Uncharted Waters Online Shipbuilding Guide

Uncharted Waters Online Shipbuilding Guide by daemon787

Hello, i am MemoryTrader.
I do not have enough information to post up some of craftings, but
i will do post up informations about ship building.since so many people want to know abou this skills

In order to learn shipbuilding skill, you need following skills
lvl 7 military
ship repair lvl3.

dos not seems so hard ya?

THere are two ways to learn shipbuilding:
1. learning from npcs
2. learning from being shipwright, Guardian or Tactician.

1.NPCs that teaches you shipbuild are
Marinetime GM in Istanbul, Tunis and Calicut.
which means Tunis is the best place to learn.

2.to becoma a shipwright or Tactician, you need to do a marintime quest called ‘Latest Tactic’
You require lvl 7 tactic, English, Spainish.
You can get this quest in lisbon this quest is not hard to complete, but it does require high lvl of tactics.
in order to complet this quest, you have to meet Naval officals infromt of marintime guild in all captials.
the order does not matter : Sevilla,    marsaille,     london,    Amsterdam,    Venice and report. Then you can recieve a paper that can advance you into
Shipwright: Total LV.42 / Adventure 18 / Trade 9 / Battle 9.
Tactician: Total LV.50 / Adventure 0 / Trade 0 / Battle 28

3. To become Guardian you need to do a marintime quest called ‘The life saving corps’ (Get it in Seville)
you require lvl 5 lookout, lvl 3 surgery and Spanish.
This quest also is not really hard to finish. You need to talk to seval people in Seville, Athen and Valenciana
Why this skill is so important?
1. Only require 60% amount of money to buyships to build same one.
2.can contstruct ships in different material. (Requires higher rank of shipbuild if yo uwant to build it to next matiral.)
3. After achiveing rank 5 shipbuild, can change amount of cannon and crew space in to cargo space.
4. Many ships for high lvler can only be constructed. cannot buy them from npc.

What kind of material there are for the ships?
I got the Names now. in Europe, the fastest mateiral is Cedar, but lowest durability.
Beech has higher durability but lower sails than Cedar.
In Arabia, India, Turkey area, Teak, higher Durability, and faster, but much more expansive. (Most recommanded for fast traveling)
the strongest is the iron, but its the slowest. To build with stronger matrial, you require higher rank of shipbuild.

How long does it take too master shipbuild?
i am going to scare you for this question.
505 hours about to be more accurate.
AMount of expericne you need for crafting if that skills is not recommanded or expert, you need X2 amount of more exp.
which means it takes more them 3month to master if your not shipwright……

What is the fastest way to increase my shipbuild rank?
Rank 1 ~ 2:
just make anykind of ship you want. Does not matter what you make
Rank 3 ~ 8:
Go to Beirute and start making Dhow. this will give you most amount of exp for shipbuilding.
Rank 9 ~ 15:
Go to Calicut or Manila (South East Asia) and make Sambuk.

OR if you already got boosters, you can start to make higher ships earlier, which means faster rank up.
if you already got your boosters on, you can start making xebec on rank 15. it is better than making sambuk.

Max rank is 19. (standard rank 15 + saw 1 + expert on skill 1 + aid 1 + accessory +1)
accessory can be earned from a chest which can be plundered from npc in asia.
there has been reports that the chest can be earn from other npcs from other part of the seas, but
it is very rare to get it.

How do i build ships?
Most of the ships just reqired to ask shipyard master to build.
Pay money, and you have options to increase total cargo space or decrease it.
If you decide to decrease it, turning speed will increase. If increased, turning speed will decrease.
change material and click build.
some of the ships requierd special item called joined part (I think. will be changed if i get correct name for this)
they are reqired to be built by sewing, handicraft and casting expert players.
they can be created from shipward NPCs.
crafting them is the exact same way you use to make other things from recipies.

Anything else we have to know?
depending on the ships, they will have differrent days which required to pass
just go on oceans, travel or just be afk for amount of day it needs.
1 day on ocean = 1 minutes in real world.

About turning speed:
if total cargo space is increased by MORE than 2%, 1 turning speed decrease.
if total cargo space is between -17.999% ~ 2%, no penalty.
if it is ~ -18%, turning speed increased by 1.
however, overcargoing or less overcargoing will decrease turning and everything.

-18% is only good for maritimeing.
advanturers will want to have either no penalty because later on the games, when you upgrade your ship, there is a skill that increase speed of your ship,
but drops turning rate significantly.
merchant, just go for max cargo.

this is it for shipbuilding ty for reading guys

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