The Stratagems Ranks Requirements Guide

The Stratagems Ranks Requirements Guide by Jodi

Private First Class  2 Cities Rep-5k Platinum Ring-2 Amber Necklace-5 20000

Corporal 3 Cities Rep-30k Platinum Ring-10 Gold Bracelet-5 20000

Sergeant 4 Cities Rep-100k Gold Bracelet-10 Agate Pendant-5 20000

Staff Sergeant 5 Cities Rep-250k Agate Pendant-10 Jade Necklace-5 20000

Master Sergeant 6 Cities Rep-500k Jade Necklace-10 Sapphire Pendant-5 20000

Sergeant Major 7 Cities Rep-800k Sapphire Pendant-10 Ruby Ring-5 40000

Second Lieutenant 8 Cities Rep-1.2m Ruby Ring-15 Emerald Brooch-10 120000

First Lieutenant 9 Cities Rep-2m Obsidian Rings-30 Amber Necklace-20 160000

Captain 10 Cities Rep-2.5m Platinum Ring-30 Gold Bracelet-20 320000

Senior Captain 11 Cities Rep-4m Jade Necklace-30 Agate Pendant-30 400000

Major 12 Cities Rep-6m Sapphire Pendant-40 Ruby Ring-20 600000

Lt. Colonel 13 Cities Rep-8.5m Obsidian Ring-40 Emerald Brooch-40 800000

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