The Stratagems Fast Way to reach PFC

The Stratagems Fast Way to reach PFC in 4-5 days by Johnathan082

I reached PFC rank in just under 4 days from the day I started. That’s if you are willing to do what I did for an express way to reach that rank (and some spare $$)

Here’s how:

1.Purchase 500 Diamonds from the Blitzerg outlet(its costs $50)

2.Buy many Research Textbooks or Science Journals, Porters, and mayb 2X Machinists

3.Maximise all your production spaces in the following order:
then Rare Metal.

4. Allocate about half of your military area for building houses and keep upgrading them (The more houses=more people=more workforce=more gold)

5.Then, using whatever Gold you have,keep reinvesting heavily into farming, steel making oil and rare metal research. The first three should at least be level 3 at minimum. As for rare metal, invest gold in reasearch until it hits level 6. (You will know why in a while..The more your research level, the more your output multiplies)
Use the research speedups to help you. Don’t worry about building an army first(although it’s tempting), just get your resources able to cover you for the long run first.

6.Keep upgrading your production factories until around level 5-6.
By now, your resource output should average about 10K+/hr at least for each resource.

7. Once your total resource output hits the 100 thousands, build a trade centre and sell rare metal +other resources if you want to the merchant. Your gold will dramatically increase, and you’ll never need to worry about low morale of your citizens due to taxing them heavily again.

(Take note: Each transaction costs 5 diamonds. I advise you to upgrade your market to level 3 first so that the max cap is at least 300000 gold so you don’t waste the diamond.)
Then upgrade your city hall + walls until the next level. (if you are new, try to stay within level 3 until the 7 days is up, as you can still build 5 buildings simultaneously in queue. Level 4 onwards, restriction is 2. So enjoy the privilege first.)

7. Complete the missions, and claim the rewards.

8.Repeat the whole process again!

Yup.. That’s my strategy. Investing heavily into research in the beginning will bring you big advantages later on. Try it and see why for yourself.

Hope this helps!


Additional Notes:

You have to do long plunders, 20-24 hours. You need 5 gold rings, and 2 amber necklaces for PFC. These are dropped in basins, any level. I believe the higher the level of the basin, the greater chance you have of getting multiple drops. Ransacking success depends on the politics of the general and the length of time spent ransacking. The number of troops in the wild do not affect the success rate. So once I seize the basin, I recall my troops. Dispatch a general with good politics and a scout plane or motorized unit (they have the fastest movement). This way all your troops are not tied up for several hours.

By the way…I made PFC in 4 days without spending any real money.

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  1. emmcd says:

    You know I have done all these things, I am accumulate well over 1 million in every resource category any 600,000 in gold have seized swamps, fields, mountains, and I'n waiting to figure out the menu thread to get to PFC. This is really getting absurd. I act like an idiot and ask where do I click next. Sorry for the rant here guy, but, any advice on how to get over this silly knothole would be appreciated.

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