Travian Teuton Short Guide

Travian Teuton Short Guide by F.C.

The Teutons are a fast paced, time consuming, delicate tribe. With Teutons you can fail just as easy as you can succeed; trust me, I’ve failed many times over my 1 1/2 years of playing Travian. Over this time I have learned much about the technique of Teutons and I would like to educate those who are not quite sure how to succeed as a Teuton.

Before you play, you should know that being successful as a Teuton takes much time and you should be willing to throw in enough money for at least 100 Gold a month. To help cut down on the cost of gold and amount of time I would suggest finding 3 other quality players to dual with you on your account. The only problem with dualing is that you have to keep communication between all of you and make sure you all are working towards the same goals on the accounts. Having more people makes it easier for you to succeed, but it also is much more of a challenge to make sure everything on the account goes right.

Starting off:

So you know when the server starts? You’ve got everything lined up and ready to roll come the first day? Don’t start on the first day!…or even the first 3 or 4 days for that matter. The further from the center you are the better the farming will be. There is a possibility of you starting after the 3rd day and replacing a deleted account closer to the center. In that case, look around your map and see if there are any competitive farmers. If not that means you have a perfect spot, instead of starting further out and having several hours travel time for troops until Beginners Protection (BP) expires on the farms near you, you will have quick travel times for a faster start.

Generally I start an account on the first day and set it to delete as soon as I activate it, this allows me to search all over the quads for the best quad for my serious account. What I look for in a quad is: croppers – I want to see several 125% 15c’s and a couple 150% 15c’s in the quad, this way I have better chances of settling a good cropper. Player density, the more players in a quad, the more farms as well as more competition – this makes for a fun round. These first three days when nobody can attack are ideal for searching for the right cropper and quad, as once you can start to attack you will not have any free time to search for croppers (you shouldn’t at least).

Once I have found the best quad and written down the coords of the best croppers I wait until day 3, after my first account is deleted, to start my real account.

Day 1:

So you have picked your favorite quad, your duals are all lined up, and you have some gold to start off with. Get to building macemen as soon as possible. This means build the following in this order:

Mainbuilding to level 3
Rally Point level 1
Barracks level 1
2 Macemen

While these are building search around for the nearest 8 pop or under to attack as soon as the second maceman is done. The travel time for this may be several hours one way, but by the time your troops come back you will have farms closer off of BP. The reason I say look for someone 8 pop or under is because by 9 pop players can have a rat or troops. This early you do not want to be losing any macemen.

By the time your troops come back you should have 3-5 macemen, maybe more depending on how many resources you took on your first attack and how long the travel time for the attack was. Again, look for the closest 8 pop or under and send all of your macemen out to that player. When your troops come back keep doing this until BP comes off in your 7×7. Once you get to 10 troops and BP hasn’t come off in your 7×7 split up the troops and continue attacking the nearest 8 pop’s or under.

Once BP has reached you 7×7 you should have at least 10 troops. Start raiding the small pop players in your 7×7. Send about 5 troops in your first attack to the farms in your 7×7, don’t be afraid of population size. Generally, high pops this early means they are simming and have no troops. Watch out for those around 9-15 population that aren’t growing as they are probably building only troops just like you.

After you have hit a farm with your 5 troops determine if the raid came back full. If so send another 3-5 troops. If the raid comes back full again send another 5-7 troops. Keep doing so until the raid does not come back full. Also, keep track of the BP times in your 7×7, if there is a small guy who hasn’t grown coming out of BP send 10-15 troops to him. He will have around 800 of each resource and you want all of those.

Continue farming in this method and keep resources down in the farms in your 7×7. As farms in your 7×7 are emptied start venturing into your 13×13 and 21×21 using the same technique. Do not be afraid to send large raiding parties to people you know have resources and do not be afraid to attack anyone. You need to let them know you are dominating this 21×21 (you will be farming further out in a few days of course) and everyone in it are farms. After about 24 hours of this you should have 30-40 maces and still only be at 9 population. Once you reach a negative wheat of 40-50 I suggest you build wheat fields to maintain that number. It may look great to have -300 wheat per hour, but if you are attacked and you need to spend down chances are troops will starve with that high of a negative wheat.

Day 2:

Continue the same methods as Day 1. Farm further and further out, keep your negative wheat manageable, and keep macemen building at all times! Once you get macemen trained for about an hour work towards getting a market place, this market place will allow you to NPC resources to build even more macemen. So on Day 2 (with maces training for an hour or more) build:

Warehouse level 1
Granary level 1
Market Place level 1

NPC resources to build more troops. Build wheat fields as needed. As troop training times become greater upgrade your barracks, if you are doing everything right you will need to have your barracks at level 3-5 by the end of today to cut down on macmen training times.

Day 3:

You should have over 100 macemen by now and no more than 30 pop and you should be using the same farming methods while farming further and further out. Your negative wheat should be around 50 and your macemen should be training at all times. This is what you will need to do today:

Do all of the quests – choose the Military route (You get ~4000 resources for doing them and many you have already done)
Mainbuilding to level 10 once quests are done
(Upgrade granary and warehouse to meet each mainbuilding levels requirements)

Make sure macemen are constantly training! They are the priority! Do not upgrade a mainbuilding level if the training time is less than 30 minutes.

