Talisman Online Monk Guide

Talisman Online Monk Guide by gamesensei


I.       What is a MONK?
A. Why Choose a MONK?
B. Strengths and weaknesses
C. Monk vs. Other classes
II.      Builds, Skills and Talismans
A. Tanker build
B. Power build

III.     Appendices
A. Staff vs. Shovel
> Tanking
> Grinding
> Duels
> Power
> Party Value

bI. What is a MONK?

A monk is the barbarian class of Talisman Online, they carry either a shovel which looks like an oversized spear and a staff, which looks like a polearm.
A. Why should you choose a MONK as a class?

It’s simple, you want to be the captain of dungeon raids, a monk almost always leads the way in most dungeons. If you like the role of tanker and a stunner then a MONK is a class for you.

b        B. Strengths and Weaknesses
Strengths — The monk is the best stunner in the game, overall he has around 3 major stun skills up your arsenal. The stun time range from 1 to 5 seconds, that time could mean the difference of life and death. Aside from being the best stunner, the monk is also the best tanker in the game, his primary attribute is his Vitality followed by his Strength. He also has high defense, and a Monk’s equipment will always have more physical defense in them, more than any other classes. The monk ranks 1st in tanking, stunning and surviving.

Weaknesses — The monk deals low damage than any other class on monsters especially in dungeon raids, because of this, monsters tend to go for the healer or the one dealing most of the damage which is likely the wizard (however one skill of a monk draws the attention of all nearby enemies, more on that later). The monk has low magic defense (that’s why upgrading armors is a good thing). Some stunning skills also take a while to cooldown. The monk is basically melee, meaning he makes most of his attacks on close range. The monk also relies on fairies on boss fights (like any other class).

b        C. Monk vs. Other Classes

With high HP monks, a monk is virtually unstoppable most of the time. Given the right skills to use and perfect time could result of your opponent not being able to move at all on duels. Monk has a great advantage over assassins because Monks are melee and so as an assassin. He would have trouble dealing with the other 3 classes because they are all long range but given the right skills to cast, he can get close to them.

bII. Builds, Skills and Talismans
b                A. Tanker Build

This is the most common build of a Monk, the higher the defense and HP, the better. Tankers may lack damage but it is compensated by good stunning skills and the ability to better tank than others avoiding a team catastrophe.

>>>weapon of choice<<<

For tankers, there’s no better weapon than a shovel. Simply because it can stun. When you stun an opponent for seconds, your giving yourself more time to tank, because you are not receiving any damage at all. The best assistant talismans for the job are the Buddha bone which is the talisman you’ll get at level 10. Then diamond sutra which is the first assistant talisman you’ll get (from a quest). Buddha bone has the important tanking skills, Mercy and Sacrifice. Mercy makes your enemies hate you more with every attack you deal and sacrifice grabs all enemies around you and will forcibly attack you instead of your party members for a limited time. Do upgrade these skills of the Buddha bone, specially sacrifice.

>>>assistant talisman<<<

The diamond sutra is the best talisman a monk could have. The stun from Buddha Quake will stun enemies around you for 5 seconds (Pwnage!). And the Buddha shield skill will make a certain number of damage of every attack of an enemy be absorbed for a limited time (the damage absorbed depends on level and if all damage is absorbed, the damage it deals to you will be 1). On pressure situations, the Buddha shield can help you survive or buy a little time to get healed by your fairy teammates.

Oh by the way, the tanker build also needs a third talisman which you can get at level 20, the Treasure Loop. The treasure loop has one very useful skill “Robust”. Which increases your HP, better than a fairy’s sun needle does. But if combined with sun needle, your HP will sky rocket. So how can you have 3 talismans at once? Well since Treasure Loop will buff you for 30 minutes with Robust, you can replace it back with Buddha bone. Training your treasure loop so you can upgrade Robust to level 5 will also be useful but you need many energy points so you can go upgrade your Buddha bone again.

The last talisman is useless to the Tanker build, but you may play around with it. The Heart Lotus will give you the skills “Heart Fire” which increases your damage with Buddha and fire, and the super lame “Heart Lotus”, which summons a flower and that slows down enemies around it (which lures them as well) and makes invisible objects visible… (that part I haven’t been able to verify).


