Soul Order Online Warrior Build

Soul Order Online Warrior Build by ehlert99

Playing this game for a little while I have noticed a flux of players picking 1 type of inheritence tree when designing their characters.  This is usually because it offers the most for what they want.  For example, a Hunter would go Mastery so their pet becomes a better tank and make their solo experience better; likewise a warrior would invest in defense so they are a better tank.

This is a work in progress so keep checking in for new information.

Warrior Hybrid: Achilles Build
purpose: my current warrior build, he utilizes both defense and fury trees to wreak havoc on multiple enemies at once – not a pure tank, not pure damage but both…  capable of handling solo and group play equally well.

General Gear tips: You want gear that has high defense obviously and vitality.  I would recommend getting the full warrior set because it caters to everything you would need including the +80 parry bonus.  For jewlery get items that increase dodge and parry, these increase the damage you can resist thus keeping you alive longer. At lvl 36 with subpar gear my warrior has 9.6% avg parry and dodge rates which means I will take less damage at least 18% of the time. That is 1/5-6 hits… thats alot!


My current set-up for inheritence is as follows…. parenthesis () show what I plan to put it on when i get the points.

5/5 – improve lunate attack
2/2 – improve attack roar
5/5 – improve landslide
3/5 – unfailing accuracy
5/5 – perseverence

5/5 – Dodge Practice
3/5(5/5) – Resist Slowdown
0/5(5/5) – Steel Armor

After you get these maxed it is up to you where you want to go when the lvl cap gets raised. I am probably going to toy with expanding in both trees more, increase my critical strike in fury and work towards more resistances.

An important thing I want to note is that if you plan to make a hybrid based off these skills I would start with Defense,  I used my inheritence gem and didnt think ahead of time so my defense is lower then a typical warriors at my lvl but at 45 will be the same.  If you want to pot less or be less babied by bards you should get your 3 defense traits up

Thats it for now, I will continue more later to explain everything into more detail on why i chose what I did.

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