9Dragons Yin Yang Body Soul Guide

9Dragons Yin Yang Body Soul Guide by iMegas

Ok this is simply to explain people what the YYBS system is because I’ve heard insane things from noobs which then get carried on to other noobs who level up fast, become masters and teach their pupils crap.

First of all, YYBS doesn’t have anything to do with melee, chi-kung, your role, the mob’s level, how big your staff is, etc…
As we know, before YYBS there was melee and CK.
In order to counter them, we use defense and CK defense.

But since that was plain boring and Indy does not like plain boring, they implemented other types of damage. Four of them (Yin, Yang, Body (Physical) and Soul) and to counter them we use Resistance Talismans, special clothing or items or buffs.
Also, resistance works in percentages. So for example, since PVP YYBS damage is nerfed by 80%, if you attack with 1000 YYBS, you will only do 200 YYBS damage divided by whatever resistance your opponent has. (Thanks Jester)

PS: Body is just another word for Physical.

I’m not sure exactly how to explain this, but say someone hits you with 250 Yin. If you have 40 resistance to Yin, you only take 150 damage.
If somebody has a sword with 100-200 damage (Numbers are examples) and they put a 250 Soul ornament on it, your overall damage will become 350-450 (mob defences still applied).

Basically, this means the damage will be somewhere between 100 and 200, and then 250 damage is added onto whatever normal damage you did (Example, 162). You would do 412 in total.
Think of it as (And I know I got some of this off runescape) Stabbing, Piercing, Slashing and Cutting. Cutting resistance only helps against Cutting. Stabbing resistance only helps against Stabbing.

Also, Yin, Yang, Body and Soul are equal. None is better than the other, you just gotta look at your opponent’s resistance and decide which type (Y,Y,B or S) is best to fight him. So if somebody said “Soul is best out of all of them, or for grinding, they’re wrong as they are all equal in that way.

In fact, people were dumb using Physical and Soul ornaments a lot in the Acclaim version, made them about 5m more than the other ornaments just because they were trying to figure out of any of them was better than the other, and didn’t calculate their enemies’ resistances so winded up thinking Yin and Yang were bad.
I used Yin and Yang ornaments in PVP because everybody was equipped with Phy and Soul resistance, nobody thought about the obvious ones.

Also, the reason for why YYBS is so important in PVP is because normal defence and ck defence do nothing against it, and also because YYBS damage goes through nukers’ shields.

I hope this guide has helped, and I’m sorry about the wall of text… though I did try to separate some of it to look more interesting and like Chuck Norris had roundhouse kicked the wall and broke it to pieces. Although everyone knows the pieces would be broken into smaller pieces until the solid particles were no longer visible with a telescope.

If I’ve made any mistakes, tell me.

-Megas >:O

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