Important skills to upgrade on shovel: Improve Giant Attack (when you max it out, you don’t need to many stamina and you’ll get more break points).

Skills to upgrade on assistant talisman: All skills in Buddha bone and diamond sutra, Treasure Loop’s Robust spell.

Optional: Shovel’s improve giant halt damage, improve giant burst

Training: Buff with MERCY, and ROBUST. Attack with Giant attack first and get your first break point then stun it with Giant Halt. Continue attacking with Giant attack and if it’s enough, cast Giant Burst. When doing bosses, replace Giant burst with Giant Break if the boss is stun-able. Cast Buddha Shield when HP is getting low. Cast Sacrifice when enemy chases other members (this is tricky because sacrifice can also draw mobs in or if the enemy is too far, you might cast it late).

b                B. Power Build

>>>weapon of choice<<<

A monk has two talismans to choose from, but if you want full power for your whole party, you might choose the staff (but I still recommend the shovel, im not a big fan of staff). The staff does melee damage as well as shovel, it also has a skill that lowers the enemies defense greatly (a great plus). Unlike the shovel, which deals Buddha damage (Buddha is actually earth), the staff deals more of the other elements like fire.

>>>assistant talisman<<<

I you would play safe on a power build, you would still use the talisman “Buddha Bone”. But if you want to go all Power, the talisman “Heart Lotus” can give you an instant boost with Heart fire as it increases damage. The Diamond Sutra is always a must for it is offensive and defensive at the same time.


Important skills to upgrade on shovel: Improve Giant Attack Giant Burst (improving it at max, will deal more damage).

Important skills to upgrade on assistant talisman: Heart Lotus’ Heart Fire and Diamond Sutra’s Buddha Quake and Buddha Shield

Optional: Shovel’s Giant break can lessen your enemies Buddha defense, couple it up with Improved Buddha damage and heart fire. If you are into critical damage, you can improve the CS critical and damage.


>>> Staff vs. Shovel

iThis area of the guide is highly controversial, as you can see on the replies to this guide, many have different views on the talisman weapons. This is purely my opinion and based on my experience

TANKING – This is quite probably the most controversial answer: my choice is shovel. Yes, the staff has high block but the shovel does stun more than a staff does. Shovel works well specially when bosses try to hit your allies, you can just do a burst attack that transfers it back to you (more times than not). The staff’s block is cool and all but surviving is your fairy’s job inside dungeons. However, in many cases like in BOSSES that can’t be stunned, staff does better.

GRINDING – I’m not sure at this one so I’ll just call it a tie. The shovel kills faster with the right combos but you take hits more and you have to sit down. The staff hits fairly good and you don’t have to sit down once in a while because of your blocking ability.

DUELS – Shovel, definitely, and there’s only one reason: “stun stun stun”.

POWER – Let’s call this another tie. Why? Yeah the shovel hits the most damage but it will take some time (and stamina) to even hit that high. The staff hits fairly but it doesn’t have burst. When you think about it, the shovel only looks powerful by the damage it does but the staff can outdo it by adding all the damage the staff has done over the course of time the shovel is getting burst points.

PARTY VALUE – Definitely the staff. The skill that lowers defense is a winner, which basically makes the party hit harder on mobs. If you just do grinding, staff is good when your with other players but once in bosses, it will be a different story.
isome might react again, heres my reason: if you lower the defense of the enemy, your partymates will hit harder, more times than not, will hit harder than you hit. So the boss will go after them than you.


Q: Which skills should i improve on staff?

A: (by Prolific)
Staff lvl 60 outcome:
MAX – Improve Block Rate
MAX – Improve CS Rate
MAX – Improve Fire Damage
MAX – Fatal Bash
MAX – Fatal Burning
My next inherence skill will be Fatal Crack

Q: What is the best combo for staff?

A: (by Prolific)
Best combo?
Against Monk:
– Buddha Quake > Buddha Shield > Fatal Burning > Fatal Bash. After quake is about 1 sec to be finished you use shield straight away

Against Others:
– Buddha Quake > Buddha Shield > Fatal Bash. Fatal bash should really take over burning since it does heaps of damage on time and deals the same mp as burning

Assistant Talismans?
-Heart Lotus and Diamond Sutra

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