The Stratagems Flying High Quest Guide

The Stratagems Flying High Quest Guide by David237

To get a higher rank you need to do the “Flying High” quest.
                            Mission Objectives
Commander Reputation reaches 5000    (Completed) under Commander Reputation
Number of Amber Necklaces reaches 5    (Complete) under Seizing and Ransacking
Number of Platinum Rings reaches 2    (Completed) Under Seizing and Ransacking
Position of Commander reaches Squad Leader    (Completed)
Amount of Gold reaches 20000    (Completed) under Obtaining Gold

Commander Reputation

Few easy things to get Reputation
Increase your Resources in Production Zone in your city.
Plunder and Sieze and Area outside your city.[You will get Reputation by level your Facing]
Do missions such as “Home Defender” Which will reward you Reputation.
To know what Mission is Rewarding Reputation go to your “Missions” Tab and on the left should show what missions you have, click on one of the missions. You will see Mission Rewards.

[note] Plundering and Seizing an area by different levels can be dangerous so be prepared with Troops.

Seizing and Ransacking

To be able to get these items you will need to seize an area such as a Basin. Don’t seize a plain field because thats useless for a Private rank. Unless your a First Class Private you can make a city.
Once you seized it, Recall your troops back because their is no need to ransack with your troops doing nothing.
Once recalled, Dispatch them back to the Basin[just for example or it could be Mountain, Grassland, Forrest and Swamp], with maybe 1Troop like 1 Infantry with 1-10 Trucks [Trucks Carries Resources].
Enter the Area and you should see the “Ransack” button, Click on that.
Wait for maybe 21 hours [Gives jewelry to me in game] or wait till 24 hours to get a better odd of getting Jewelry.

Osidian rings, Amber Necklaces, Platinum Rings and etc.
Gold Bracelets, Agate Pendants, Ruby Rings and etc.
Amber Necklaces, Gold Bracelets, Sapphire Pendants and etc.
Agate Pendants, Jade Necklaces, Emerald Brooches and etc.
Obsidian Rings, Gold Bracelets, Ruby Rings and etc.

[Note] Having your Officer with a high Politics gives you more of a chance to get Jewelry. Ransacking under 1hour will give you nothing!

Obtaining Gold

To get gold you can follow some of theses steps.

Put your Tax to 100%, It will increase your Gold Dramaticly you make per hour.[Look at note bottom of this]
Or go to your Trade Center which is located in the Military Sector in your city.
Sell To Merchant: Selling amount of resources you have, will give you the amount of Gold by its Unit Price.  Remember selling or buying to a Market Merchant requires you to pay the Merchant +5 Diamonds.
Sell to Player: Selling amount of resources will give you the amount of Gold by Unit Price. Be sure that time selling to player is going to take a while. No Diamonds is required to buy or sell to a Player.

[note]The more Population you got, the more your Gold you make per hour. Be prepared when increasing Tax to 100% Morale will decrease, which will decrease population dramatically. 

Another Guide to completing the Quest by Jodi

The process to help get there

Ideally you’ll have 1 permanent officer as mayor, 1 Military officer for offense (plunder/seize) and a 3rd officer for ransacking. You Always want someone as a mayor, you want them to give your city a passive/consistent bonus to your cities production/research, and this is invaluable. This is based off the Mayor’s POLITICS  skill, so make sure whoever you choose has a nice/high politics stat.

You definitely need ONE good officer for offense, to do all your plundering/seizing, military actions. You want this officer to have HIGH military stat that directly affects the damage of troops in the battle map.

MOST IMPORTANTLY you want an officer with HIGH politics skill. This directly affects your odds of finding jewelry in a given field.

To complete the “Flying High” you also need to gather jewelery

Capture a Resource Field: Scout it using 1 Scout Plane, Seize the Field (lvl 0-1 u can use 100 Infantry) Recall the troops. Go back to Field when troops are recalled and Dispatch 1 High Politics Officer and 1 scout plane/truck. (No need for more than 1)

You now must be patient. Each hour that goes by gives you one chance at finding jewelry. These chances occur at each hour, to 24 hours.
Why 24 hours? Because that is the maximum chances that is built into the game. Your best possible target is to collect at 24h 00m 01sec. Anything after is just wasted time.

You need to collect sooner? Wait until the hour mark for a better chance. If you collect at 18h 59m 59s, you still only get 18 chances at finding jewelry. Wait that extra bit of time until it hit 19h, and you’ll get your 19th chance in that collect.

Ransacking for 59m 59s earns you 0 ticks, because you didnt wait the 60m timer.
Ransacking for 1hr 15m 21s earns you 1 tick, meaning you now have 1 chance to find something.
Ransacking for 23hr 59m 02s earns you 23ticks, meaning you now have 23chances to find jewelry.
Ransacking for 24hr 17m 22s earns you 24ticks, max earnable ticks/chances to find something.
Ransacking for 87hr 23m 17s earns you 24ticks.

Does the level of the field make a difference in what you find?” the short answer is no. The level of the field only affects your cities passive resource production bonus’s.

Good Luck, keep in mind it may take quite awhile to find the items needed for a promotion !!!!!!!!

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