Three Kingdoms Brawler Dragon Classes Introduction

Three Kingdoms Brawler Dragon Classes Introduction by Starke

Recommended Weapon: Claymore
Armor: Heavy Armor
Always eager to fight, a Berserkers thirst for blood is insatiable. Blood exhilarates them, it is the energy that fuels their power. Many skills in this class could be considered reckless to some, but to a Berserker that is just what it takes to win the battle. Many of their skills are directly linked to their own Health Points. They can tap into their own HP and use these points to increase their attacking power. The lower their HP gets, the more of a frenzy they go into. Keeping balance between power and HP is key. Berserkers prefer to get up close and personal, slicing their enemies with deadly precision. With their wide attack arc and hard hitting skills, they are a formidable foe to all.

Weapon Master
Recommended Weapon: Crystal Blade
Armor: Light Armor
They spend years in isolation, honing their skills, until they finally become the master of all weapons. Utilizing their affinity for weapons and passive abilities they can release special effects. These special effects paired with their almost supernatural speed allows them to easily combo and unleash massive damage. Weapon Masters can nimbly tear through ranks upon ranks of enemies faster than the eye can see.

Elemental Protector
Recommended Weapon: Falchion
Armor: Plate
Feature: Stalwart plate-donning warriors harnessing the power of the elements, Elemental Protectors can deal steady damage while maintaining an almost impenetrable defense. This class is the only Dragon class that can execute ranged attacks and use elemental powers to increase their attack power. If an Elemental Protector finds themselves in a bind, they can perform a powerful skill that will thwart incoming enemy attacks.

Dark Templar
Recommended Weapon: Long Sword
Armor: Cloth
Feature: Channeling the power darkness, Dark Templars are horrors on the battlefield. Anyone who attempts to stand in their way will be enveloped by their ghastly auras, sapping their power while increasing that of the Dark Templars. Dark Templars can turn the tide of any battle.

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