymore?
You simply ignore the class quest and sell the corresponding armor.

How many classes can I train in?
You can train in any class you want. There is no limit.

How many classes are there?

Where can I find specific information about classes?
You can find guides about how to complete class quests under the Classes section of the Guides Index. Also, if you’re only looking for information about the class, you’ll find specific links to Encyclopedia articles under each class in the guide below.

Order of Release [.2]
Dragon Slayer
Beast Master
Martial Artist

Classes Diagram [.3]
The arrows point to a class that the source is a pre-requisite of. e.g. Mage is the sole pre-requisite of Wizard. More than two arrows pointing to a class means that there are multiple pre-requisites. e.g. Mage and Knight are both required for Paladin.

– Tier 1 (lightest blue): a class that does not require another class to begin training
– Tier 2 (next row): a class that requires at least one or more classes to be attained before being able to train in it (Ninja is an excpetion, so it is technically a Special class.)
– Tier 3 (next row): pre-reqs that have pre-reqs
– Special (darkest blue): a class that stands alone, does not require any other classes, and is not a class required by another

Now, onto the classes themselves… [.4]

For each class, you’ll find information about the NPC trainer, quest location, class prerequisites, quest requirements (character level), and armor requirements (character level). Each screenshot of the class is shown at level 10 fighting the boss monster of the special mission for that class.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with basic locations as well. At the very least, know where the Travel button, The Inn (Yulgar’s Inn), Mage Shop (Warlic’s Shop), and Guardian Tower are located on the main town screen (BattleOn, the area when you first login).

Class locations on the Travel Map are marked with a cyan ‘C’ in middle of the button. Beast Master Training Location | Scholar Training Location

To make things a bit easier to read and shorter, each section within the class will be denoted with symbols. This is the format that’ll be used with the symbols in parentheses.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not want to know who the final boss is, do not click on the class name, since that shows a screenshot of an armor of that class and the boss. The boss and boss name for Dragonslayer and Vampire Slayer are randomly selected from a list. You’ll find out possible encounters and names by clicking on (Quest Information) under each class listing.

Format for Each Class Entry [.4b]
Class Name
NPC Trainer (?)
Quest Location (@)
Class Prerequisites (>) (Class level reqs are level 5, unless otherwise noted.)
Character Level Requirement for the Class Quest and Quest Information (&)
Class Armor (Character Level Requirement for the Armor) (#)
Additional Info, if there is any (*)

Possible Encyclopedia overdose ahead…

Sub-Table of Contents [.5]
Base [.B]
– – Fighter [.FT]
– – Mage [.MG]
– – Rogue [.RG]
– – Scholar [.SC]
Advanced [.A]
– – Assassin [.AS]
– – Beast Master [.BM]
– – Berserker [.BR]
– – Dragonslayer [.DS]
– – Knight [.KT]
– – Martial Artist [.MA]
– – Necromancer [.NC]
– – Ninja [.NJ]
– – Paladin [.PL]
– – Pirate [.PT]
– – Wizard [.WZ]
Special [.S]
– – Dracomancer [.DM]
– – VampireSlayer [.VS]
Trivia [.T]
More Martial Artist Info. [.MMA]
Required Stat Rolls [.RSR]
Primary Quest Objectives [.PQO]
Loading Screens [.LS]

Base [.B]
Fighter [.FT]
? Blackhawke
@ second floor of Yulgar’s Inn (Click on Blackhawke -> Fighter Class Quests -> Basic Fighter training!)
> None
& 5 (second floor of Yulgar’s Inn requires at least level 5) – Quest Information
# Fighter Armor (10)

Mage [.MG]
? Warlic
@ Warlic’s Shop (Click on Warlic -> Mage Quests -> Mage Quest!)
> None
& None – Quest Information
# Mage Robes (10)

Rogue [.RG]
? Valencia
@ Travel Map -> Kroveport (northeast of BattleOn) OR Yulgar’s Inn -> Robina Hood -> Rogue Class -> Go to Krovesport
> None
& 12 – Quest Information
# Rogue Outfit (10), Blarney Rogue Outfit (20), Blarney Rogue 2 (20), Blarney Rogue 3 (20)

