The Stratagems Intermediate Guide (Level 3)

The Stratagems Intermediate Guide (Level 3) by Kevin395

hey guys this is kevs game guide on trading, city building and maintaining, attacking and defence, along with
npc and feilds hope it helps

trade ceter is where u buy or sell ur resources ether with other players or with a market merchent cost 5 diamonds
for each lvl u can sell 100k of a resources also each lvl alows 1 more type of resource to be bought
or sold so lvl 1 will only allow u to buy OR sell 1 item of 100k
where as lvl 5 will allow 5 items of 500k each for a combined total of 2.5 million resources
when u trade with players u have to wait a set amount of time this can be increased with sonic
transport cost 5 diamonds
when selling u can set a range time by doing a “travel limet” set normaly to 10hrs
also both buyer and sell will receive the others coords in general intel( found by clicking radio
tower at the bottom right then clicking general intel)
when selling to allaince u must click on “trade within allaince only”  and when u buy from allaince
u must click “allaince trade” found above “trade time”
both these will be shown as green in ur trade center if shown orange its posted to the world
now for the juicy bits that every one will hate me for
when ur attacked logging off for the night post as much of each resource as u can in allaince trade with 999 at the end…this only works for allainces that have made this a stockpile rule….. the good ones will
this way any attackers cant get the resources in side ur trade center

Establishing and Managing multiple Cities
when making 2nd city u will need certain jewls and rep here is a list to start u off
to find what u need go to flying high missions
Private First Class 2 Cities Rep-5k Platinum Ring-2 Amber Necklace-5 20000
Corporal3 Cities Rep-30k Platinum Ring-10 Gold Bracelet-5 20000
Sergeant 4 Cities Rep-100k Gold Bracelet-10 Agate Pendant-5 20000
Staff Sergeant 5 Cities Rep-250k Agate Pendant-10 Jade Necklace-5 20000
Master Sergeant 6 Cities Rep-500k Jade Necklace-10 Sapphire Pendant-5 20000
there is also a certain amount of gold needed for each rank

when u have the right rank u must seize a plain be it normal or coastal( coastals r much harder to
obtain then a normal plain as they have naval units in them as well as air force)
-note- make sure u can seize a nother feild each city can have only the same amount of feilds as ur curent citys city hall
once u have those 2 steps done u know have to send 1 officer with trucks carring 10k each resource
including gold to ur plain
once all that is done click ur plain on the left hand side of the window that pops up is a green enter click it
now a nother window will show officer dispatched status normal and at the bottom middel is establish new city
click it

now for new citys u dont need to have every building so long as reseach center is right lvl ur tech will be there however
u can only do research in city with the required building all city taxs r sepert so r there production rates so ull need to
redo both for new citys same with name this way u know wich ones geting hit as always resources should be main thing to build fast how ever each city u may now want to build
deferantly as u wont need so much steel or rare just get those from frist city

Attack and Defence Tactics

In the general headquarters building you will notice the tactics option, there you will find defence tactics and
counter scout and plunder tactics, you may set your army to stay behind the city walls or to sit outside the city
walls. If you set defence to stay inside the walls no fight happens and ull lose any unprotecetd resources
if u chose to fight i set forces to hold (click green arrow) then try to take out ether speed units or ranged units frist
depends what is all there

when attacking u only have 40 rounds to get the job done rockets SPGs do the best damage vs walls for land till u get SF
how ever bombers have best speed again till SF and cost loads in oil
remeber if u dont have a unit being targeted frist unit in range is what gets hit

wither attacking or defending i recomend u use a millitary officer (when defending must be set to mayor)
also the more allies u can get to help u the better off u r


when attacking a player u can gain there resources plunder will only get food steel oil and rare thats not proteceted
seize will get all including gold and any protected resources(warehouse prtected)
when plundering u only have to battle troups when seizeing both troups and defences
-note need alvl 7+ recon to see troups when scouting
this is also where u gain honor (can buy items in blitz store)and during war week personal score(needed for certain missions and equipment)


these r the yellow bannered “enemy” citys range in lvl 1-10 u can gain lots of rep exp from them when u hit try to plunder seize
within 15mins else units will respawn when u plunder the troup lvls rnt very high however they do have a lot of each unit
when u seize there defences have a lot of all 4 types(no matter the lvl lvl 2 normaly have 2k bunkers 1k howys 400 ATs and AAs
also chance to gain itemis increased
each lvl has 10k resources but also ware houses so u must seize to get those


feilds give a bounus output to a certain resource ever 24hr u own 1 its lvl will go down when u dont own it nore dose
any one else its lvl will rise u can abondon any feild at any time by entering it then click red abondon to the left
fields range in lvl 1-10 lvls 1-3 hold infintry and mus lvls4-6 hold AVs lights heavys7-10 have SPGs fighters bombers
SPGs r best over all as they can when every lvl
fields hold resources if plundered jewels if seized THEN ransacked

S2 timber wolf

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