Day 4:

Today you should have over 150 macemen and 50-70 population depending on your wheat field levels and how far you got on the mainbuilding yesterday. Continue farming with the same method of resending the appropriate number of troops to farms who give you full raids while leaving farms that are empty be for a few hours before returning back to them. Continue focusing on building macemen and keeping your wheat fields at an appropriate level. Today your goals will be as follows:

Academy to level 10
Town Hall to level 1
Warehouse to level 7
Granary to level 5
Upgrade barracks if needed

Do this while keeping maces in training. Once that is done start saving for a party while keeping maces in training.

Day 5:

You should be ready to throw your first party sometime this morning. Throw it as soon as possible. You should also have attacked everybody in your 21×21, now you will change your farming habits some.

Send out raids to everyone in your 21×21, when you read the reports send back at least 2 troops if the raid is not full. Even if you get zero’s or other small numbers resend at least 2 troops! If you get full raids resend the appropriate number of troops. You should not need to look at your map to farm anymore, you should be raiding from your reports. Do not read new reports unless you have troops home to resend to that farm. If all of your reports are read and you still have troops home go make farms further out.

Once your party is going you will need to do the following today:

Get residence as high as possible while keeping macemen in training. You should get it to at least level 5. Start saving for your second party based on how much you are raiding. If you are raiding 20k resource per hour, start saving 1 1/2 hours before the party is done. 10k resources per hour, begin saving 2 1/2 hours before party is done, and so on. More than likely you will need to start saving 4 hours before your party is done.

Day 6:

Today continue the same raiding habits. You should be at around 100 pop or more with 200-300 or more troops. Throw your 2nd party as soon as your first one is done.

Today work on:

Finish residence
Get granary to level 8
Get warehouse to level 8

You should be farming everyone in your 21×21 and be pushing on farming people 3 hours out now. Troops should constantly be in training.

Day 7:

You should have over 400 troops now, same raiding habits. Your wheat fields should probably be between level 5 and 6 if you are maintaining a negative wheat around -50. You should have thrown your 3rd party the minute your 2nd finished and your 3rd party should now be going.

Today work on building settlers, you should be able to get 2 done depending on how well raiding is going. If things are going really good you should have your 3rd done today too.

Before deciding whether you build your 3rd settler ask yourself the following:

Will I need to throw a 4th party to get to CPs, or will I have the CPs in less than 24 hours after my 3rd party is done?
Are my troops constantly building?
Do I have enough troops?

If you have to throw a 4th party wait on the 3rd settler. If you don’t have enough troops at all or need to keep them training wait on the 3rd settler. If you only have a couple of hours after your 3rd party is done before you get the needed CPs and you have enough troops build the 3rd settler.

Day 8-9:

If you won’t have the CPs for a 2nd village within 24 hours after finishing your 3rd party throw a 4th and build your 3rd settler. If you will have the CPs for a 2nd village in less than 24 hours after finishing your 3rd party then do not throw another part, build your 3rd settler if you haven’t already.

If you are settling today upgrade your market place in your spawn village. If not be ready to settle tomorrow and keep troops in training, you may want to get a head start on your market place if you have extra resources.

Day 9-10:

You should already have your second village by now. You should send resources from your spawn village as soon as you settle to help build up your 2nd village faster. In your second village build the following:

Warehouse level 1
Granary level 1
Mainbuilding level 3
Marketplace level 1
Barracks level 3

Follow the same steps as when you were developing your spawn village, except this time things will go fast as you have 2 villages producing resources from raiding and fields allowing you to move faster.

Second village and on:

In your spawn village you will want to get paladins, scouts, and soon after catapults.

After you get a couple hundred macemen and are raiding successfully in your 21×21 of your 2nd village work on throwing parties in both of your villages and work towards getting a 3rd village by getting the Residence to level 10 and building settlers out of your second village. After you settle your second village timing and goals for each account varies, some will wait a while to settle their 3rd village and build up their 2nd village and armies instead. Others will rush to settle their 3rd village as soon as possible. While some will do a bit of each. I can not really tell you how to play after you settle your second village except throw parties and repeat the process over and over again that you went through on building up your 1st village.

By the time you settle your 9th-10th village (sometimes sooner) you will want to start getting ready to chief. Most of the villages after you start chiefing will be chiefed, but you may still want to settle some new villages.

Dodging an attack:

If you have an incoming attack and you know it does not contain catas then you will want to dodge it. Do this by spending down all of your resources within the cranny limit (if you have a cranny, otherwise spend down as low as you can go. I suggest having a level 3-4 cranny in the beginning just to help save resources from attacks). You also will want to make sure no troops are in your village, do this by sending them out on raids before the attack lands.

You may also want to follow the attacker home. Do this by saving up troops before the attack lands, reinforcing a farm and then recalling it in enough time that those troops come back a second after the attack lands. In a second window/tab you should have an attack sheet open with the number of troops you are going to send at the attacker and his coords, so that the second your troops come home you will be able to press ok. This gives about a 2 second gap for the attacker to attempt to get his troops out of his village before they get killed by yours.

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