Scholar [.SC]
? Nel
@ Travel Map -> Sail East -> Sail East -> Scholar Class Training
> None
& 10 – Quest Information
# Explorer’s Outfit (10)

Advanced [.A]
Assassin [.AS]
? Shii & Wallo
@ Travel Map -> Assassin
> Ninja (Level 10, req. Rogue) & Scholar
& 70 – Quest Information
# Whispering Raiment (70)
* Various skills have more selections (e.g. Finishing Blow), and it allowed dual wielding. You can also choose how the summoned guest will attack.
* First class to allow defying failed stat rolls with SP (after Level 2).

Beast Master [.BM]
? Vephoma
@ Travel Map -> Sail East -> Dark Jungle
> Fighter & Rogue
& 25 – Quest Information
# Feral Garb (25) & Primal Garb (40)

Berserker [.BR]
? Eselgee (SLG AKA Rolith)
@ Travel Map -> Berserker Class (center, top of the map)
> Fighter
& 35 – Quest Information
# Berserker Hides (30)

DragonSlayer [.DS] (FYI: old image, no L10 battle)
? Galanoth
@ Travel Map -> Dragonstone (southern section) -> Dragonslayer Class OR Guardian Tower -> Teleporter in the Teleporter Room
> Level 10 Fighter and Level 10 Scholar
& 5 – Quest Information
# DragonSlayer (5) & Elite Dragon Slayer (50), Golden DragonSlayer (50), Golden DragonSlayer Eclipse (55)

Knight [.KT]
? Tathlin
@ second floor of Yulgar’s Inn (Click on Blackhawke -> Fighter Class Quests -> Knight training!)
> Fighter
& 5 – Quest Information
# Knight Armor (30)

Martial Artist[.MA]
Dragon’s Breath, Fist of the Troll Club, Gogg Claw, & Slithering Sneak
? Dadric (Crouching Frogzard), Boog (Fist of the Troll Club), Drayson (Slithering Sneak), Lady Akai (Gogg Claw), & O-Ebi-Sama (Dragon’s Claw)
@ Travel Map -> Martial Artist (eastnortheast of BattleOn)
> Fighter (Level 10)
& 30 – Quest Information
# White Gi (Crouching Frogzard, 30), Ancient Spirit Gi (Dragon’s Breath, 50), Mountain Cudgel Gi (Fist of the Troll Club, 50), Serpent Fang Gi (Slithering Sneak, 50), & Swift Talon Gi (Gogg Claw, 50)
*Read more about Martial Artist under Miscellaneous -> More Martial Artist Info.

Necromancer [.NC]
? Kaley Obsidia
@ Travel Map -> Obsidia’s Lair (south of Granemor)
> Wizard (req. Mage)
& 38 – Quest Information
# Necromancer Cloak (38) & Obsidian Cloak (50)

Ninja [.NJ]
? Elizabeth
@ Travel Map -> Ninjutsu Temple (northeastern section)
> Rogue (Level 10)
& 30 – Quest Information
# Shinobi Shozoku (32)

Paladin [.PL]
? Artix von Krieger
@ Travel Map -> Paladin Order (center, northeast of BattleOn)
> Mage & Knight (req. Fighter)
& 38 – Quest Information
# Holy Armor (38) & Golden Holy Armor (50)

Pirate [.PT]
? Rhubarb
@ Travel Map -> Pirate’s Cove (northeast of ‘Sail West’)
> Fighter & Rogue
& 30 – Quest Information
# Swashbuckler’s Raiment (25) & Sea Scurge (25)

Wizard [.WZ]
? Jackel Sano
@ Warlic’s Shop (Click on Warlic -> Mage Quests -> Wizard Quest!)
> Mage
& None – Quest Information
# Blue Wizard Robe & Red Wizard Robe (30), Dark Wizard Robe & Spring Wizard Robe (35), Blood Wizard Robe & White Wizard Robe (40), Pyromancer’s Robe (40)

Special [.S]
Dracomancer [.DM]
? Cyrus
@ Travel Map -> Dragonspine (northern section)
> None
& 15 – Quest Information
# Dracomancer Armor (20)

