War2 Glory Joint Assault Guide

War2 Glory Joint Assault Guide by Mr Crackpot

So I have been asked by countless people on the topic of how to do a joint assault.

First of all, it’s best to have somebody who is EXPEREINCED to lead the assault. The person that is leading the attack
will be charge of everybodies troops in the assault. So if you lose, you just lost a crapload of troops that didn’t belong to you.
Be sure to choose the person that is leading very wisely!

Assault Leader
You’re first objective is to pick the target. Give the cords to the people that wish to be in the attack. Have them check the the time it takes for their troops to arrive at the target city. Be sure to remember the LONGEST time it takes somebody to get there. You will need this information later on.

*Click on the city you wish to attack.

*Select “Plunder” or “Seize”.

*Your “Dispatch Screen” will pop up.

*On the top right of the Dispatch screen, you see the option of “Invite Friend(s)’ Troops”. Click the drop down menu and select how many people you want to invite to the attack.

Note: Be sure to get proper troop counts so your don’t go over your manpower cap. Your manpower cap is based on your General Headquarters level. You will see the max number of troops next to “Invite” drop down box.

*Be sure to select your troops to send also. Then you must set the “Delay Time“.

This is where it gets tricky!
Since you are the leader of the assault, you want to be the one that arrives last. You want to do this because once you arrive, the battle begins!

You want everybody to be waiting at the city by the time you arrive. So set the delay time 3 minutes AFTER the last friendly army arrives. Here’s an example:

It takes you 10 minutes to get to the target. But it takes 2 other players 15 minutes and 17 minutes to get there. You would set the delay time for 10 minutes. Thus your troops will leave your city after 10 minutes. As it will take them another 10 minutes to get to the target city the total time will be 20 minutes. That is 3 minutes later than 17 minutes player. Now when your troops arive at the target city all the other troops will be already there to start the assault.

You set it for that time because after 10 minutes, your troops are already there. You are just waiting for the other armies to arrive. You are just setting the time you want to launch the attack. ***If this is confusing and you have any questions, Feel free to ask below and I will try to explain better***

*After the delay time is set, click Dispatch. A list of your fellow alliance members will pop-up. Select the people you to invite. ***I’m lacking on this graphic. So if somebody could please post an image I could add of this below, it would be appreciated!***

*After you have selected the people you wish to invite, you are good to go! The invites have been sent! The rest is waiting for the armies to arrive and begin the battle!

Participating in the Joint Assault
This is for the people who are NOT the leader of the assault! I am lacking on the graphics on this part! I will add them in the next few days! So please be patient!

*When the assault leader dispatched, an invite was sent to all of those he invited.

*If you were invited, the invite will pop up in your “Invader Alert” screen. The Invader Alert screen can be reached through your “Intelligence” button located at the bottom of the screen.

*Click accept and select your troops to send.

*Dispatch your troops and from there it’s all in the Assault Leader’s hands!

I’m sorry this guide is so crude right now. I will try to add to it and put more details in it throughout the next few days to help be more specific. If I have made any mistakes, please let me know in the comment section below.

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