Travian Guide to Sending Multiple Wave Attacks

Travian Guide to Sending Multiple Wave Attacks by BlackPaladin

Many new players are shocked when they see multiple attacks landing on them at the same second. They will many times call this “scripting” and say it’s a bot. However, in most cases it isn’t, and is actually just a player using one of the methods to send multiple waves. In this guide I will go over the 3 methods:

Multiple Windows
Multiple Tabs and Ctrl + Tab
Multiple Tabs and Offline Browsing

All 3 methods start out the same:

1. Select the village you want to attack:

Then from here you can either:

1. Ctrl + W to open multiple windows
2. Ctrl + T to open multiple tabs

Personally I prefer the tab methods. They are not only faster to set up but easier to set up. They also allow you to send more waves quicker in my opinion. So I’m not going to really put much effort into showing pictures for that. The only difference between tabs and waves is with tabs you just make the tabs, set up the attacks, and send. Using windows you need to make the windows, set up the attacks, then make the screen small so only the “OK” button shows and put them all next to one another so you can move from left to right in rapid succession to send the waves.

So instead I’m going to continue to give the basic steps for the 2 Tab methods:

2. Once you have chosen the village you are sending to and have opened enough tabs equivalent to how many waves you want to send. Then set up the attacks like normal in every tab and click “OK”:

Note: When setting up waves keep in mind that you can only send as many troops as you actually have. So when you have, for example, 10,000 imperians, 2500 EC, 500 rams, and 1000 catas, you would probably send a small escort with each cata wave. Say you’re hitting a capital and are putting 250 catas per wave. That means you will have 4 waves. I normally send 50-100 infantry as escorts, so your waves, in my example here, will look like this:

Wave 1: 9850 imperians, 2500 EC, 500 rams, 250 catas
Wave 2: 50 imperians, 250 catas
Wave 3: 50 imperians, 250 catas
Wave 4: 50 imperians, 250 catas

Sometimes when using the Tab methods you will click extremely fast and so you may have random troops being sent out by mistake. Why? This is because from clicking so fast the server sometimes registers 1 tab as 2 clicks because you as a person is just trying to cycle through the tabs as fast as possible and hit “OK” as many times as possible to send your waves close together. Make sure that if this happens to call those lone troops back – you wouldn’t want 50 imperians randomly dying or some stray catas being sent out due to such a mistake.

Now, for the next steps after setting up your waves:

3a. If you are using the Ctrl + Tab method, then once your attacks are set up use Ctrl + Tab and click “OK” as fast as possible to get your troops sent out in as close of waves as possible.

3b. If you are using the Offline Browsing Tab method, then on the confirm screen, open the file menu and select “Work Offline”:

4. Click “OK” on all tabs once again and you will get this error:

5. Go back to “File” and uncheck “Work Offline” to connect Firefox to the internet again:

6. Right-click on the TAB bar and select “reload all tabs”:

7. You will get this error; just hold down enter on your keyboard:

8. All your attacks within one second:

Yes, that is 21 attacks per second. It’s my personal record when using the Offline Browsing method.

Hope this guide will help all players become a better player by teaching them the methods for sending multiple waves.

Edit on July 19th, 2009:

I would like to add this video, made by my friend 6eccmeptho:

It’s only 10 waves/second, but can give you somewhat of an idea. He’s done 25 waves/second before but that was a 1 time thing, just like my 21 waves. As sometimes your internet spikes and actually works very well once in a while, so it’s not a constant thing. He’s also a better player than me, so just throwing that out there (he made me say that). ^^

Edit on July 20th, 2009:

To answer any questions about why some people cannot do the offline method well while others can:

There is a multitude of possible problems. Sometimes, as I’ve said above, it’s connectivity issues. But other times it’s the operating system where the OS is simply slow. It could also be a network card buffer size difference – in this case it will show a page saying “page cannot be displayed.” Also, if the connection route to the server is long the requests will not arrive at same time, so you might have 4 waves 1 second, 10 another, 5 another, etc. There are many other reasons, and I do not know all reasons personally. But simply put, everyone’s wave sending will be different when you use the offline method because everyone has a different connection, computer, etc. So you may only be able do to 3 waves per second while another can do 21 per second. Doesn’t mean either of you are better players of cheaters, but simply you have different computer and internet set ups.

I hope that will answer all questions and finalize this guide.

Kind Regards,

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