VampireSlayer [.VS]
? Vampire Slayer E
@ Travel Map -> Darkovia Forest (northwestern section) -> Vampire Slayer “E” OR Guardian Tower -> Teleporter in the Teleporter Room
> None
& 5 – Quest Information
# Vampire Slayer (10) & NightHunter Vampire Slayer (50)

Miscellaneous [.T]
More Martial Artist Info.[.MMA]
– level 10 training (in Fighter) pre-requisite
– multiple different paths (specialization after level 5)
– required untraining (anything above level 5, exclusive) to train in other specialized paths – abilities accessible by buying the applicable armor after reaching L10 in Martial Artist
– doesn’t end with a boss (Martial Artist Tournament)

Condensed Extra Info.
Format: NPC – Style – Style Focus – Required Armor – Location (all accessed via Martial Artist in Travel Map)
– Dadric – Crouching Frogzard – generic – White Gi – hidden temple in the mountains
– Drayson – Slithering Sneak – defense – Serpent Fang Gi – Skraeling Desert
– O-Ebi-Sama, Dragon’s Breath – offense & defense – Ancient Spirit Gi – Dragonspine Mountains
– Lady Akai – Gogg Claw – offense, less defense – Swift Talon Gi – Frozen Northlands
– Boog – Fist of the Troll Club – offense, more damage w/ decreased accuracy – Mountain Cudgel Gi – Augerthorne Forest

Required Stat Rolls (sorted by order of release)[.RSR]
– Dragon Slayer – Charisma, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence, Luck (all depends on which options are selected)
– VampireSlayer – Luck
– Mage – Intellect
– Fighter – Strength
– Rogue – Luck
– Ninja – Dexterity
– Knight – Charisma (to attain Level 1), Strength
– Wizard – Intellect
– Dracomancer – Intellect
– Paladin – Intellect (to attain Level 1), Strength
– Necromancer – Intelligence
– Beast Master – Charisma
– Pirate – Charisma (to attain Level 1), Dexterity (for part of attaining Level 1 and the rest of the stat rolls)
– Berserker – Strength
– Scholar – Intelligence, Charisma (once in ninth quest, which still uses an ending INT roll)
– Martial Artist – Strength (Crouching Frogzard, Fist of the Troll Club, Gogg Claw), Dexterity (Slithering Sneak), Charisma (Dragon’s Breath)
– Assassin – Charisma, Dexterity, Luck, and less Strength and Intelligence

Primary Quest Objectives (sorted by order of release)[.PQO]
– Dragon Slayer – (now multiple) dragon slaying, taming a draykwing, studying a secret, improving your armor, and binding a Fire Dragon to your will
– VampireSlayer – Defeat a vampire.
– Mage – Find a magical relic.
– Fighter – Challenge a famous warrior.
– Rogue – Defeat the most infamous Rogue in a part of town.
– Ninja – Find a Ninjutsu Jadeshard.
– Knight – Battle through the ranks.
– Wizard – Find a Kenn.
– Dracomancer – Take a Spirit Quest (to attain Level 1). Protect the eggs of a Dragon Weyr (hatchery).
– Paladin – Find a Scroll of Faith.
– Necromancer – Find an Orb of Darkness.
– Beast Master – Save Wandy (to attain Level 1). Guide Wandy and find beasts to help defeat the Tyrant King.
– Pirate – Searh Krakathan Island for Captain Sharktooth’s hidden treasure and return it to the Red Betty. (There are a couple subplots.)
– Berserker – Defeat Eselgee (to attain Level 1). Help Eselgee seek revenge against certain monsters.
– Scholar – Study creatures.
– Martial Artist – Find the school (to attain level 1 and 6). Make (applicable area) safe from bandits (to attain levels 2-5 and 7-10).
– Assassin – Assassination tasks unique to each level, which follows a storyline.

Loading Screens (sorted by order of release)[.LS]
Dragon Slayer
Beast Master
Martial Artist

Subraces [.6]
Where do I change my subrace?
All subraces are located in ‘Darkovia Forest.’ It can be found in the northwest of the Travel Map.

