Three Kingdoms Brawler Tiger Classes Introduction

Three Kingdoms Brawler Tiger Classes Introduction by Starke

Recommended Weapon: Wrist Blade
Armor: Light Armor
Feature: Masters of close range combat, if you let a Brawler get close you are done for. They are able to utilize many ancient jujitsu skills without pause. Their hands are their deadliest weapons. If they successfully grapple you, the Brawler will become invincible. Anyone who gets in their proximity will know real fear.

Recommended Weapon: Fist
Armor: Cloth Armor
Feature: Vindicators are the radiant beacons of light on the battlefield that blind enemies and encourage allies to push forward. They employ powerful auras to protect themselves and their comrades, while also draining the resistances of their foes. Auras are but one weapon in their arsenal. Vindicators are the only Tiger class that can perform ranged attacks. Weakening enemies with auras and then bombarding them with ranged assaults is a Vindicators forte.

Recommended Weapon: Claw
Armor: Heavy Armor
Feature: A demon on the battlefield, a Hellion is a fiendish foe. Though well versed with firearms and toxins, they prefer to eviscerate their enemies with man-made claws. There is no one more daring than a Hellion. They will do whatever it takes to win a fight, even if that means blinding or poisoning anyone who stands in their way. One would be a fool to face a Hellion unprepared.

Recommended Weapon: Gauntlet
Armor: Plate
Feature: Ironclad Juggernauts are the epitome of brute strength. Preferring to pummel their enemies up close, they feel that there is nothing more powerful or reliable than their own fists. Juggernauts are the masters of physical skills. They can easily protect their bodies while still continuously attacking, allowing them to build combos quickly without interruption. Allowing a Juggernaut to get within arm length means certain doom.

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