The Stratagems Alliance Guide

The Stratagems Alliance Guide by Rob_kqbsvw09lz

Your alliance is your brother, sister, friend, and cousin.
They are there for your protection if you need it and you should protect them if needed.
These are the folks that are going to protect your rear end in the game, so that is why communication is needed.

You can use them for a united offense, a untied defense, and help with resources, and advice.

Creating/Joining an alliance:

Picking an alliance is like picking out a new pair of everyday shoes.
If they don’t fit right they are uncomfortable you are not going to wear them or return them.
That is why researching the alliance that you are going to want to choose is essential.

If you are new to the game I would not recommend starting your own alliance.
Unless on a new server.
In the servers that have been going on for a while.
Most of the alliances are established and powerhouse alliances are in play.
But if you want to create a new alliance you will need a communications center, as well as 10k in gold.

If you are new I recommend joining an alliance. If you are playing some of the servers that have been in play for a bit you might want to find a mid ranked one to start with.
They will teach you the basics of the game, plundering, seizing, and npc play. Most of the mid ranged alliance leaders have been playing awhile in an alliance and just wanted to break off on their own.
Plus if you are a new player.
Most of the larger and high ranked alliances have minimum rep. that they will let in.
So it is best to start small and work your way up. 

Alliance Management

Alliance management is an art.
You need a good staff to follow where you want to go with the alliance. A mission statement if you will.
You will promote folks to Chief’s of Staff, Staff Officers, and Veterans. You will need to make sure that this whole staff in line with the goal of the alliance.


This is the backbone of the alliance.
These are your fighters, your brothers and sisters.
They will be there to protect you if needed and expect you to be there for them.
You need to communicate with your fellow members through alliance chat.
If they don’t know who you are they more than likely will be hesitant to protect you.
Remember they build their own army and you are asking them to put their army on the line to help you.
Again, communication between members is vital to the way an alliance holds together.

Staff Positions:

You will see numerous staff positions.
These are appointed by the Leader of the alliance. There are 4 main staff positions.
Some of them will be delegated to a specific area of interest.
I am a military man so I will in parenthesis how the staff positions would be equivalent to a military chain of command.

He manages all aspects of the alliance from the staff/ to the intelligence.
(Commanding Officer)

Chief’s of Staff: These are the folks that the leader has entrusted with running the day to day operations of the alliance.
These folks might be broke down into specialty area’s to focus their attention i.e. Intel, diplomacy, war, recruitment things of that nature.
If something is going on in the alliance these are the folks that need to know.
There might be a few of them, and they will be the senior most in the alliance usually, not always the biggest (Executive Officer).

Staff Officer:
These are the division officers of the alliance.
The people that you want to report to if being hit, or want to do a joint attack.
They are senior members of the alliance, with good experience. (Junior Officers)

These are the blood and guts of your alliance.
They are senior members who want nothing to do with handling anything but attacking and defending.
They build strong and attack stronger.
These are they guys you want to help u defend, and go on attacks to learn from. (Senior NCO’s).

These are the up and coming players who are still learning the game (enlisted)



Diplomacy is one of the hardest things to handle in an alliance.
Diplomacy is going to be setting your alliance’s allies and enemies’.
This needs to be very balanced.
You want to have some allies in order to help with the powerhouse alliances.
But you also want to leave your players with someone to hit.
To many allies, your players will get bored.
Too many enemies’ and you will be overwhelmed with attacks.
Diplomacy may be assigned to a senior Chief of Staff to handle. 


This is why we play this game.
Not just to build, build, build. And do nothing with it.
Ya it may look pretty in your statistics but what does that really mean.
That you spent a lot of time building troops to do nothing with.
You can combine the efforts of the alliance in order to attack bigger players to bring them down to size, or if a larger player is attacking you, you can have alliance members place troops in your communications center to assist in defending. 

United Offense:

The united offense is a beautiful thing.
You combine the efforts of your self and fellow alliance members in order to take out a larger player.
This is done through the invite option.
First you decide who you’re hitting. Then you need to find out the marching times of all that are going on the attack so that you can set a delay accordingly.
Once all are ready to go click the target city, and select whether you want to seize or plunder.
Once selected set the troop counts that you are sending.
Up at the top of the page you will see a drop down arrow next to the word invite. Click the arrow to select the number of players that you want to invite once selected hit dispatch.
Then you can click your intelligence button at the bottom of the page 1st button on the right hand side.
This will show your troop status.
Click the view button on the attack that is underway.
Down at the bottom you will see the invite button.
Click that and the alliance roster will pop up.
Double click the names that you want to invite.
They will receive the invite in their invader alert section of the Intel screen.
Once they get the invite they can select their troops and sent to meet you at the attack point.

United Defense:

Same thing as offense but only you are then one being attacked.
Alliance players can place their troops in your communications center.
You can only hold as many players as the level of your communications center.
So if you have a level 3 you can only hold 3 other players troops.
If you have a level 9 you can hold 9 players troops and so on… Once the player arrives for the attack the commander will be the player whose city they are attacking. That player will control all the troops.
So make sure that they have a solid mayor in place to defend with.

That is my guide to alliances



Commander ONEEYE

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