War2 Glory Hazards and Disasters Guide

War2 Glory Hazards and Disasters Guide by kun

Author’s Objective
This Guide was written to cover the events called “HAZARDS and DISASTERS”. By thoroughly reading this guide, newbies are expected to:

A) Learn the Mechanics behind the System Event “HAZARDS and DISASTERS

B) Learn how to decrease the odds of the said event to occur

A newbie’s story

So, after successfully playing the game for the first couple of hour, building up your town and economy, making troops and going around the adjacent fields ravaging enemy NPCs like Napoleon Bonaparte – You think you’re invincible! Satisfied – you log off and take a short nap. Logging back in, refreshed and ready to kick some butts, you notice your “INTELLIGENCE” button at the lower right hand side of the screen glowing red. With growing curiosity, you open the tab and this message hits you…

Newbie: OH #!)&#&!@$&)*@&! What went wrong??????


Disasters are a randomly occurring phenomena ingame. No one can prevent when or what resources a disaster will take. When a Disaster happens – you will lose X amount of resources depending on how much you had at that time. The more Resource you have, the more you will lose if a disaster strikes. Hence, it isn’t a bad idea to invest most of your resources (provided that you don’t have a NEGATIVE production) into building some economic buildings and troops before logging out. This ensures that if ever a disaster strikes – you’ll only lose a small amount of resources.

The Silver Lining:
There IS actually a event that is the opposite of DISASTERS. They are called “FAVOR OF GOD”. This event is also a randomly occurring phenomena no one can prevent. When this occurs, several positive events may happen. Among them are additional population (You may not exceed cap with this sadly), additional resources, additional morale etc.

The Humorous fact about this is that you can get a disaster and a Favor of God back to back! I’ve gotten numerous reports of losing X amounts of resources to a DISASTER and getting them back almost instantly with a succeeding Favor of God event. So don’t fret about occasional disasters occurring, because a Favor of God is just looming around the corner .


are similar to Disasters in the way that they both reduce resources. HOWEVER, the one difference that these two events have (except of spelling of course :P) is that HAZARDS are PLAYER CAUSED! Hence, if you are careful, HAZARDS are AVOIDABLE!

Here are the causes of HAZARDS

1) Exceeding the resource cap. IE: Your resource cap for City A is STEEL is 1.000.000 (One Million). However, you have 1,500,000 Million Steel stored in City A. A HAZARD will occur sooner or later to reduce your resources.

2) Having NEGATIVE Idle Workers.

3) Having a LOW morale (50 and below).

Preventive Measures

To prevent HAZARDS from occurring, just follow these steps:

1) Whenever purchasing resources from the Market, make sure you’ll have enough space to accommodate the influx of resources.

2) If you’re off seizing NPCs and perhaps even other player’s Cities, make sure that you have enough storage to put these resources in. (You can increase resource cap by producing/leveling your production facilities.)

3) If #2 Happens and you can’t transfer your resources to another city or get enough space – Try building a lot of troops / high-cost researches / buildings. These things, especially troops, will drain your resources quick enough to prevent a Hazard from occurring.

4) If you’re transferring resources (especially if you’ve just captured a city/started one out of a plain), make sure the city has room for your resources. I’ve had multiply and frustrating incidents where I got careless and sent 1 Million of each resource to a city I just built. Because I didn’t have a lot of production facilities ready yet, I ended up losing FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND or FIFTY PERCENT of the resources I sent to the town. So, beware and always be mindful of your resource storage.

5) For population deficiencies (having negative idle labor), try running POPULATION PACIFICATION. Go to your town hall, then click “PACIFY CITIZENS”. Run a GREEN CARD event to increase your pop. (DISCLAIMER! Make sure you have enough food to do this. also, remember that this event does NOT give you citizens if you already have reached the population cap. IF you got a negative pop and have already exhausted your population – Build MORE Civilian Houses.)

7) If you do not have the resources for #5 and you have a couple of diamonds with you – try Buying Immigration Rules/Immigration Bill in the Game Market.

8) If you got hit by a seize attack, try running a “Charity” or a “Relief Event” in your City. Go to your town hall, then go to pacify Citizens. Charity will cost you Gold while Relief will cost you food.

Well, that ends our guide. I hope you’ve learned a thing or two while reading this. So, Good Luck with the game trooper! Auf Wiedersehen!

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