Steel Legions Newbie Guide

Steel Legions Newbie Guide by Tyrannus

I am making this guide to help the newbies of this game, yes this game is quite easy to understand, but I am making this guide to help those that do not.

Hello and welcome to Steel Legions newcomer! Here you will find just about all you need to know about this game, Firstly:

The First Steps

For a starter, you should first start shooting down some level 1 marauders (Which would be found to the left or right of your HQ depending on which Faction you have joined), you’ll know that they are level one because it will show a number next to the name, which is its level.
OK, while hunting these marauders, they will drop Construction Parts, these will be shown as silver gears, dropped when you kill a marauder. After you get around 50 Construction Parts, you can now upgrade your components with ease.

OK, Upgrade your components by clicking the Button shaped as a Tank at the middle bottom of your screen. After opening that button, click on the ‘Upgrade Tank button and it will Direct you to a screen that will show:
Weapon, Armor, Engine and Tactical Weapon. Upgrading your weapon increases the damage that it does against marauders/players, upgrading Armor will increase your resistance/health against marauders/players, upgrading your engine will NOT make you go faster, but will keep you going at the same speed if you keep it at the same level as you are at the moment, e.g: A level 8 with level 8 engine will have same speed as level 1 with level 1 engine. Finally, the Tactical Weapon will increase the effect duration. Try to keep all these 4 parts at the same level.

As you level up your parts, they will require more Construction parts to upgrade.

Your First Mission

If you feel that you are confident in fighting in PvP then you can go to your HQ (A building with the same colour and flags as your faction) and click ‘Start Mission’ (You will easily find it when you scroll over your HQ). You will either get assigned to a Marauder Mission, or a PvP Mission.

If you get assigned to a Marauder Mission, just do as the mission tells you, Kill 12 marauders and then mission accomplished, and you will get 3 XP for completing a marauder mission.

Although, if you get assigned to a PvP mission, you will get either one of these types of missions:
.Transporter Attack(or Defense)
.Bunker Attack(or Defense)
.Ore Raid(or Defense)
.Hill Domination(or Defense)
.Mine Attack(or Defense)

If you get one of those missions, read what you have to do and understand what you have to do, you can check by clicking ‘M’ on your keyboard, this will ALSO open your map.

Now, to have a better chance of winning on missions, you need to use the environment to your advantage, OK, here are the Terrains that will help you in combat:

Road – This will make your tank move faster. You can easily identify these as grey paths.
Forest – You can easily identify forests as green trees sticking out of the ground, always in groups. In forests you are slower, but are harder to hit.
Hill – Easily identifiable, a bit obvious, but I’ll still say it. While on a hill you can shoot and see further, but you are easier to hit than when you are on normal ground.
Crater – Craters can be found as ‘muddy’ holes, if you go in a crater, you take less damage, but your firing range decreases.

If you can use these 4 Terrains wisely, then it will increase your chances of winning by far.

One last tip, if you get to about level 6, with all your parts at level 6, I suggest you start shooting down some level 2 or 3 marauders to save up quite a lot of Construction Parts so you can upgrade your parts every time you level up, it saves time in having to kill marauders all the time as you continually level up.

You will not just find Construction Parts dropping from marauders. From time to time, marauders will also drop other things. Here are all the other things that they will drop and also the amount that they will have:
Nitro ammo – 15
Neon ammo – 5
Oil – 1
Medical Pack – 1
Repair Kit – 1
Gold – 1 (You can also buy gold from the Premium shop for a small offer! You will also get 5 gold daily!)

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are a few questions that I sometimes see in-game

Q. Can you get gold without having to pay?
A. Yes, you can get free gold from sponsors! You will also get 5 gold daily!

Q. Is there a way to get better prototypes without having to buy them with gold?
A. No, prototypes can only be bought with gold.

Q. Are you an admin?
A. No, I am not, I am just a normal player in-game.

Q. Can I add friends?
A. Not yet, but I was told a friends list (or something like it) is going to be put into the game soon.

Well, that’s just about it, it isn’t exactly the best guide in the world, I know that. Feel free to leave any questions, and I will try my best to answer them.


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