How many subraces are there?
4 – Vampire, Werewolf, Werepyre, Dracopyre (can only be one at a time)

How do I change my Subrace?
Play through The Cure. Note: Dracopyre for L70+ requires Werepyre. For characters under L70, subrace does not seem to matter for Dracopyre (at least when testing with Werewolf).

What does a subrace do?
Each has its own exclusive items. Lycan (Lycan) and Vampire (Vamp) armors become more powerful for the respective subrace as level increases (10 max). Dracopyre has unlockable attacks at different levels. Werepyre Form does not receive a buff for being a Werepyre. For Lycan and Vampire, there are also weapons and temporary guests that do not receive a buff from being either class.

It will turn other subraces hostile towards you. e.g. If you become a Werewolf, you will no longer be able to access Vampire Castle and vice versa. Vampires and Werewolves can always access Werepyre. Dracopyres (Vampire, Werewolf, and Dragon) and Werepyres (combination of Werewolf and Vampire) cannot access either Vampire Castle or Werewolf Lair. Dracopyres can still access Werepyre.

What are the requirements?
You need to have access to Darkovia Forest, which requires Level 5. For Werepyre, you must also be a Guardian. Fully utilizing Dracopyre (for Graceful Dracopyre Armor) requires L70+.

– Werewolf Lair, must ‘Accept the Curse’
WereKing (trainer)
Quest Info & Equipment (Werewolf Gear)
– Armors, weapons, and the guest are all listed in Quest Info above.
– Leveling involves STR & DEX rolls

– Vampire Castle, must ‘Become a Vampire’
Safiria (trainer)
Quest Info & Equipment (Vampire Gear)
– Armors, weapons, and the guest are all listed in Quest Info above.
– Leveling involves INT & DEX rolls.

– Werepyre, must ‘Become a Werepyre’ (after some fighting and dialouge)
WolfWing (no levelling, though)
Quest Info
– Armor: Werepyre Form
– No leveling.

– DracoPyre Legacy! > Join the Legacy! > 8: Become a Dracopyre!, talk to GraceFang or Nightreign to become one
— You can still become a Dracopyre if your character isn’t L70+, the character will not be able to access the highest level armor (Graceful Dracopyre/Dracopyre of the Night) with unlockable attacks until then.
GraceFang or NightReign (trainer depends on initial choice)
Quest Info
– Armor & Weapons are all listed above in Quest Info. Note that there are two sets or armors: one for GraceFang (Graceful Dracopyre) & one for NightReign (Dracopyre of the Night); both of the lower level version sets are prefixed with Lesser and a roman numeral suffix. Armors and Dracopyric Flayer I-V are affected by the NPC selection.
– Leveling involves LUK & DEX.

Non-class levelable items [.7]
What’s this section for?
It’s for items that can be leveled but are not classes.

Shapeshift – Spell
– Map Travel -> Travel East -> Shapeshifter Training
– Quest for and unlock a new spell every 5-10 battles.
– When you unlock one, you’ll see a “___ Form is yours!” message.
– Casting the spell brings up a menu for you to select a form.
– Click the link above for more info.

Spellcraft Series – Spell
Least Spellcraft, Lesser Spellcraft, Spellcraft, Spellcraft Z, and Greater Spellcraft, True Spellcraft
– BattleOn -> Mage Shop -> SPELLCRAFT!
– In order to use a spell, you must have a spell compenents for that spell. When you need more, visit Warlic to be sent to the location for more components.
– You’ll fight a small number of monsters (3 or a few more, not sure about exact number) of the applicable element.
– Obtaining a component will display a “You found a ___!” message.
– Each component will allow you three charges (casts). Guardians have a 50% chance of not using a charge, if the component is fully charged.
– There is no benefit for collecting multiples of the same component at a time. If you have already used at least one charge, it’ll replenish it.
– Choosing to search for components of a different spell will REPLACE the old spell.
– If you have run out of components, you’ll be refunded the cost of the cast.
– Charges are saved on the character. So, you can log out and log in without worrying about losing information.
– Check the links for more detail.

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