Three Kingdoms Brawler Phoenix Classes Introduction

Three Kingdoms Brawler Phoenix Classes Introduction by Starke

Recommended Weapon: Feather
Armor: Light Armor
Assassins are the perfect killers. Their bodies are finely tuned for extreme speed and precision. Though having ranged abilities, Assassins prefer to slash enemies up-close. They have the highest attack and cast speed of all the Phoenix classes. Adapting to different combat situations is never an issue. Once an Assassin begins to combo their adversary has no chance to fight.


Recommended Weapon: Orb
Armor: Soft Armor
Masters of conjuring fire, Destroyers annihilate their rivals from afar with blazing balls of fire. Though requiring a short cast time to invoke flames, their ability to attack from super long-range more than makes up for it. Should an enemy get within close proximity, a Destroyer will bombard its foe with deadly grenades. No one is safe from the fiery destruction they bring.

Recommended Weapon: Rose
Armor: Leather Armor
An Enchantress is the master of the elements. She can imbue her weapon to do additional elemental damage with each attack. Enchantresses can do an explosive amount of damage in a short period of time, making them one of the highest damaging classes in the game. Anyone who does not have a strong defense will not have a change against a veteran Enchantress.

Puppet Master
Recommended Weapon: Knife
Armor: Cloth Armor
Savants of puppetry and experts of guerrilla warfare, the Puppet Master will never face an enemy directly. They much prefer to skillfully manipulate puppets to deal damage and protect themselves from harm. After summoning their puppets in a safe area, the Puppet Master can then enter battle with their deadly array of pets. Their puppets abilities range from being able to fly to exploding in an enemies face. To an enemy, it never seems like they are fighting just one person when matched against a Puppet Master.

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