9Dragons Attributes, Stats and Abilities Guide

9Dragons Attributes, Stats and Abilities Guide by Fullneo


• Clans and Roles.
• Chi and Stats Points.
• Color of Stat.
• Attributes and Abilities.

Previous note :

This guide will not show how to build a character, personally, I think that the build must be readapted, each 24 levels, to improve it to the new mobs you must fight, the new stuff you can use, your game-play style, etc.

Also I want say thanks to Kriss, Neeraj, and all who have helped me to make this guide.

Clans and Roles

In 9 Dragons we’ll find 2 Factions (Black and White), each one of them has 3 clans, and each Clan has 4 Roles

When we start play 9 Dragons we must select a starting map, but we start like vagabond and when we are reaching levels we can become into one of these Clans doing a quest.

You can know more about this theme by reading the Clans and Roles guide.

Chi and Stats points (Chi Breathing)

We must know the difference between Chi points and Stats; we can see that difference easy if we press C in or keyboard and we look at the down side of the Character Information window:

– The Chi points are what you receive each time you level up

Each new level you receive 4 Chi points, but when you change the Major Level and do Chi Breathing you receive 6 Chi points.

Make sure you start the Chi Breathing in a safe zone because once you start it you can’t stop until Chi Breathing is finished and during this time you can be attacked and killed by monsters. One only hit can kill you

– The Stats are what you have added to each Attribute of your character.

This difference is especially important since each Role has a penalized Attribute which needs 2 Chi points to gain 1 Stat, they are:

Using our Chi points we cannot add more than 300 Stats in each Attribute (250 for Wisdom), but we can increase this number using special items or with buff:

Elixirs :

The Elixirs can increase our stats depending on the level of the elixir, but elixirs can have negative effects decreasing the stats.

You can read more about elixirs in the elixirs guide.

To use an elixir, put in peace mode and do right click on the elixir you want to use.

Once you have used an elixir your intoxication increase, you should wait until the intoxication is 0 to use other elixir.

You can see the effect of elixirs in the Attributes in yellow numbers (positive effects) or red number (adverse effects).

Accessories, Ornaments and Epithets

In 9 Dragons you can find a lot of different Accessories which can increase your stats and/or abilities. They must be worn in the pockets of your clothes

Also, some Ornaments can increase specifics abilities if they are added into the slots of wardrobe or weapons.

And, even when the epithets in 9 Dragons don’t add stats, each one of them increases certain abilities.

You can know more about these items and the epithets reading the next guides:

o Accessories
o Ornaments
o Epithets


Healers and Hybrids have buff skills; with them they can increase their own stats or the stats of other players.
How much increase your stats the buff skill depend on the cheng (level) of the skill and the role of the buffer.

The principal difference between the buff skills of healers and hybrid are:

o Healers has 3 selective buff skills (Strength/Dexterity; Constitution/Essence; Wisdom) while Hybrids has one only skill for all stats.
o When the skill is maxed (Cheng 12) Healers can increase by 31 the stats while Hybrids can increase by 19

When you are buffed while you had a previous buff, only the higher buff will keep in your character.

By this way, if a Healer (or Hybrid) buffs you and, some time later, other Healer (or Hybrid) buffs you with lower Cheng’s Skill, you will keep the remaining time and increase stats of the first buff.
But when the second buff is same or higher Cheng (level) than the previous one, the new buff replaces the old one

If a healer and a hybrid buff you the effect of both buffs will be added

When you have been buffed you will se different icons in the left upper side of your screen
……..Healer ……………… Hybrid ………. Both at time
….. …..

Cavity press

You can buy from hermits (by 500 gold) this kind of buff: each one increase by 5 in one attribute, and you only can use one each time.
Once you have bought it the effect will stand during 30 minutes.

Item Mall

There are some items that can increase your stats; to see more information about them you can check the Premium Package Cavity Press guide

Colour of Stats

When we have only the stats from chi points we see the called Stats Base in white numbers, these stats are same than you can see in your selection character screen.

When we have increased the stats with relics, accessories, cavity press or with buff we’ll see them in green.

Certain items can decrease some stats, also some bosses debuff you decreasing your stats, when your stats get lower value than the stats base you will see them in red.

We must have this in mind because when any weapon, relic or any other stuff need certain number of stats, this requirement is related about to stats base (white numbers), not the total stats you can see in green or red.

Attributes and Abilities

Every character has five Attributes where you must distribute the Chi points gained by each level; the election depends on your Role, your preferences, etc.

There are several guides about how build your character so, here I will only show you the description of each attribute.

Each time you increase 1 Stat in one Attribute it increase its related abilities modifying the quality of your character.
The increase depends on the Role of your character and the specific ability; the next table shows the increase for each Role.

Making a statistic, we can extract the medium values that each ability gain per Stat:

These abilities will be increased (in certain value) each time you level up, also they can be increased by some stuff like clothes, relics, weapons, ornaments, skills, epithets, etc, and same like stats, always that one ability is increased more than the base from the stats base; we’ll see the value in green numbers

To build our character properly we should know how each ability affect to our character’s quality, again, I just will give a description about the most important abilities.

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