Three Kingdoms Brawler Crafting Guide

Three Kingdoms Brawler Crafting Guide by Starke

There are many different ways to craft available; each has its own rewards and requirements.

NPC: Su SHuang
In order to create new items, you will need to have materials. The best way to get materials is to incinerate items then take them to Zhang Shiping and process them. Each item that is incinerated can provide different materials. The higher quality materials incinerated, the better the materials returned. Note: once an item is incinerated it will be deleted forever.

Weapon and Armor Forging
NPC: Zhang Shiping
Weapons and armor can be enhanced to improve their overall stats. In order to enhance an item, you need to have different materials for different types of items, silver and the optional protection item. The protection item will reduce penalty for failure. Once an item has been successfully enhanced, you will see a “+” followed by a number. The more you enhance, the harder it will be the get the next enhancement on the same item, so be sure to have a protection item.
Note: There is a limit to the amount of times an item can be enhanced.

Processing Items
NPC: Zhang Shiping
Many materials will be gathered throughout your gameplay experience, some of these can be combined (for a fee) to make higher quality materials. These materials are essential to crafting new armor and weapons.

Quality Upgrading
NPC: Zhang Shiping
All armor and weapons have a quality grade assigned to them. Higher quality items tend to be much more powerful. You can increase the quality of an item by combining other items of the same quality. There are 4 qualities in game: lowest, low, high, and highest.
Combining 4 items of high quality with one high quality item will make the main item highest quality item. The more items that you combine, the higher chance you have up successfully upgrading.
Note: materials must be same rarity, type (Weapon or Armor) and level. Only purple, green, and blue items can be upgraded.

Armor and Weapon Crafting
In the game there are many armor and weapon crafting recipes. Right click on a recipe to see the materials needed to craft it. When you have gathered all the essential materials, you will be able to craft the item. Once a recipe has been used to create an item, it will disappear. Note: most recipes are not bound to a character so you can find them on the auction house.

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